Saturday, October 11, 2008

the blog party! weeeee!!

In my mind my party was gonna be a blast… from start to end it will just be bursting and later reeking of Shelbulosity. In my mind that is.

But of course I have a knack for things not going as planned. Spontaneity works for me. Planning, apparently.. not so.

In my mind I would have my tables on the outside of +wondermilk café booked, as I sauntered in with my stuff while I checked on my pre-ordered party munchies of 5 baked potatoes and 10 sandwiches -> slowly start to prep my happy party area with balloon animal centerpieces and laying my cuppacakes out for viewing -> just as I am done my guests would arrive ON TIME, SIMULTANEOUSLY -> the weather would continue to be slightly windy with dancing rays of sunshine -> everyone would start to get acquainted and seated comfortably -> we would eat and have merry conversation -> SUDDENLY the clown would pop by, surprising the little people -> everyone gets excited and lots of balloons get made -> clown makes everyone happy and goes home -> everyone is happy and goes home with happy party favours!

Contrary to the Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the air…

I wasn’t allowed to book the tables outside so I had to arrive early and paste home-made reserve signs on them. Other guests didn’t seem too please. I really felt I was given a lot of evil eyes-loh.

I think I over-ordered on the cuppacakes.

And the eyes of the clowns are black. It looks a lil’ different from the website which had yellow eyes instead.

Fortunately they were still really cute!

My party favours: happy Jelly Bellies that had started to melt in the warm outside-room temperature..

Afew of my balloons were punctured. Only managed to make 2 per table. I can only make the basic poodle.. give it a longer neck you get a giraffe(!!), give it a longer body you get a beagle(!!)

A couple of people msg-ed me in the last minute to tell me they cannot make it to the party. Nobody else arrived yet apart from Ah Chee (who was actually rather early… I so pai-seh a guest arrived before the host).

Strict dress code: red clown noses!

Ah Yung forced to adhere to my non-ridiculous rule.

Patiently await the guests to arrive. They are already half an hour late.

It starts to pour cats, dogs, hippopotamus and crocodiles. Everyone was stuck in a jam or another party somewhere.

My 2nd guest arrives and she’s all wet from the rain.

The clown comes and is probably abit surprised with the poor turnout.

He immediately sets to work on what he was hired for.

Roger The Clown makes me a catcher-thing. The kind of noose-on-a-rod that people use to catch crazy stray dogs and cobras with.. Guess what I caught??

Miss ChongChong made Roger make her one too. She tried to catch something…
But failed.

Tried again… success!

The fun starts to set in… people amingling. Yeayyy!!

L-R: Miss YeeYee, Miss ChewChew, Clown Princess, Miss ChongChong

Me excited to be caught by love..

Dddy says clown shoes cost RM2000. Kalah Manolos / Choos / Louboutins :P

My rubber hat. Hmm.. that sounds a lil’ wrong *smirk*


Party is now super *bisou* worthy..

Miss ChewChew and Miss YeeYee brought me a balloon and Miss TanTan and Miss BellaBella brought me flowers. Merci beaucoup girls :)

Listening to the kids and their complicated lives. My my social trigonometry is out of control even for 10-year olds!

Miss CillaCilla came all the way from TI *grins*

She gets a happy bear!

Kids loved the clown (I hope).

Last balloon of the day…

Party group shots… weee!!

Miss YeeYee was heading home so I sayang-ed her baby goodbye.

L-R: Miss TanTan + moi

L-R: Miss BellaBella + moi

Last but not least Gustav, on behalf of Miss YinYin and blogfan: Jennette Greig (remember this) with their imaginary reserved spots.

All in all ‘twas pretty funny bash. I do hope everyone had good fun. ‘Till my next hot party next year… any theme suggestions??


yin yin said...

oh i miss some good fun again!
thanks for being so thoughtful to 'reserve' 2 seats for ramon and i :)

shelbybaby said...

miss yinyin: absolutely welcome!

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