Sunday, September 28, 2008

bon yum-yum: bavarian bierhaus... say prost!

(late entry: 17.08.09)

I was on leave today when Miss ChongChong called me up to join her for a lunch drink, I grinned to myself. This is why I LURVE LURVE going on leave on everyone else's regular working day... having alcohol at noon is such a liberating experience! She wanted to try the Bavarian Bierhaus over in The Curve 'cos supposedly the oink-oink is darn great. It's some form of ESPN (ahahaha... couldn't resist the joke: ESP-lah OK)! I wanted to have German beer that day..

Paulaner: smooth, yum and I can't drink 2 pints of any other beer but this I most definitely can.

Abit tipsy. Just abit! Makes life seem so sunshine and preeeeetty...

Bavarian Pork Roast on Caraway with Mashed Potato and Braised Onions in Port Wine. Very good.

Baked Brownie dessert... uh forgot the exact name. Very very good.

Bavarian Bierhaus
G66, The Curve
6 Jalan PJU 7/3
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +603-77288269

my favourite things

(late entry: 17.09.08)
“When the dog barks
When the bees sting
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favourite things...

This boutique rocks BIG time!! I scored this maxi for RM70 (trust me it looks like it costs so much more) … plus if you buy 2 items you get 10% off. And they gave me a pouch for spending over RM100 or something like that plus they place your purchases in this fancy gold bag you can later recycle to carry laundry or groceries. OMG. So damn taiii!!

I sucked in my tummy-lah.. I’m not that slim OK *bleh*


Wasabi ice-cream. Yup you heard me right. Definitely has got a zinggg-lah… especially the aftertaste. Something everyone, who knows what wasabi is, should try at least once in their life.

49G, Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama, Uptown
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-77264410

G-3A, The Place
Jalan PJU 8/5D
Bandar Damansara Perdana
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-77290015

Guess which one I bought?? Guess! Guess!
Do you know me as much as I think you know me?
Obviously I chose the clear ones-lah! If you guessed right, quick take your left palm, place it on your right shoulder and give it a congratulatory squeeze! You so deserve it and I’m glad after all this time you could actually predict me correctly. As for y’all who didn’t guess right.. there is much to be learnt about me: hello old blog postssssss!

Even the name fits the bill. They're called: Cinderella. Only right!! Tailor-made for me: princess *grin*

Sole Lovers
Basement floor
Isetan, Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur

...And then I don’t feel… so bad”

Thursday, September 25, 2008

invitation to tea

Howdy-ho my Shelbulous people..!!

Did you know come 2nd week of October this babydoll site of mine would be turning a ripe ole age of FOUR? It never occurred to me that I have been writing this long until my Pediatrics MO pointed the fact out to me. Whoah right? I know.

So I figured I’d throw a small tea thing just to commemorate my Shelbulous site’s birthday, as many bloggers have done before but never me, and invite afew of you to sip some earl grey.

I’m opening 3 slots [you can bring a plus-ONE: as in your child / boyfriend / girlfriend / mother-in-law(??) so that it’s not too scary-lar for the both of us] for random people who religiously reads my blog. Sorry-lah places so limited, I will try to come up with a bigger budget next year once I get some paid extra-curricular activity!! Please remember, contrary to beliefs, houseman pay = crappy pay. Also I don’t want to over-estimate my C-list celebrity status and have a giant dent in my ego when I discover nobody is interested to come to my partayyy…


If you wanna ber-mad-hatters with me...

Send an email to entitled ‘ME WANTS SHELBULOUS TEA’ and cerita why I should invite you to my tea party.


Moi trying to not get too excited :P

Date: 11 October 2008, Saturday
Time: tea… say 15:00 – 17:00 ++
Venue: to be confirmed as soon as you’re IN
Theme: Clowns *circus anthem*

Sunday, September 14, 2008

tanglung festival

So me told me momma me wants a lanterns. Me momma tolds me dada. And we goes to buys me lanterns.


moi: Mmmy I want to buy lantern.
Mmmy: For who?
moi: For me-lah.
Mmmy: Oh (Translation for "Oh": Man my daughter's a weirdo but since I'm a mother, I shall support her worldly antics and provide her the emotional support she needs)
Mmmy: Eh Dddy.
Dddy: What?
Mmmy: Start the car.
Dddy: For what?
Mmmy: We're going to buy lanterns.
Dddy: For who??
Mmmy: Your ELDEST daughter.
Dddy: Oh

It’s times like these you know your parentals love you long time. And it’s also times like these you know you’re family. I, a 27-year old doctor, asked for a lantern without batting an eyelash and they consented without gulping. That’s family.

Eh I don’t judge you for piling the smoke into your lungs or men-toxic your liver with alcohol so lay off the sniggering ‘bout the lantern OK. And don’t say it’s not the same thing. It is :)

We only get our lanterns from one place. I don't know where you get your lanterns but I get mine from S.E.A.Park, like, every year.


moi: i bought a lantern today.
moi: good stuff are gone. damn kiasu children and their kiasu mothers
moi: wanted to get pegasus lantern. no more liao. left all d yucko boring stuff. settled for a butterfly.

Ah Ry: .. was it the real kinda lantern or the "fake" kind
Ah Ry: hhehee
moi: real kind!!
Ah Ry: the real as in the ones that use candles or the "fake" battery operated ones...
Ah Ry: lol
moi: not d 'it's a small world after all' on repeat mode battery operated kind. no no
moi: we old school lantern

Ah Ry: hahaha

Apparently despite the quiet market, I was somehow deemed LATE. Whatever that was left sucked. I came for a Pegasus. The store lady informed that should I have been 2 weeks early I could have had a choice between 60 types of Pegasus. 60 TYPES! Aiya shoulda woulda coulda.

i hope it doesnt rain
Ah Ry: oh haha
moi: so we can all play happily
Ah Ry: yea... me too
moi: oh u play lanterns too?
Ah Ry: me? not really.. i just don't want it to rain
Ah Ry: hehehe

moi: :D (bet u got a power ranger lantern in ur car boot just as we speak)
Ah Ry: LOL

Not many people sell lanterns nowadays and if you've been really attentive this year you'd realize that it's a lil' quiet this year, non? I think so. Dddy thinks at this rate, the Chinese tradition is going to go extinct. Maybe that’s why he consented to my whimsical whims kua. Anyway no progress in the lantern-making department either 'cos I don't see any sci-fi tanglungs hanging off lil kid's hands this year. In fact what was old is now new.

I guess I'm not the only last-minute lantern shopper. This auntie is too.

Thong Seng Huat Trading
29, Jalan 20/7
Paramount Garden
46300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: +603-78765663 / 78776976

Dunno why suddenly got fireworks outside Miss TanTan's place.
moi: my mum asked me if i wanted to join d neighbourhood kids on lantern walks... but abit malu heehee
Ah Ry: hehheheehheehehee
Ah Ry: you can be their "tai ka che"
Ah Ry: lol
moi: i probably have to borrow sumbody;s kid and pretend i'm d aunt or sumtin being all chaperoney and crap
moi: :D
Ah Ry: hahahahahaha
moi: 2day's ur last chance 2 play lantern fyi
Ah Ry: haha...
Ah Ry: kids might run and parents might take their kids home seeing someone my age with a lantern... hahaa

moi: hahahahahaha
I'm the eldest child in my family and of my generation. Hence no nieces or nephews. All my cousins have grown into young adults so there are no rugrats to shelter me from the shame of playing lanterns at my age. Thus I could only do the next best thing, which is to tumpang someone else's niece / nephew / children: first person that came to mind: Miss TanTan!

This is Yingsters. She's the youngest of the lot. We're good friends. I taught her how to hop like a bunny. We occasionally hop together. Babydoll just came back from a lantern party... that's why she's all dolled up in the cutest qipao ever. She also made her own lantern: a umm.. peacock? Cute hor?

The girls were ecstatic over my lantern! I thought my tanglung was rather regular but turns out, their mum was even later than I was in terms of lantern purchasing and ended up with remains: goldfishes and a hamster :D

Moi and my borrowed nieces.

L-R: Thongster, Tanglung Princess, Yingster, Roster

The moon was at its best that night.

The rightful family: Miss TanTan, the girls' mother / her sister-in-law, Roster, Thongster, Yingster

Miss BellaBella came over from a friend's pre-wedding dinner so we hung out, had some tea and watched the girls perform some serious High School Musical moves! Man can they shake their tailfeathers.

So that's how Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated this year.
How did you celebrate yours??

Friday, September 12, 2008

random random

(late entry: 08.09.08)

My cuppacakes. Loves!

Miss YiuYiu's birthday bash in WIP. She's Miss TanTan's friend in salsa class. Since I'm everyone's friend's friend I got invited too. The entire gang sans moi and Miss BellaBella can salsa! I just tumpang glamour only..

Ever since I told Dddy that Miss ZuZu's fiance taught her an interesting tip: place pandan leaves in the car to lightly scent and absorb bad odour, he's tying the herb, like, EVERYWHERE. I see dried pandan leaves all over my house and in front of my face (I usually sit on the right side of the back-seat)!!

I bought a new lipstick from MAC's Cherry line and tested the colour out all over my tandoori chicken styrofoam box. Looks like avant garde art, non?

I super LIKES Amla juice. It's the rave now in pasar malam-s. I believe it's known as Indian Gooseberry(?) and is supposedly a good antioxidant + antimicrobial with 'slimming' properties. Everything with the word 'slimming' sells!! Dddy has been munching on this fruit for decades but nobody paid any attention to it. Slap the word 'slimming' beside it and now it's the NEXT NEW DRINK. Ahaha.. It's delish with a wee bit of asam boi. Worth taking Monday leaves for.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

once in a chynna blue mooncake

(late entry: 28.07.08)

I got excited to know that Chynna came up with a blue mooncake with Blueberry Cheese Feuillantine centre... sounds so extraordinary, non? What a taste revolution, presumably so. So I quickly noted this bizarre mix to Mmmy and instructed Dddy to drive us KL Hilton + wait patiently outside while we rushed in to get a box of gastronomic pizzazz ;D

While waiting for Mmmy and me to make our selection, Gustav hippity-hoppity around their Chinese Chess Mini Mooncakes. It's so luxurious... you literally get to EAT your opponent! This limited edition piece goes for RM268 a set. Umm, OK can't afford that yet.

So this is the Snow Skin Lotus Amaretto Paste with Blueberry Cheese Feuillantine centre. It's smaller than your regular mooncake which makes it a tad pricier than the rest but I easily get muak so to me the size is parfait. It's NOT as blue as it's made out to be in the ads... more turquoise but still very out-of-the-box for the mooncake skin genre.

Seriously. This is one of the BEST mooncakes I've ever tasted. Seriously. The lotus paste is damn "watt" (smooth) and for a person that is easily muak, as mentioned before, I could almost stuff the entire cake into my mouth. But of course since I'm a lady I would not, but instead daintily slip in lil' pieces rather quickly into my salivating pursed mouth. Ahaha.. Its caramel-esque centre with a hint of cheese and the blueberry combination is electrifying. Yummm... They go for RM13 a piece.

Hilton Kuala Lumpur
3 Jalan Stesen Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-22642264

Friday, September 05, 2008

kl: shelby style

My old friends (Miss ChuaChua, a Hongkie, and her French boyfriend Ah Ya) from my UK hey-days were down in KL for a wedding. I applied for a day's leave to bring them around. The entire week prior to their arrival, I had already started cracking my egghead to plan up a smashing daystripper for the duo. Thing is I was never home much to be super familiar with the city which proves to be a dilemma. I didn't want to stuff them into a shopping mall and just be contented with that. It'll drive Ah Ya to bleed out of his ears of boredom. Since I, self-claimed legendary urbanite, was the tour-guide the tour would have to showcase the city and its hidden quirks! They have been to KL once before so they must have done the basic sites. No point going to the same ole same ole tourist snores all over again.. So I scribbled and cancelled and scribbled and cancelled in my red Moleskine planner 'till the morning of their arrival.

1st agenda: A mamak breakfast

Picked them up at 1Utama new wing taxi stand. They looked tired. Brought them to makan roti at Nasi Kandar Kayu, Kota Damansara. Ah Ya is fascinated by the thosai ghee.

2nd agenda: A morning drink with our feathered friends

Moi and Ah Ya..

Just as we settled down, almost immediately a bird flapped its wings and perched itself by our table. They're pretty lucky you know. I didn't get a bird the last time I came. I was hoping we'd score with a hornbill but I guess it will take a third time to charm. They did, though manage to spot a pair of hornbills nearby and got abit excited. Angmoh very suka flora fauna stuff one. If you're too lazy to take the entire Bird Park route, don't waste money on tickets. Instead opt to chill at the cafe instead... 'cos it opens interactively into the park so you get to enjoy the environment while sipping on your calamansi and sour plum juice. Clever right?

Miss ChuaChua quickly whipped her new baby out and started clicking away.

Moi and Miss ChuaChua.. delighted to be reunited after many many years.

Hornbill Restaurant + Café
920 Jalan Cenderawasih
Taman Tasik Perdana
50480 Kuala Lumpur

3rd agenda: last minute shopping and chores in KLCC

Ah Ya needed to get some express dry-cleaning done and buy dress shoes for the wedding the next day. I sent dry-cleaning over to Mandarin Oriental: you do not need to be a resident there and 'express' means it gets done in 4 hours. Called Ah Ry up for shoe-sultation, didn't know anyone else to call, I can't believe I STILL have very limited male species in my circle of friends. Disturbing. Apparently he was in the building too. Serendipity. We met for abit to say hi and then he had to go back to work. I got Miss ChuaChua to try a lovely Blumarine number for the wedding. It costs as much as her return London-KL ticket! Ah Ya told Miss ChuaChua that he wishes his employees were as efficient as I was. Seriously I think houseman ship has tweaked that aspect of me. Now I'm along the leagues of, like, Super-PA or something :D

4th agenda: Shark petting in the city aquarium

As y'all should be quite familiar by now Aquaria, KLCC is one of my top-favourite places in the city. I know it's pretty bias to just bring ppl around places I LIKE. But one man's meat could be another man's meat too, non?

Now they have petting stalls for friendly sharks at the entrance. Totally kicks up a worldly appetite for fish-sighting!

Watch them zip past you as you caress their leather-like scales(?) skin (?)..

Ah Ya: This is the most peculiar crab.

Crab: This is the most peculiar human.

Yes-lah yes-lah super the showing off his latest water-resistant Olympus digital camera hor. Perhaps it's a lil' too hard to notice but it is dipped into the water.

Chocolate..... starfish? (pun not intended)

Contrary to what I've always imagined, starfishes are hard. Not lembik-lembik soft and smudgy at all. Very crusty shell-like.. how bizarre how bizarre.

Cute nonetheless.

Let's compare.. who's scarier?

Flaccid blowfish and turtle. Frolicking. Funny.

At some certain time block we get to view shark feeds which as it turns out: is really really cool. I missed out on that too the last time.

After that we got onto the revolving belt and admired all seal-life above us..

I just realize I look darn preggers in this dress.

Shelby in Wonderland: When you can’t dive (or have no time to learn it), the closest thing to sea life is through a looking glass. If you can blind out the chubby and crappy posture, it’s actually a Shelbulous shot *thank you Miss ChuaChua* It’s my happy smile :)

That mobile network put fake jellyfishes on the commercial-lah (the 'lovely day.. lovely day.. lovely day.. lovely day' with yellow heart bubbles) 'cos I stood there for a full 10 minutes and no jellyfish also.

It’s, like, we were mermaids in our past lives or something!


Aquaria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Complex
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-23331888

5th agenda: nice lunch @ Dragon I, Pavilion

I can see the concern on Ah Ya's face 'cos Miss ChuaChua and him had the worse dimsum in Crystal Jade Palace few doors away just few days back. I ordered all my faves: whipped white egg + banana + red bean dumping and golden yolk dumpling thing.

Miss ChuaChua got really excited over lunch 'cos she was super spoilt for choice. She wanted to eat everything on the menu! Yea.. Dragon I menus can pretty much do this to people.

Wah wait for the chick to order can die of starvation wei..

Gustav fell into my bowl Szechuan la-mein. I dropped him-lah OK, the klutz that I am despite Miss ChuaChua’s many warning hoots. I should dry-clean him soon before his snout stains orange like the setting sun for good!

Was aiming for Dragon I’s famous terra-cotta soldier but failed miserably. At least I look cute.


Dragon-i (flagship restaurant)
Lot 1.13, Level 1Pavilion
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-3224 0888

6th agenda: kenko fish spa

Yes babydolls, you know I love 'em fishy nibblers helping me discard useless epidermis. This just has to be included in the Shelbulous experience!

Pavilion parking: RM8. Kenko Fish Spa 30 minutes-for-2: RM76. Ah Ya’s hilarious geli expression and constant electric-zap body twitching: PRICELESS.

Fishies: Oooooh epidermis yum yum! Attack attack!!

Ah Ya's erm big hairy foot.

Miss ChuaChua's small hairless toes.

I look scary here… = Post-call + midnight 2-hour drive home + early morning wake + being stuck in two city centre traffic jams. This warrants a good gracing worth of sympathy, non?


Kenko Fish Spa
Level 5

168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

7th agenda: a unique dinner

The parentals were listing out a good place to bring the duo and in the end I decided on Unique Seafood Restaurant. We’ve been going there for years. It’s a great place to bring guests over ‘cos the place itself is a photo-op!

Something really big is stirring Miss ChuaChua up. Ah Ya looks on in awe.

I had to explain, despite the bombastic name, the fleshy organisms the size of Ah Ya’s 2 biceps combined, is really just a gigantic clam. He couldn’t really visualize it maybe ‘cos he was concentrating on the *ahem* snout. KAKAKA it does look ludicrously smutty ;D

Mmmy ordered us 3 giant oysters. Ah Ya and Miss ChuaChua says they have oysters all the time but never this big. They loved it!

Dddy kept putting food on their plates. Ahaha kesian the Frenchman.

We must be, like, I dunno bloody ass old or something ‘cos dinner conversation focused on real estate! We’re from 2 different parts of the world for crying out loud! I suppose this goes to show money is money = universal language. Even between a Hongkie girl, a Frenchman, and a Malaysian family.

Ah Ya pointed out that he and SunshineP used to go fish for Spider Crabs back in Lannion. I found that very amusing. It’s just comical to imagine the both of them in their Speedos(??) and snorkels diving about looking for crabs. Anyway just in case you wanna know, they boil the crabs, scoop the flesh out and eat it with mayonnaise *mata terbeliak* uh huh right.

Dddy: After dinner yar, foreign guests must thank hosts with tribal hand gestures that goes like this…

Ah Ya: Wah the old uncle cannot be serious right?? Malaysians are seriously weird.
Miss ChuaChua: Dinner ain’t free, you do it.. my hands are occupied.

L-R: Mmmy, moi, Dddy, Miss ChuaChua


Unique Seafood Restaurant

Lot 9B-3 Jalan Kemajuan

Section 13

46200 Petaling Jaya


Tel: +603-7960 2088 / 7960 2066

8th agenda: post dinner drinks

This was taken at 03:00 am. When we arrived at midnight it was FULL freakin' house. I was telling Miss ChuaChua that I was not gonna bring them to KL to pub 'cos of the Puasa month. Guess I didn't think it alone...

Went to Breeze 'cos it was the least dodgy and juvenile hangout there. We ended up ordering the same drink too: Mojitos all around.

We sat and talked and talked and talked. I didn't even think there could be so much to say given the time we were apart. But there we were yabbering!

Time to go home...

Love my hooker heels!



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