Saturday, July 26, 2008

a star in the star

Things y'all need to do today (apart from reading this blog):

1. Go to the nearest newsstand

2. Purchase The Star SATURDAY July26 newspaper

3. Open Weekender (SectionTWO) of The Star

4. Find for the article on beauty: Bizarre Beauty Rituals

5. REVEL IN MY Shelbulous-ness!!

I'm a star!!

Ah Seng calls me STARLET. To each their own.

Almost famousssss... *wink*


Big Boys Oven said...

Oh we did, and accidently found you feature at last! wow! sure a bizzare beauty ritual! lol! cool!

yeahway said...

eh... TARTlet... upload lah the article for all your other dying fans who haven't had the chance to catch it...

hmm.. wonder what's wrong with me? had a momentary stuttering fit :p

shelbybaby said...

bb oven: *giggles* yup yup my lil' 5 minutes of fame!

yeahway: dying fans who haven't had the chance to catch it?? we friends so long also you didn't buy newspaper to read my article kah?? *merajuk*

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