Saturday, July 05, 2008

me goes archidex 08

(late entry)
Voila!! Dddy made me tell everyone I was a DESIGNER. Luckily I'm one for 'Faking It'. For those who couldn't make it to the convention. Here's a brief preview of what you woulda coulda shoulda stumbled upon.

Now our gates can be gardens!

I really lurrrve this bespeckled sparkling glitter marble. My house will be paved with this 'till the porch.. I bet if Shah Jahan could go back to the future, Taj Mahal would sparkle with GLITTER!

Or even if not, it would be nice to have a marble dinosaur...

This is a wind turbine along with its companion the solar plates all the way from The Netherlands. Cool hor? 4 plates and a turbine can supposedly generate enough energy for a house. With utilities raising it's prices, we might actually have to set up this fan contraption outside all our homes!

This cherry wood plate is called Sunburst. Literally because it is.

This is so Shelbulous. I wish I was an interior designer for chic lil' boutique cafes. I'd totally overuse this concept.

Oh and this too.. it's plastic by the way.

Or if they made me do some new cool dimsum 'It' restaurant, this would be what greets you at the entrance. Tres grandeur, non?

Dddy got really interested in this slideable blinds with that plastic handle you see on the right.

This is an ingenius way to promote your glassware. This mini green house just spurred a million and one new concepts in my mind. I should have studied architecture-lah. I could have changed the world.

Oh isn't this just magnificanto?

Dddy was only interested to see what's the cutting edge innovation in mosquito (insect) nets. This company does it well. You can slide the window open and close... aiya hard to explain-lah. You must see yourself one.

This is fun, you can slide the netting close into like a blinds kinda works... well only Mmmy would get excited over this. She is the Chairperson of the Anti-Mosquito Society.

Cool Batts is an insulating material that can help lower your home temperature by 3-4 degrees Celcius. Quite alot hor? This subsequently saves electricity energy which translates into saving money!

And since they place the insulator under your spotlight etc I was concerned that it could be a fire hazard but do not fret because after the demonstration: burning it with a lighter and pouring a cup of water all over it, I am very convinced that Cool Batts is not flammable.

I'd love this for my bathroom floor.

Dddy wants to install the plane bit on our porch. I think he forgets our house ain't The Ministry of Sound...

This is a new-age toilet which holds a flower. Umm. Yah OK.

Dddy helps himself to some booth's food. They must be doing well, other people only offer sweets.

Tres chic, non?

You can't really see but I super the love their plastic 4-angle chandelier and transparent plastic seats. Divine!

P.S: See something interesting? For more information on the companies, email me @ and I'll go korek the brochures and try to get their contacts for you.

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