Thursday, August 07, 2008

“pain, pain go away”

Tomorrow is 08.08.08. Everyone would associate this date with the Beijing Olympics. Med people, especially obstetricians, would associate this day to be: BLOODY LOTSA WORK DAY :)

Why? ‘Cos everyone ESPECIALLY Cina parentals would want that date for their child’s birthday. Very the ong mah. Though one of my colleagues says it’s not the best date for Indians though (not sure why?) So… guess we won’t be expecting a lot of contribution from that slice of the racial pie. Thank the heavens that I’m not in O+G posting currently. Well not entirely true, I AM in Pediatrics so perhaps just a little bit (just a little bit!) connected somehow to the circle of life but anyhoo... minor is way better than major.

*entry invisible*

So I thought I had everything under control but I dunno… something snapped in the clinic. Suddenly teary-eyed and suddenly white-waters making their way down the parameters of my nose bridge. In front of Boss some more. Don’t think she saw much of it. I immediately excused myself. Didn’t want to leave the patients in perplex. I thought the coast was clear but as I sniffed my last sniffles and rebuilt my picket fences guess who was standing a metre away on my right? Ah Seng…

Boy will I have questions to answer later *sigh*

Not to end on such a dreary note jom let’s talk about music. Music I love. May not be music that you love. But it’s music I love. I just want to let my fellow Weezer fans (if I ever have any reading my site) know that Red Album is quite the homecoming. It’s not entirely experimentative as albums starting from Green Album… there are selective tracks that touch base. I can see Rivers slowly inching his way back to the start button. I felt reassured and was almost brought back to the warm lazy nights as a 16-year old fantasizing what it would like to be that half-Japanese girl who the redhead said shredded the cello and got Rivers Cuomo jello *giggle*.

CDs now come in Super Jewel Box which is Shelbulous!

I got my Weezer self-titled (Red Album) and Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo for RM60-for-2 from Rock Corner (support Rock Corner, The Curve!!). And if you think I’m positive about the Red Album you have not tasted my enthusiasm for Alone!! I LOVE IT. IT’S SO SO SO SO SO OLD SCHOOL WEEZER. VERY ESSENTIALLY RIVERS CUOMO ERA BLUE ALBUM-PINKERTON (which are the only 2 albums I personally acknowledge). Man some tracks on that album seriously blew me away: note ‘Crazy One’ and ‘I Was Made For You’.

I really should make time to go see them play live. It’s in the list.

OK I’m feeling little chirpy now. Ciaosers babydolls!

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