Sunday, September 14, 2008

tanglung festival

So me told me momma me wants a lanterns. Me momma tolds me dada. And we goes to buys me lanterns.


moi: Mmmy I want to buy lantern.
Mmmy: For who?
moi: For me-lah.
Mmmy: Oh (Translation for "Oh": Man my daughter's a weirdo but since I'm a mother, I shall support her worldly antics and provide her the emotional support she needs)
Mmmy: Eh Dddy.
Dddy: What?
Mmmy: Start the car.
Dddy: For what?
Mmmy: We're going to buy lanterns.
Dddy: For who??
Mmmy: Your ELDEST daughter.
Dddy: Oh

It’s times like these you know your parentals love you long time. And it’s also times like these you know you’re family. I, a 27-year old doctor, asked for a lantern without batting an eyelash and they consented without gulping. That’s family.

Eh I don’t judge you for piling the smoke into your lungs or men-toxic your liver with alcohol so lay off the sniggering ‘bout the lantern OK. And don’t say it’s not the same thing. It is :)

We only get our lanterns from one place. I don't know where you get your lanterns but I get mine from S.E.A.Park, like, every year.


moi: i bought a lantern today.
moi: good stuff are gone. damn kiasu children and their kiasu mothers
moi: wanted to get pegasus lantern. no more liao. left all d yucko boring stuff. settled for a butterfly.

Ah Ry: .. was it the real kinda lantern or the "fake" kind
Ah Ry: hhehee
moi: real kind!!
Ah Ry: the real as in the ones that use candles or the "fake" battery operated ones...
Ah Ry: lol
moi: not d 'it's a small world after all' on repeat mode battery operated kind. no no
moi: we old school lantern

Ah Ry: hahaha

Apparently despite the quiet market, I was somehow deemed LATE. Whatever that was left sucked. I came for a Pegasus. The store lady informed that should I have been 2 weeks early I could have had a choice between 60 types of Pegasus. 60 TYPES! Aiya shoulda woulda coulda.

i hope it doesnt rain
Ah Ry: oh haha
moi: so we can all play happily
Ah Ry: yea... me too
moi: oh u play lanterns too?
Ah Ry: me? not really.. i just don't want it to rain
Ah Ry: hehehe

moi: :D (bet u got a power ranger lantern in ur car boot just as we speak)
Ah Ry: LOL

Not many people sell lanterns nowadays and if you've been really attentive this year you'd realize that it's a lil' quiet this year, non? I think so. Dddy thinks at this rate, the Chinese tradition is going to go extinct. Maybe that’s why he consented to my whimsical whims kua. Anyway no progress in the lantern-making department either 'cos I don't see any sci-fi tanglungs hanging off lil kid's hands this year. In fact what was old is now new.

I guess I'm not the only last-minute lantern shopper. This auntie is too.

Thong Seng Huat Trading
29, Jalan 20/7
Paramount Garden
46300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: +603-78765663 / 78776976

Dunno why suddenly got fireworks outside Miss TanTan's place.
moi: my mum asked me if i wanted to join d neighbourhood kids on lantern walks... but abit malu heehee
Ah Ry: hehheheehheehehee
Ah Ry: you can be their "tai ka che"
Ah Ry: lol
moi: i probably have to borrow sumbody;s kid and pretend i'm d aunt or sumtin being all chaperoney and crap
moi: :D
Ah Ry: hahahahahaha
moi: 2day's ur last chance 2 play lantern fyi
Ah Ry: haha...
Ah Ry: kids might run and parents might take their kids home seeing someone my age with a lantern... hahaa

moi: hahahahahaha
I'm the eldest child in my family and of my generation. Hence no nieces or nephews. All my cousins have grown into young adults so there are no rugrats to shelter me from the shame of playing lanterns at my age. Thus I could only do the next best thing, which is to tumpang someone else's niece / nephew / children: first person that came to mind: Miss TanTan!

This is Yingsters. She's the youngest of the lot. We're good friends. I taught her how to hop like a bunny. We occasionally hop together. Babydoll just came back from a lantern party... that's why she's all dolled up in the cutest qipao ever. She also made her own lantern: a umm.. peacock? Cute hor?

The girls were ecstatic over my lantern! I thought my tanglung was rather regular but turns out, their mum was even later than I was in terms of lantern purchasing and ended up with remains: goldfishes and a hamster :D

Moi and my borrowed nieces.

L-R: Thongster, Tanglung Princess, Yingster, Roster

The moon was at its best that night.

The rightful family: Miss TanTan, the girls' mother / her sister-in-law, Roster, Thongster, Yingster

Miss BellaBella came over from a friend's pre-wedding dinner so we hung out, had some tea and watched the girls perform some serious High School Musical moves! Man can they shake their tailfeathers.

So that's how Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated this year.
How did you celebrate yours??

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