Sunday, August 03, 2008

what’s your price?

Woke up really late today (for my standards at least!). Mmmy usually wakes me up by 09:30 like clockwork but she didn’t today. I slept in ‘till 11:00 :P By golly it feels brilliant to be able to wake up so late like that. I feel very rested.

Night before Miss ChongChong and I were headed to Cloth + Clef for DJ Bo’s but ended spending most of the night at twentyone instead. I really fancy their Mojitos. Either that or I was really really thirsty! The initial spirit was to go chat up some SINGLE men by the bar but my post-SATC: The Movie (Sex and The City) frame of mind left me pouting all night. It got Miss ChongChong down too. Poor girl. The drinks really helped though. In no time we were feeling like girly girls again. Miss ChongChong had to go do some client entertaining in Zeta Bar so we popped by before heading home after collecting my car with the valet. I don’t know what is it that took them so long but it seriously took them forever to get my ride. Just as I tapped my Nine West heels by the curb (valet spot) a motorbike pulled up in front of us. I looked at Miss ChongChong and she me. Our minds spoke simultaneously: “Oh G*d, the guy thinks we’re valet!”

Sleazy Indian bikeman: What’s your price?
moi: Sorry?
Sleazy Indian bikeman: What’s your price?
moi: Price? [You seriously don’t intend to valet your motorcycle right?]
Sleazy Indian bikeman: What’s your price?
moi: ?? (RM5?)
Miss ChongChong + moi: !!
moi: Not sure, we’re waiting for the valet to bring our car.
Sleazy Indian bikeman: Oh my mistake.. sorry.
Miss ChongChong + moi: !!

Well that was embarrassing for both parties. I don’t know what to say. Disgusted? Intrigued? Weird out? First thing I did was did myself a quick once over. I mean I actually switched outfits ‘cos I was knew we had to drop by Zeta for her to see her clients and made sure I wasn’t gonna pass-off as a Lorong Haji Taib candidate.

Ah Choy: ur decent is my skanky
Ah Choy: its a matter of perspective
moi: u think i'm skanky looking??
Ah Choy: hhahhahaha
moi: tats wat u said
moi: u think i'm skanky!!
moi: OMGGG
Ah Choy: hahahhaa
Ah Choy: didnt mean it tat way
moi: its not funnyyyyyy
moi: remind me y we r friends
moi: friends are suppose to accept them as they are
Ah Choy: and whois to say i didnt?
moi: u tink i dress like a skank
moi: tats not accpeting me la
Ah Choy: and yet i went out wid u
moi: OMGGGGGGGG u all d while tink i dress like a skank
moi: arggggggggggggh
Ah Choy: i dont always think u dress like a skank
moi: how long hv u tot i dress skanky??
moi: give me time in numberss
Ah Choy: maybe 3
moi: 3 wat? years?
Ah Choy: 3 times
Ah Choy: so does that make u a skank
Ah Choy: hahhahaaa

Typical boys to blame it on the girl’s dress-lah, Hindi movies-lah, dry spell-lah… Kelantan even blames it on lipstick! WTF right??


Well anyways Zeta Bar was good. The live band is *bisou* worthy… Bacardi Limon is yum.

So in the morning I decided to finish up on some personal treats that have been put on hold. Like getting a Brazillian wax at…

Strip (The Curve branch)

And a head + shoulder 30 mins massage at…
Urban Retreat
Lot 157 1st Floor, The Curve
No.6, Jalan PJU 7/3
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-77103239

One for the road: Dome’s Espreski: my new favourite indulgence drink! I’ve been seeing it in the magazines and I presumed it was just another Frappucino clone but with added perks: honeycomb choc etc. They’re not!! They’re delicious!! It’s like my world really rattled in its place for abit. Me likes!

Honeycomb Goldrush



the cili padi doctor said...

u r so u dress skanky? well,u r very decent in Diamond Cove though...

keep up the good fun!

shelbybaby said...

cilipadi dr: i think at this age i should try to tone down on the skank... never did i realize i am so wardrobely vulgar ahaha. i am, though, very decent in ti: working image calls!

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