Monday, September 01, 2008

day of published article

(late entry...)

With reference from starlet: beforemath

Morning came. First *beep* was Miss YinYin alerting me on my mobile that my article was online. Drowsily I switched my laptop on and logged on to Star Online. As I scrolled down the article I broke into a cold sweat. This is scary.

No picture. Just a big picture of a sheep. My name is there and they sure did feature my site but… no picture of me. How bizarre. Whatever happened to the kachillion shots they took of me over a fortnight ago?? Hmm.. wait, what about the article in print?? I ran to the parentals room and found both of them still lingering in la-la land. Crap. I racked my brains wondering whose parents wake up real early in the morning to do stuff. All my friends are such late risers and my colleagues are probably amidst working. I rang Miss ChongChong up and lo and behold her mama did get the Sunday Star!! I waited patiently for her to turn the page only to find out her mama took The Star Weekender to the salon!! OMG I was gonna spontaneously combust there and then!

I was tempted to pull another Carrie where she slipped into a jumper and ran down to the nearby newsstand to see her article feature in Vogue (was it??). It was gonna be me in my Baby Milo hoodie with my white cotton Gap nightshirt running to the neighbouring convenience store. Just as I pulled that idea outta my head I hear Dddy yelling out my name. He bought the paper already!! I skipped with glee down the stairs and found my article laid out nicely on the marble dining table… First thought: Miss ChongChong’s right… the picture is umm.. umm.. how should I put it mildly(?): unfortunate looking. I look pretty bad. Too fat for comfort. But at least my big-ass picture is plastered quarter the page and nobody gonna say Shelby Kho’s just all talk about them article. Still ugly’s the word. And I was misquoted on the bit ‘bout our feathered friend feces. Kinda upset about this too.

For awhile I reflected silently in the shower. Article got printed but bad picture and wrong words. How’s a girl gonna deal with this? Just as I rinsed the last drop of conditioner off my extended hair I came to a personal conclusion that I should learn the art of thanksgiving. Not many people who blog actually get discovered and appreciated. So I decided to embrace this milestone in my life and bask in my C-list celeb sunshine! ;D

So here I am happy.

And this is a revised version of my interview, just for your eyes only, my Shelbulous readers:

my beauty icon: if we're talking 'bout timeless beauty then i really do think jemima khan has excellent features that really defies her age. her skin seems flawless but also possess an exquisite air that can range from frivolous to elegance. i also really like that girl hayden panetierre. she glows like the summer sun and seems to radiate happiness. super cute.

am i a beauty addict: i am a beauty addict.

how is it like to maintain beauty at work: unfortunately since my occupation is laced with one too many written and unwritten regulations with regards to appearance i have to limit my experimentation to socially-acceptable ones. besides, i've been advised against having 'hong kong actress hair' as it compromises on hygiene. i guess it is possible that patients would question my credibility if i turn up at the ward looking like paris hilton.

how my people perceive me at work: one of my colleagues once called me 'medically blonde'.

how much i spend on beauty: excluding skincare and cosmetics, approximately rm500-700 per month

weirdest beauty thing i've done: the garra ruffa fish spa.

why i brazillian wax since i don't have a bf etc: firstly hygiene. but i do feel somewhat liberated and it puts me on the edge.. like i suddenly go on a mini boost of power trip. the sensation is difficult to put in words but all in all i feel happier.

why i beauty up: to look fabulous. and physically looking great plays a good part in improving your perception of yourself hence making you feel more comfortable with being you. Ask any girl, if she feels she looks nice on a certain day it really would make her feel she could conquer the world.

would i try this or that: almost always "yes in a heartbeat!" unless i don't particularly comprehend / believe the product's mechanism of action.

unconventional beauty tip: 2% salicylic acid that comes in a white tub, available from goverment hospital is super great with drying out acne. also i'm currently a cetaphil soap convert. if it's problem skin you're facing: sastid / polytar soap is a good rescue.

If there’s anything to be learned from this: everyone should practice candid poses, you’ll never know when you might become a star(!).

Read the article here


cindy khor said...

Congrats on your another (is this the second??) article featured on The Star. I really love reading your blog. Its so educational.

shelbybaby said...

cindy: aduh *malu* it's a late entry.. only ONE article-lah. not so famous yet keke..! loves it that you loves my site *bisou*

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