Friday, August 29, 2008

the not-so best damn thing

Ayo on the day of the concert everyone decides to have their babies via Cesarian Section-lah. Crap ass. By the time I finished up at the OT 'twas already clock-out time. When I was done tying up loose ends already some g*d forsaken hour.. turbo-ed home from TI. Tired. Then I had to jump out of my working kurung and into something more concert-friendly. Tired. After that I got kinda lost and dragged myself into the Jalan Tun Perak / Jalan Pudu jam TWICE (I'm a serious traffic idiot!!). Also all the roads were closed for the concert and I didn't know where to park. Where the heck did y'all park?? I was looking out for a valet or some of those parking machas and only managed to locate one the second time around (after pusing and going through the stupid stupid Jalan Pudu jam AGAIN). That time I was serious lateness. Ah Haz already gave up calling me only to hear me say "Sorry!!" or "Coming!!". I had to park UP a curb. The first for me. I don't know how the macha guided me but suddenly I'm ON the kaki lima! I kinda thought I heard my bumper crunch *cringe* at one point but no damage on inspection. Right... didn't have time to waste. I could hear the crowd roar and I was not even IN the stadium yet!! Crap crap crap!!


I rannn and rannn and rannn. The passersby were really helpful in pointing me in the right direction. The only irritating part was that they kept reminding me I was late and that the concert had already started. I'm NOT deaf. I can hear Avril spitting out the lyrics to 'Girlfriend'. Do they not think I'm rushing as quickly as I can?? I'm not an Olympic athlete or have Jamaican genes. There is only so much of a speed I can muster. Plus I'm TIRED.

Just as I was galloping up the hill towards one of them entrance I suddenly felt the sole of my feet slapping against the road tar. WACKKKK I lost my right shoe!! Great!! This just has to happen to me!! When I'm late for a rock concert, and the opening song is being played, I bloody lose my shoe!! I had to turn around and look here look there... only to be aided by our nation trustworthy police. A policeman found my shoe. Real Cinderella scenario. But no time to feel sentimental. 'Complicated' calls!

So difficult to locate Entrance 4. I ran half the stadium circumference before I found Ah Haz patiently awaiting me at the RM138 door. The fella's a sweetheart really. Didn't even scold me for being tardy.. instead he said he kesian me 'cos I kinda missed the opening act.

That beaming blob up there ain't the moon but a Hotlink balloon! Trust me I was fooled too. Suddenly realize the RM138 tickets were pretty crummy seats. I can't see a darn thing from here. Even the screens are small.

See her there: that 4mm human-looking elongated dot on the stage. She was playing on her pink acoustic.

Overall concert performance OK-lah. She sounds how she sounds on the album. I'm only familiar with her debut album so I only knew songs from there. She didn't play 'Things I'll Never Say". Would have preferred more stage presence and I felt the bit with her thumping on the drums was a lil' too Alanis (Morisette) but I guess there's only so much showmanship that could be executed in order to not compromise the rock feel.

Concerts are Shelbulous. I get to open up inhibitions and essentially be me. Felt a lil' on the aging side. Just 2 steps away from me were 2 lil' 9 year-old (??) Malay girls on parental chaperone. I'm 22 years older than the duo and we're screaming to the same juvenile lines :D

Also Ah Haz and I got told off for talking during the concert. Oops we have abysmal concert ethics..!

I was adamant that it was one of those typical "encore encore" scams where rockstars get all emo-diva with an absolute need for constant reassurance of their god-ly status and disappear behind the screens just so to hear the crowd chant their name and then KABOOM they'd go "since you, like, SO want me to play another song... here's my hottest hit single that I saved only for this moment".

moi: *turns back and tugs at Ah Haz's grimy post-call shirt* Tunggu kejap. It's a trick-lah..
Ah Haz: Trick apa? No trick-lah, tengok semua orang dah balik..
moi: It's a trick-lah. Concert dah habis ke? Baru pukul 10..
Ah Haz: Finish already-lah.
moi: But it's usually a trick. Wait wait... you know-lah *further explains the need for rockstar to feed their ego business* but you know-lah Malaysians, once lights go on they ingat time to tah-pau and go home. There is a special ceremony one: we must stay and ask for encore then only got encore.
Ah Haz: Don't see anyone staying and shouting also..

It was indeed over. WTF. Wasn't it supposed to be a 2-hour concert?? Unless waiting time is included I'm quite sure the concert only lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes. Kinda mm-taii (not worth it) lor.

Should I hang with the devil or walk towards the light?

To please ourselves or maybe me actually, we went for State A+W for some comfort food. Saw alot of post-concerteers there too. 2nd-rated Avril show really works up a coney dog appetite.

"And yeah yeah yeah I'm alot to handle

You don't know trouble but I'm a hell of a scandal

Me I'm a scene I'm a drama queen

I'm the best damn thing your eyes have ever seen..!"


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

the raining part was pretty fun? =P

shelbybaby said...

irvine: ahh that's where the being-late-and-getting-lost-in-the-car came in very very handy *grin* ah haz wasn't so lucky!

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