Monday, July 21, 2008


I’m currently tagging in Pediatrics. I feel like I’ve walked into a parallel universe… it’s similar to Medical yet not. What’s even more overwhelming is every ward is a whole new world. There are 3 wards: the regular Pediatric ward, Neonatal ward and the Neonate ICU. Every ward requires a different set of skills and a different mindset. I’m still grasping around the Neonatal ward. It’s the trickier ward of the lot.

I literally do not have a life for a week. I hope to qualify for on-calls soon ‘cos I really cannot take the 07:00 to 23:00 lifestyle. The only consolation I have is that we do get lunch period of which can be utilized to perform my personal chores like sending the laundry off, photocopying etc… *sigh* It’s, like, all I do is just work while being alive. I almost don’t see anybody (apart from ward colleagues) except perhaps Miss ZuZu just winks before she drifts into REM. It’s not as if we can help it… our beds are only 10cm apart! Almost hubby and wifey, non? *giggles* I’ve never had a roommate ever in my life ‘till now. Seriously. When they placed me in the quarters, I couldn’t believe I had to share my room with a stranger. It’s weird to room with a person what’s weirder is start to room at the age of 27. Fortunately Miss ZuZu is cool.. she could bear with my mess and I let her pitter-patter away with her OCDs. And since we have been sleeping ‘with’ each other almost every day, I do feel a certain loss when she goes off for a long holiday or when she is on-call. She said the same thing ‘bout herself when I’m not around. Maybe this is what a spouse feels when the other is away. Hmm.. OK now I’m weird out by what I just said *giggle*

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