Friday, August 15, 2008

jagged lil' pill

Miss CillaCilla brought a very important article to my attention. I quickly racked my home stash of old newspaper and found the Sunday Star as mentioned, dated 09/08/08.
At long last! Someone decided to be human and point out the obvious. Nobody cares about the welfare of doctors. They only care to put us down. But once in awhile somebody pays attention.

Subtitle sounded promising. But we'll never know. Doctors have learned regarding sugar-coated bitter truth very early in life so we're never too happy too early. Reading on...

It's not just a young married doctor in Malacca-lah. MANY doctors everywhere else in Malaysia, the doctors who are not married and even old doctors could hardly survive! We have the same pay as a sales executive. And we had to study n additional 2-3 years!

And you'd think, finally(!!), more compassion would be involved this time around... only to read the final paragraph that says:

The only benefit *bisou* worthy is a pay rise. Other than that, nothing CAN help *shrug*

Another one bites the dust.

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