Saturday, August 30, 2008

je mange: bisou bake shop

Wanted to go to an art exhibition: closed for merdeka.

Wanted to go to Bijou: closed for private function.

Decided to try out the sister cafe, Bisou: got lost in the city for 2 long, jam-packed, hours even with the help of Claudia (GPS).

Ah Yeoh said he finally understands what I mean when I say I tend to be pretty unlucky at times. People only get it when they go on outings with me. Which really explains alot of failed first dates etc. You can understand my phobia for first dates now hor? I mean it rained when I went to the Eye! But we finally arrive and my meter mood raised several notches. I like being surrounded by all things pretty.

"All this beauty
You might have to close your eyes
And slowly open wide"

... All This Beauty, The Weepies ...

This exact view really chases them Sunday blues away. You can't NOT smile with fresh short-stemmed daisies peeking out of baby jars within reach...

Bisou is one of my top most favourite word. It's french for *kiss* I'm wearing a sailor outfit... you can call me a sailor-ette. Ah Yeoh thinks I'm a lil' too old to dress up like Sailormoon :( I think he's wrong! Frivololity is timeless...

Blissful hor? :)

Ah Yeoh and moi catching up...

I had 2 cakes: Lemon Cheesecake and Tiramisu!! Next time I'll fondue.

Ah Yeoh really likes his chicken wrap.

Such a lovely lovely place. So very me *giggles*
Asian Heritage Row
58 Jalan Doraisamy
50300 Kuala Lumpur
tel: 03 26970131

Friday, August 29, 2008

the not-so best damn thing

Ayo on the day of the concert everyone decides to have their babies via Cesarian Section-lah. Crap ass. By the time I finished up at the OT 'twas already clock-out time. When I was done tying up loose ends already some g*d forsaken hour.. turbo-ed home from TI. Tired. Then I had to jump out of my working kurung and into something more concert-friendly. Tired. After that I got kinda lost and dragged myself into the Jalan Tun Perak / Jalan Pudu jam TWICE (I'm a serious traffic idiot!!). Also all the roads were closed for the concert and I didn't know where to park. Where the heck did y'all park?? I was looking out for a valet or some of those parking machas and only managed to locate one the second time around (after pusing and going through the stupid stupid Jalan Pudu jam AGAIN). That time I was serious lateness. Ah Haz already gave up calling me only to hear me say "Sorry!!" or "Coming!!". I had to park UP a curb. The first for me. I don't know how the macha guided me but suddenly I'm ON the kaki lima! I kinda thought I heard my bumper crunch *cringe* at one point but no damage on inspection. Right... didn't have time to waste. I could hear the crowd roar and I was not even IN the stadium yet!! Crap crap crap!!


I rannn and rannn and rannn. The passersby were really helpful in pointing me in the right direction. The only irritating part was that they kept reminding me I was late and that the concert had already started. I'm NOT deaf. I can hear Avril spitting out the lyrics to 'Girlfriend'. Do they not think I'm rushing as quickly as I can?? I'm not an Olympic athlete or have Jamaican genes. There is only so much of a speed I can muster. Plus I'm TIRED.

Just as I was galloping up the hill towards one of them entrance I suddenly felt the sole of my feet slapping against the road tar. WACKKKK I lost my right shoe!! Great!! This just has to happen to me!! When I'm late for a rock concert, and the opening song is being played, I bloody lose my shoe!! I had to turn around and look here look there... only to be aided by our nation trustworthy police. A policeman found my shoe. Real Cinderella scenario. But no time to feel sentimental. 'Complicated' calls!

So difficult to locate Entrance 4. I ran half the stadium circumference before I found Ah Haz patiently awaiting me at the RM138 door. The fella's a sweetheart really. Didn't even scold me for being tardy.. instead he said he kesian me 'cos I kinda missed the opening act.

That beaming blob up there ain't the moon but a Hotlink balloon! Trust me I was fooled too. Suddenly realize the RM138 tickets were pretty crummy seats. I can't see a darn thing from here. Even the screens are small.

See her there: that 4mm human-looking elongated dot on the stage. She was playing on her pink acoustic.

Overall concert performance OK-lah. She sounds how she sounds on the album. I'm only familiar with her debut album so I only knew songs from there. She didn't play 'Things I'll Never Say". Would have preferred more stage presence and I felt the bit with her thumping on the drums was a lil' too Alanis (Morisette) but I guess there's only so much showmanship that could be executed in order to not compromise the rock feel.

Concerts are Shelbulous. I get to open up inhibitions and essentially be me. Felt a lil' on the aging side. Just 2 steps away from me were 2 lil' 9 year-old (??) Malay girls on parental chaperone. I'm 22 years older than the duo and we're screaming to the same juvenile lines :D

Also Ah Haz and I got told off for talking during the concert. Oops we have abysmal concert ethics..!

I was adamant that it was one of those typical "encore encore" scams where rockstars get all emo-diva with an absolute need for constant reassurance of their god-ly status and disappear behind the screens just so to hear the crowd chant their name and then KABOOM they'd go "since you, like, SO want me to play another song... here's my hottest hit single that I saved only for this moment".

moi: *turns back and tugs at Ah Haz's grimy post-call shirt* Tunggu kejap. It's a trick-lah..
Ah Haz: Trick apa? No trick-lah, tengok semua orang dah balik..
moi: It's a trick-lah. Concert dah habis ke? Baru pukul 10..
Ah Haz: Finish already-lah.
moi: But it's usually a trick. Wait wait... you know-lah *further explains the need for rockstar to feed their ego business* but you know-lah Malaysians, once lights go on they ingat time to tah-pau and go home. There is a special ceremony one: we must stay and ask for encore then only got encore.
Ah Haz: Don't see anyone staying and shouting also..

It was indeed over. WTF. Wasn't it supposed to be a 2-hour concert?? Unless waiting time is included I'm quite sure the concert only lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes. Kinda mm-taii (not worth it) lor.

Should I hang with the devil or walk towards the light?

To please ourselves or maybe me actually, we went for State A+W for some comfort food. Saw alot of post-concerteers there too. 2nd-rated Avril show really works up a coney dog appetite.

"And yeah yeah yeah I'm alot to handle

You don't know trouble but I'm a hell of a scandal

Me I'm a scene I'm a drama queen

I'm the best damn thing your eyes have ever seen..!"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

project skinny b*tch

I’m back to the whole Get-Thin-Or-Die-Tryin’ business. Don’t sigh-lah.. some encouragement pleaseee!

Food + beverage: KFC Garden Salad and tandoori chicken, water, 1 – 2 helping(s) of teh-o-ais, green tea, yoghurt prn

Supplements: Ascorbic Acid aka Vitamin C 300mg, Vitamin B-Complex 50mg, Folic Acid 5mg, Hoodia Gordonii (supposedly some African cactus derivative that helps Masai or Sakai people live through days without hunger… I still feel hungry though *shrug*)

Activity: As soon as my period is in control I’ll try to do 20 minutes of running and some arm work as well as abdominals (boo!!). For the record, I absolutely detest exercise… the only form of cardio I approve is running and leisure swimming.

Slimming aid: Bliss fatgirlslim (skin firming cream that visibly diminishes dimples with Qusome – encapsulated caffeine) and Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream with pine pollen (it even comes with a measuring tape though I have no idea how exactly measurements should get carried out, Xiaxue and friends swear upon this!). Osim Uzap (eh not endorsing it-ah… at least not yet.. at least not ‘till I’m skeletal!).

I don’t know how long I can tahan.. I already feel so hungry all the time. I suppose with the fasting month up soon I’d be less tempted to shove calories down my throat. Really need to lose some weight-lah. ‘Cos…

… I was in Forever21 one fine day and found the most delectable cotton floral corset!! But putting it on was abit of a feat (I SAID ABIT OK)the most tragic part is that I looked like an overstuffed bak-chang. I literally held my breath almost a whole darn minute to take a not-so-fat still picture of the top, well myself wearing the top that is. Hence Get-Thin-Or-Die-Tryin’ right *diva snap*?

P.S: OMGGG G*D / Fairy G*d Supehero / other heavenly beings IS (are) KIND!! Or, yours / my prayers actually work! Or, well, rock stars are just plain tardy! Dunno don’t care. I just heard off Rina and Belinda from the 8tv Quickie show that Hotlink baru announced that the Avril Lavigne concert WILL BE 1 hour late!! Remember this?? Brilliant *grand applause* The extra hour’s gonna buy me some additional hair-curling time which ROCKS :)

P.P.S: Why is it-ah my mini non-significant wishes constantly gets granted (almost immediately sometimes) but yielding to my heavy-weight yearnings, i.e love of my life, easy exam questions, a million As for SPM, a transfer back to KL hospital seem so… susah. Why?? Why?? Why??

*giggle* I’m really glad the concert’s gonna be delayed. Thank you people up there :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

hey hey you you

So Sk8terbois and grlz: totally, the, like, lookin' fwd to check Avril out y'all! :D

See.. this is the one aspect of myself that I find difficult to explain. Life used to be less complicated with Mr Orange 'cos I didn't have to (explain myself), he sorta gets the fact I'm somewhat developmentally delayed when it comes to the world outside my med life. And he would layan my lil' nonsensical karenah-s (of which people would call childish but I would call whimsical). But with the rest of the world it's umm... trickier having to elucidate why a 27-year old doctor is going to an Avril Lavigne concert. Even the ticket guy is surprised. Apalagi my colleagues. They already think I'm nuts most of the time...
Sorry-lor my spirit so young.
So I'm taking Ah Haz 'cos I owe him a birthday celebration so I figured why not give him a The Best Damn (pun intended) birthday experience :) Am I just not the most quixotic friend to ever graced Mother darn Earth?? Don't think he feels so 'cos he ain't the biggest Avril fan. It pretty much boils down to him being obliged to come especially since I sound quite ecstatic about it. Imagine having to force yourself to go to a concert you're not much a fan of as your birthday present... don't worry-lah I'll treat him to a cupcake to make up for the pain-lah OK. WE GOTTA LURRVE AH HAZ for being such a sweetheart 'cos, seriously, I don't know who I could call to teman me. I'd be too embarassed to ask anyone else at this point of moment since I'm not exactly dating anyone seriously. Besides not exactly good credentials to be known as that-girl-I-once-dated-who-dragged-me-to-an-Avril-Lavigne-concert.
I really hope the concert don't start on time. I would only be able to arrive home from TI at 19:30 and by the time I arrive Stadium Merdeka, it would definitely be past 20:00 then. Please please pray for me work finishes on the dot so I get to ciaosers quick and zoom my way back home.
Before I sign off, tell me y'all...
What's your favourite Avril Lavigne song?
Mine: Things I'll Never Say (hope she plays it in her concert on Friday)

cold and dry

It’s a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon. There is a hidden track in Mika’s ‘Life In Cartoon Motion’ that I would cry to. I listen to it when things are not going good in the life department. Only problem is to repeat the track, you’ve gotta listen to ‘Happy Ending’ first which may prove to be quite troublesome. So I’m listening to it.. which pretty much suggests life is not awesome. Sometimes it just takes a 2 minutes 01:00 am phone call to turn your smile into a frown.

Last night ended badly.

I don’t get it. Why must I get pushed into dating people I don’t want to? I don’t think the ‘give him a chance.. he likes you’ excuse warrants any justification to compromise myself. Also is there some kind of stamp on my forehead that says ‘Losers Galore’?? ‘Cos, seriously, lately (especially last night) I’ve been winning way too much attention from that department. And you would think your good friends want the BEST for you… so what does it mean when you are actually coaxed and pleaded into dating a person that you don’t even respect?? I’m thinking does she think I’m that desperate? Or perhaps I’m like her: decidedly willing to settle? She accuses me of not loving myself enough. How’s this for self love?? I love myself not to just go out with some Tom-Dick-Harry. I love myself enough to know what I want from a man. Just ‘cos a person I fancy don’t fancy me back it doesn’t mean I go on a relationship rebellion and date some random ass. This is not how I work. I know what I want and will wait for what I want.

The wheel of karma says you get what you give. If I’m only attracting bad crop would it mean I’m pretty crappy myself? Am I bad quality? Never once paused to considered so… not ‘till now. Disturbing.

I suppose I’m most disappointed to know that the 2 people I thought knew me, as it presently seems, really do not know me at all! And it sure seems like they don’t even wish the best for me which *stabs heart* is painful. Not sure how to describe this feeling: a mixture of betrayal and disappointment maybe.. if you don’t want to help me find a man that I want, I’d rather you not help at all. Stop sending loafers / immigrant bartenders / jobless / drunkards / freaks my way. Please just stop. I’m not a social rubbish dump so just back off already.. I’ll find my own way.

Over my shoulder. Running away.
Feels like I'm falling. Losing my day.
Cold! And dry!
Cold! And dry.
Forgot my daylight. Torture my night.
Feels like I'm falling. Far out of sight.
Cold! Drunk!
Tired! Lost.
Over my shoulder. Running away.
Feels like I'm falling. Losing my way.
Cold! Dry!
Cold! And dry.
Forgot my daylight. Torture my night.
Feels like I'm falling. Far out of sight.
Cold! Drunk!
Cold! And drunk.
... Over My Shoulder, Mika (Life in Cartoon Motion) ...

just looking

"things i want
things I think i want
things i have
things i wanna have..."

Mark Ryden's limited edition Rose pin

Commes des Garcons for Louis Vuitton: Papillon with animal charms

"i'm just looking

it keeps me smiling..."


Friday, August 22, 2008

bon yum-yum: nero teca

I've always wanted to go to Nero Teca. Ever since I saw pictures of it from Ah Yung's dining trip there. It just looks so pleasant and cosy. The place is fabulous-lah... a tad miniscule on space but so much fun nonetheless. I fell in love instantly. It's all I imagined and more. I bet many great dates have been witnessed in this rusticly chic restaurant. We were late for our reservation (wei to zoom back from Teluk Intan, creep into a frock and dash into the city takes time OK... I'm not Speedy Gonzales!) but we're lucky to still have scored a table almost immediately.

I lurrve their gargantuan wine glasses! Even more to drink with my dear..

The Nero Teca salad is divine.. food is excellent!

ME LIKES NERO TECA berry berry much! *grin*

Nero Teca
Ground floor, Somerset
8 Lorong Ceylon
50250 Kuala Lumpur
tel: +603-2070 0530

Miss ChongChong was worried there would be roadblocks since 'twas the week before puasa so we left KL early and headed to Jaya One. We decided to hang at Brussels Beer Cafe where Miss ChongChong's boyfriend was already at. Jaya One's a lil' quiet at night, non? At the bar a merry pink bottle caught my eye!
Girl is a lychee raspberry vodka / cognac for girls ONLY wor. How frivolous!!

It tastes breezy. Very much like a pink lychee martini. Yumm.

It started initially as a girl's night out and ended up a wild laugh-fest with some random people who approached us from the neighbouring table with enough humour to set Comedy Central on fire! I swear in the name of all things flossy-flossy I almost choked on my Hoegaarden White draught when one of them dudes enquired if Miss ChongChong was an Aussie-born Chinese...! *giggle* Funny-lah serious. I suppose from that moment onwards Miss ChongChong was obliged to maintain the accent. Then there's the great big issue of mysterious non-visual-able Datin Z! She's a made up imaginary girlfriend *guffaws* I can't believe everyone bought into the whole idea and played along!! Hern sporting neh... it's been quite awhile since I experienced such entertaining company. I almost didn't want to go home :)

Morning after, it suddenly dawned upon me I bloody gave my name cards out freely to random strangers last night and my home address is featured on it!! G*dd I'm such a moron! Ayo I can't believe I didn't take that into account. Let's hope they are nice decent people (who will not misuse such personal information) as perceived prior *fingers crossed*

Brussels Beer Cafe
L20G Block L, Jaya One
No 72A, Jalan Universiti
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603-7954 2000

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

calling all white knights

"Why is it that friends of Serena (*ahem Shelby*) van der Woodsen have to search for her suitor? Have fables fall so out of fashion that the Princesses have to do everything themselves? Call us old school, but sometimes the Fairy Tale ending requires the Knight to get off his ass and saddle up his steed


Sunday, August 17, 2008


This is Pierre Hardy.

He makes fierce bags that look like this...

And fierce shoes that look like this.

Save Lil' Miss / Mr Piggy. You don't have to break the bank to own a piece of the Parisian monsieur. I'm sure everyone has heard of the man's collaboration with Gap under Designer Editions / Creations... as mentioned time and time before, Malaysia is SO SLOW when it comes to seasons. I thought I missed out on the collection because 4 months ago I went around almost all the Gap outlets in KL and Klang Valley area and nobody knew what the f*ck I was ranting about. The name Pierre Hardy drew 'umm..' instead of 'aaah..' looks. I really believed I missed out.

I didn't!! I scored big time!! I own a pair of Pierre today. And they're blimin' comfortable as Gap products always are.

Aren't the gold gladiator sandals to-die-for?? Control control... will wait for them sales on that one.

My wooden platform sandals retail at RM415. Smallest size comes at EUR37 and only available in The Gap KLCC and 1Utama. Babydolls, these are soldout in *snaps* over at angmoh countries.. but save a pair of gold gladiators for me OK.

Guess what's new in Isetan?? Acrylic shoe storage for RM23.90 (heels)! Cheaper and classier than the linen IKEA ones. Thank goodness I held back and not bought those. Extra 5% discount for Isetan card members. Available in 3 sizes: flats, kitten heels, heels.

Unfortunately if you have heels that measure 4 inches (overall inch-to-tip-of-back-heel measures 6.2 inches) the box can't click close. I had to lie my Aldos to rest.

Weird but true: Lavender bakery makes black bread. This would make some kid's sandwich the COOLEST packed-lunch EVER!

P.S., disclaimer: images of Pierre's handbag + shoes from Pierre Hardy, images of Gap Designer edition shoes from Gap

ayo lee chong wei...

Why never attack Lin Dan?


Must learn how to phase out the crowd. Must be focus mah. RM 1 juta awaits you... nothing should faze you apart from gastroenteritis. You don't have gastroenteritis. SO?? What else you waiting for??

Smash DONG!!

Cannot be so intimidated one. You're in the Olympics wei. This is no time to feel scared.

Man the dude looks pale.

'Outclassed and demoralized' wor the sports commentator said. Aiyo... crap.

*shakes head*

Dddy purposely force-feed me McD so that he can make it home in time for the game. Must give the old man some face wei, Chong Wei..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

miss renjitrenjit gets engaged

Only 3 of us turned up that night. Everyone seemed a lil' drained maybe? Miss PetchiPetchi wore a cute red sari. Miss KosKos a fuschia tube dress from Topshop and.. Zara silk floral maxi dress. Something screams fatigue in my eyes. Age is starting to catch up with me. I should start taking antioxidant supplements.

moi + Miss PetchiPetchi

Not the best picture of her rockbut ice indeed..! One of the perks of getting engaged *wink*

Newly engaged! Congratulations babydolls :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

jagged lil' pill

Miss CillaCilla brought a very important article to my attention. I quickly racked my home stash of old newspaper and found the Sunday Star as mentioned, dated 09/08/08.
At long last! Someone decided to be human and point out the obvious. Nobody cares about the welfare of doctors. They only care to put us down. But once in awhile somebody pays attention.

Subtitle sounded promising. But we'll never know. Doctors have learned regarding sugar-coated bitter truth very early in life so we're never too happy too early. Reading on...

It's not just a young married doctor in Malacca-lah. MANY doctors everywhere else in Malaysia, the doctors who are not married and even old doctors could hardly survive! We have the same pay as a sales executive. And we had to study n additional 2-3 years!

And you'd think, finally(!!), more compassion would be involved this time around... only to read the final paragraph that says:

The only benefit *bisou* worthy is a pay rise. Other than that, nothing CAN help *shrug*

Another one bites the dust.

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