Saturday, October 04, 2008

chin yew and the boy who loved clouds

I’m hardly an art connoisseur. Seriously. But do appreciate some art. Not every type of art. Just some, say:
- Mark Ryden
- Vincent van Gogh
- Monet
- Yoshitomo Nara
- Shag


- Chin Yew : 30 day artist

I’ve known of Chin Yew 3 years ago when he gave it all up, locked himself in a small space and painted all day for 30 days. He was a friend of a friend. I was flabbergasted. Where I come from, people don’t do that. It’s *lowering tone of voice*… taboo. We don’t submit to whims. We stay on the yellow brick road. We live in our bubble. Our codeword is safe. So I peered into his life and poked about. Such a vast difference between our worlds… oh another thing that beguiles: the images he painted. And what they meant to him.

There was a piece I adored. The one of the forbidden fruit.

I was hoping to catch it on display but apparently that piece now hangs off a wall or even placed on some mantelpiece in some man’s Ching-Chong house in Penang. Boo. But all is well and done, now I can feast my eyes (FOR REAL BABY!!) on the real deal: The Boy Who Loved Clouds. I would have wanted to attend the book signing today but I was oncall. .. and *shrug* this is just how my life works, even on a Sunday. I hate it but…

Doesn’t matter. We’re talking art today. I went to see the pieces before but the gallery was closed. Yesterday on the other hand was absolutely weird. I had green lights at every traffic stop… and the gallery was open! It’s, like, SCORE. Anywayyy…. ‘Ere y’all go just in case you missed the show or the gallery was closed when you went.

The sky was clear,
Love was sent down,
I stood and watched..

Greetings my curious one,
Trust and believe in me,
And all LOVE shall be delivered to you...

I've never been happier,
For the first time in my life,
I can smile and see clearly...

The boy fell to the ground and there was only silence.

So many truths,
So many lies,
What is love?

I've seen you before,
Such familiar colour,
Where have you gone?

I'm able to touch the cloud,
With all the glaring stars laughing,
The entire cosmic is on my side!

And the boy awakens from his dream.

Beautiful colours,
Soothing wind,
Love it is!

This is my favourite piece. It doesn’t have an orange dot. Would it mean nobody’s bought it yet? Does anyone want to buy it for me? It would mean more if it was a gift. Maybe I should have bought it. I can already see it staring onto cough / flu / feverish patients registering at my front desk. Right? Right?

After the overuse of my right brain I went to grab some German beer with the parentals. We went to Bavarian Bierhaus.

Parentals having some “Teck-kok jio” :D


Anonymous said...

hey babe...went for chin yew's art exhibition a couple of months back. friend interviewed him for 8tv. didn't know you knew him.

pretty cool stuff he has :)

*bella bella*

shelbybaby said...

miss bellabella: cool hor? don't know him but know his art. followed his old work back in the 30-day-artist era. u went too? small world after all :) bought anything?

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