Saturday, October 25, 2008

the cherry blossom girl

I go here alot.

Did you know people in general find that I dress quirky? I actually get put on clothes restriction when I go out with my friends. Too loud, too childish, too themed, too weird. Malaysian Muggles are hard to please. We have such a narrow concept of fashion sometimes.

The photography is beyond description. And the mood it conjures: floaty, flirty, frivolous... fun. Frivolous and fun, those 2 words I hold dear to my heart. I wish someone would come take happy pictures of me like that.

It was *fireworks* when I first laid eyes on these pictures. This is a world where threads I wear is admired and appreciated, not dismissed. I have the exact Forever21 navy dress!! Uncanny hor? It's not coincidence.. it's fate. Now I know, I'm not alone. And this is my escape... only a website type / click-on-link away :)

P.S, disclaimer: all images courtesy of The Cherry Blossom Girl

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