Wednesday, September 03, 2008

quest bukit tabur

(late entry: 17.08.08)

"Climb every mountain
Search every sea
Follow every rainbow

‘Till you find your dream..."

... Mother Abbess, Climb Every Mountain (The Sound Of Music OST) ...

Well it’s obvious Mother Abbess did not climb Bukit Tabur. Eh I did my fair share of research on climbing Bukit Tabur OK. All they said was bring enough supply (of water, snacks etc). That and the climb was moderately difficult but so worth it in the end blabla pili-pala…



The peakest view after a 10-minute climb...

No walking path just straight up climbing from the start… not until rock-climbing steep but the sort where major lunges and root-tugging maneuvers are involved. The last time I was forced into such work out was back in Induction Camp. Actually I was bloody berkobar-kobar to climb Bukit Tabur but upon the 3rd step I had a change of mind: I was f*cking scared. It’s not the fear of heights but just the terror of losing my footing and slipping and rolling down into the abyss!! 10 minutes into it I could feel the scare building… and not the adrenaline-pumping positive pressure sort but the “OMG I AM GOING TO DIEEEEE!!” sort. Save me the ‘face your fear’ / ‘conquer the unknown’ sermon. I was tachycardic!

The treacherous path that leads to what would be a painful death..
Thank goodness my climbing partner suggested we turn around and go mamak instead. So we did and *phew* that was a big time relief. I don’t think I’m ready for Bukit Tabur yet. Baby steps my loves baby steps..

Don’t think I can date outdoorsy people like this :P

Bukit Tabur
Taman Melawati

Directions from Virtual Tourist:

Assuming you are from Karak highway, and to reach the intake at Klang Gate Dam, you have to take the left corner at Melawati area. (Giant supermarket @ commercial are would be on your right). Then, you could see food stalls on your left. Just go straight till you see an aroundabout. Take 9 o'clock turn. Go straight till you reach the second roundabout and take a 12 o'clock.

Here, you would pass a residential area,then turn right at the T-junction. Follow the sloping and turning roads. Make sure you do not take the turn into any guarded houses there.Finally, you would encounter a Y-junction and turn left. To check this junction, there is a garbage area at the middle of the junction, and a bungalow if you turn right. Keep on until you see entrance of Klang Gate Dam. But remember, you don't have to enter the dam. The intake point is beside the gate. Check out the 'wall divider' near the gate.

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