Tuesday, August 26, 2008

project skinny b*tch

I’m back to the whole Get-Thin-Or-Die-Tryin’ business. Don’t sigh-lah.. some encouragement pleaseee!

Food + beverage: KFC Garden Salad and tandoori chicken, water, 1 – 2 helping(s) of teh-o-ais, green tea, yoghurt prn

Supplements: Ascorbic Acid aka Vitamin C 300mg, Vitamin B-Complex 50mg, Folic Acid 5mg, Hoodia Gordonii (supposedly some African cactus derivative that helps Masai or Sakai people live through days without hunger… I still feel hungry though *shrug*)

Activity: As soon as my period is in control I’ll try to do 20 minutes of running and some arm work as well as abdominals (boo!!). For the record, I absolutely detest exercise… the only form of cardio I approve is running and leisure swimming.

Slimming aid: Bliss fatgirlslim (skin firming cream that visibly diminishes dimples with Qusome – encapsulated caffeine) and Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream with pine pollen (it even comes with a measuring tape though I have no idea how exactly measurements should get carried out, Xiaxue and friends swear upon this!). Osim Uzap (eh not endorsing it-ah… at least not yet.. at least not ‘till I’m skeletal!).

I don’t know how long I can tahan.. I already feel so hungry all the time. I suppose with the fasting month up soon I’d be less tempted to shove calories down my throat. Really need to lose some weight-lah. ‘Cos…

… I was in Forever21 one fine day and found the most delectable cotton floral corset!! But putting it on was abit of a feat (I SAID ABIT OK)the most tragic part is that I looked like an overstuffed bak-chang. I literally held my breath almost a whole darn minute to take a not-so-fat still picture of the top, well myself wearing the top that is. Hence Get-Thin-Or-Die-Tryin’ right *diva snap*?

P.S: OMGGG G*D / Fairy G*d Supehero / other heavenly beings IS (are) KIND!! Or, yours / my prayers actually work! Or, well, rock stars are just plain tardy! Dunno don’t care. I just heard off Rina and Belinda from the 8tv Quickie show that Hotlink baru announced that the Avril Lavigne concert WILL BE 1 hour late!! Remember this?? Brilliant *grand applause* The extra hour’s gonna buy me some additional hair-curling time which ROCKS :)

P.P.S: Why is it-ah my mini non-significant wishes constantly gets granted (almost immediately sometimes) but yielding to my heavy-weight yearnings, i.e love of my life, easy exam questions, a million As for SPM, a transfer back to KL hospital seem so… susah. Why?? Why?? Why??

*giggle* I’m really glad the concert’s gonna be delayed. Thank you people up there :)

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