Sunday, July 27, 2008

dimsum and jazz = starlet’s day out

This is Oriental Spoon. It’s a halal Chinese place that serves buffet dimsum from a certain time to another on weekends. I won’t bother listing out the details because overall I did NOT have a good time there so if you wanna go, find out yourself OK. Some of the dishes were pretty alright but they served oh-SO-slowly. It took us 2 freaking hours to sample the variation of dishes the place had to offer. And the same donkey dish kept rounding again and again and again. It’s, like, nobody would leave their tables ‘cos they’re just plain hungry-lah. Food turnover is abysmal!

I was waiting for the spinach dumpling. It was the MAIN reason why I decided to try the place out. It’s a freaking spinach-filled-in porcupine-looking bun.

You can’t go to Oriental Spoon and not give that a try right? WRONG!! It’s dreadful with a capital D! I almost emptied my breakfast on the table. It tastes like processed steamed spinach. Literally. The kind American grandmothers made their children eat for dinner. Ayo teruk. Seriously. So… crap place-lah.

I’ve never been to a Jazz festival. Betul. All my friends have and most of them quite enjoy it. I don’t even know what one does at a Jazz festival. It was raining so that was quite the bummer. All the places were out at Clear so we had to go eat in Bar Savanh Too instead. Apart from experiencing a Jazz festival for the first time, this was also an occasion to celebrate moi: starlet! Don’t laugh-lah… let me have my fun with fame. Since I told almost everyone in my sim card about the article it was most exciting to find out that there were non-notified people who did manage to pick me out from the newspaper: my neighbours, Miss TanTan’s friend who called her up on the phone to ask her if it’s really her doctor friend in the newspaper… *beams with pride* I’m just lovin’ this fame thing! KAKAKA…

Got the girls together to toast my stardom just as how Carrie and her girls did while waiting for the bus that carried her ad to go by the stop. They didn’t have champagne so I got the next best choice: white wine.

Mia Palencia was brilliant. Was too busy mingling ‘till she started strumming Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m Yours’. Don’t think there were many who knew the song but I did so Miss ChongChong took my hand and led me to the stage to show some support. I do believe we were the only ones dancing that night. Do people dance to Jazz? We do! People probably thought we were drunk but we were just chillin’ and having some fun. Life’s too short to not have fun-lah.

Miss ChongChong got me a cute lil’ tiara (‘cos she acknowledges royalty: me) and a fancy pen to sign autographs with. Loves her berry berry much.

Friends of a star, L-R: Miss TanTan, Miss BellaBella, STARLET, Miss ChongChong

Thank you, thank you everyone for the good support and for all the kind words offered over the newspaper article. Love y’all! *pageant wave*

Sunrise Jazz and Rhythm Fest 2008
Plaza Mont' Kiara2 Jalan 1/70C
Mont' Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Fri 25 - Sat 26 Jul and Fri 1 - Sat 2 Aug 2008
(8pm onwards)
Free Admission

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