Thursday, July 17, 2008

i am multi-tasking:

a) watching SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE oh-so-excitedly. I VOTED FOR BLACK this time. Actually I feel that Ray is pretty Shelbulous too but I only limit myself to 1 vote. It’s only fair to pick only 1. That is what you call a competition. Only 1 can be a winner. It’s harsh but that’s how it is

b) typing out an explanation / apology letter to my Boss to explain why I was late post-lunch by 15 minutes (was doing my laundry because I was tagging ‘till 23:00 everyday and just had zero time and energy to perform personal chores but of course I can’t exactly detail it that way and so it will sound like the lamest reason ever)

c) think to myself of how I intend to explain to my hospital director should the day when I would qualify for SYTYCD finals ever arrive

d) writing Pediatric notes in my lil’ black Moleskine during commercials

e) waiting for my face and hair mask to be done with seeping in. Mannn you cannot imagine my skin these days. Appalling would be the word.

I am overjoyed today. Why hor? ‘Cos I’m done with tagging. No more 23:00 punch-outs, no more having to eat crappy restaurant leftovers, no more rushing through personal chores during lunch time and no more not seeing anyone except ill babies… But the thought of getting assessed by Boss worries me. That and starting call (on-call) next week. Am I ready? G*d only knows…

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