Friday, September 12, 2008

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(late entry: 08.09.08)

My cuppacakes. Loves!

Miss YiuYiu's birthday bash in WIP. She's Miss TanTan's friend in salsa class. Since I'm everyone's friend's friend I got invited too. The entire gang sans moi and Miss BellaBella can salsa! I just tumpang glamour only..

Ever since I told Dddy that Miss ZuZu's fiance taught her an interesting tip: place pandan leaves in the car to lightly scent and absorb bad odour, he's tying the herb, like, EVERYWHERE. I see dried pandan leaves all over my house and in front of my face (I usually sit on the right side of the back-seat)!!

I bought a new lipstick from MAC's Cherry line and tested the colour out all over my tandoori chicken styrofoam box. Looks like avant garde art, non?

I super LIKES Amla juice. It's the rave now in pasar malam-s. I believe it's known as Indian Gooseberry(?) and is supposedly a good antioxidant + antimicrobial with 'slimming' properties. Everything with the word 'slimming' sells!! Dddy has been munching on this fruit for decades but nobody paid any attention to it. Slap the word 'slimming' beside it and now it's the NEXT NEW DRINK. Ahaha.. It's delish with a wee bit of asam boi. Worth taking Monday leaves for.

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