Sunday, August 24, 2008

hey hey you you

So Sk8terbois and grlz: totally, the, like, lookin' fwd to check Avril out y'all! :D

See.. this is the one aspect of myself that I find difficult to explain. Life used to be less complicated with Mr Orange 'cos I didn't have to (explain myself), he sorta gets the fact I'm somewhat developmentally delayed when it comes to the world outside my med life. And he would layan my lil' nonsensical karenah-s (of which people would call childish but I would call whimsical). But with the rest of the world it's umm... trickier having to elucidate why a 27-year old doctor is going to an Avril Lavigne concert. Even the ticket guy is surprised. Apalagi my colleagues. They already think I'm nuts most of the time...
Sorry-lor my spirit so young.
So I'm taking Ah Haz 'cos I owe him a birthday celebration so I figured why not give him a The Best Damn (pun intended) birthday experience :) Am I just not the most quixotic friend to ever graced Mother darn Earth?? Don't think he feels so 'cos he ain't the biggest Avril fan. It pretty much boils down to him being obliged to come especially since I sound quite ecstatic about it. Imagine having to force yourself to go to a concert you're not much a fan of as your birthday present... don't worry-lah I'll treat him to a cupcake to make up for the pain-lah OK. WE GOTTA LURRVE AH HAZ for being such a sweetheart 'cos, seriously, I don't know who I could call to teman me. I'd be too embarassed to ask anyone else at this point of moment since I'm not exactly dating anyone seriously. Besides not exactly good credentials to be known as that-girl-I-once-dated-who-dragged-me-to-an-Avril-Lavigne-concert.
I really hope the concert don't start on time. I would only be able to arrive home from TI at 19:30 and by the time I arrive Stadium Merdeka, it would definitely be past 20:00 then. Please please pray for me work finishes on the dot so I get to ciaosers quick and zoom my way back home.
Before I sign off, tell me y'all...
What's your favourite Avril Lavigne song?
Mine: Things I'll Never Say (hope she plays it in her concert on Friday)


munytang said...

Don't think there's anything wrong lah, being 27 and a doctor to be going to a avril concert. I'm erm... older but would still go anyway.'s a quote for ya.

'We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing' - George Bernard Shaw

p/s - oh, and the answer to your question? 'keep holdin on'

julian said...

Can't remember the name... the one that starts 'He was a boy, she was a girl, can it be any more obvious?"

But I thought the concert had been cancelled??

shelbybaby said...

yeayyy 2 participants!! munytang.. julian.. *nods head while shaking both hands*

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