Thursday, September 25, 2008

invitation to tea

Howdy-ho my Shelbulous people..!!

Did you know come 2nd week of October this babydoll site of mine would be turning a ripe ole age of FOUR? It never occurred to me that I have been writing this long until my Pediatrics MO pointed the fact out to me. Whoah right? I know.

So I figured I’d throw a small tea thing just to commemorate my Shelbulous site’s birthday, as many bloggers have done before but never me, and invite afew of you to sip some earl grey.

I’m opening 3 slots [you can bring a plus-ONE: as in your child / boyfriend / girlfriend / mother-in-law(??) so that it’s not too scary-lar for the both of us] for random people who religiously reads my blog. Sorry-lah places so limited, I will try to come up with a bigger budget next year once I get some paid extra-curricular activity!! Please remember, contrary to beliefs, houseman pay = crappy pay. Also I don’t want to over-estimate my C-list celebrity status and have a giant dent in my ego when I discover nobody is interested to come to my partayyy…


If you wanna ber-mad-hatters with me...

Send an email to entitled ‘ME WANTS SHELBULOUS TEA’ and cerita why I should invite you to my tea party.


Moi trying to not get too excited :P

Date: 11 October 2008, Saturday
Time: tea… say 15:00 – 17:00 ++
Venue: to be confirmed as soon as you’re IN
Theme: Clowns *circus anthem*

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