Saturday, July 26, 2008

starlet: beforemath


So the story goes like this… it was in the middle of a cold (blasted the air-conditioning) Tuesday afternoon when I was checking my email in my room. It had been 2 weeks since I opened my inbox so I thumbed (virtually) slowly through… ‘till I came to one particular unread mail which grabbed my attention stat! It was an email from The Star, from a journalist from The Star to be exact. She was interested in asking me afew questions on the Brazillian wax article I did post-trip to Strip. Whoah. That’s when I realize that, contrary to my belief, my ‘message’ really does get out there. Whoah is exactly how I’d describe how I felt at that exact moment.

It appears that she had been trying to contact me many a time but to no avail while I, on the other hand, never got the message ‘till now. Why ah? I think it all got sent to spam ‘cos it can take a millennium for me to check my mail, and sometimes Yahoo can f*ck up. Doesn’t matter. It’s all OK now.

We arranged to meet in Centrepoint, Bandar Utama and I obviously got dolled up as it was informed prior there would be a picture taking session. I practiced my pose and had it well memorized… which proofed to be quite useless ‘cos the photographer only intended to take candid poses of me. In my experience, candid pictures of me, unless taken with a phone camera in dim lights, always end up looking appalling. I applaud red-carpet celebrities. Paris, Lindsay, Renee Zellwegger… constantly looking fine. Even with mayo on their nose. Anyhoo.. the fun part was me secretly smirking (in my heart) at curious bystanders. With the interview going on and constant click-click-clicks, I really think the hawker bystanders probably thought I’m some kinda B-list Hong Kong / Taiwanese / Korean (ahahaha that’s probably stretching it) star. KAKAKA definitely valid for personal amusement.

I couldn’t answer simple questions. I’ve always prided myself in being witty and charismatic with a truckload of sharp comebacks… I should get used to this you know. I am a budding starlet or have lead myself into thinking so ;D Well it was quite a challenge: being interviewed and all that. I paused for thoughts for long moments and stuttered. Stuttered! Just wished I practiced Q+A more than I did my pouts.

So… just as we rapped the interview up I thanked her. For so many reasons I couldn’t describe. For choosing me. ME. Me. Of all the people who blogs in Malaysia, she chose me. I felt so special. I really did. It had been a long crappy month with so much work and death and mishaps and fake happiness and undescribable loneliness and… well all that. So yeah. That wasn’t the best part though. The best part was her replying,” No, don’t thank me. You’re perfect.”

Two words. Two words that sent my aura into sunshine overdrive with rainbows and glitter. It had been a long few months. It may be surface talk or good farewell vocabulary, I don’t care. I really don’t. She said and therefore I accept. Amiably.

It was quick. 30 minutes I think. Suddenly I felt nervous. So I drove to Starbucks to buy a fruitcake and an Ice Shaken Lemon Zen. And I ate. I eat when I’m jittery. Which explains the weight dilemma.

After that I told myself to NOT tell anyone until the article gets confirmed ‘cos we’ll never know y’know and I don’t want to end up being a joke y’know. Of which that failed: I told EVERYONE… to not tell anyone. I can’t keep a secret to save my life sometimes :P And so the mental heel-tapping began. Awhile I managed to not expect it to happen or at least convinced myself so. After the second week the badgering tapered down. And soon enough with my workload and lethargy from tagging ‘till 23:00 pm everyday consecutively, I forgot! And then she msg-ed me. The article was to be published the weekend I was going to be home. Whoah.

I msg-ed everyone (local) in my sim-card. Afterward hopped like a bunny on meth behind closed doors of the Neonatal ICU Examination Room for 2 minutes while I muffled my yells into my hands.

I was going to be a star!

to be continued...

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