Monday, July 07, 2008

a glass of wine at the top of the eye *check*

(late entry)

I went to the EYE (on Malaysia) :)

*grand applause*

Sorry did not take pictures. Was so buried in experience that I forgot I had a camera on me.

We got lost for the first 2 hours. Ah Ry says he and 2 other friends are known as the 3 Blind Mice in terms of thoroughfare *guffaws* Little did he know I was equally as useless when it came to boulevards… could qualify as the 4th Blind Mouse y’all! I enjoyed myself despite. It was rather amusing driving around the city looking for clues… and most of all it felt super adventurous!

After my many failed attempts before, finally…

It isn’t as grandeur as The London Eye but I think it’s brilliant nonetheless. Cute. Dreamy. Whimsical even. But then again anything that’s a ferris wheel makes me smile *grin* One gondola (carriage thing) can carry around 4-6 people. We shared ours with a pair of Canadian tourists. They were on a working holiday and are travelling Asia upwards, starting from Australia.

It takes approximately 30 seconds for the gondola to go around the wheel. That’s pretty quick considering the ticket price. Didn’t really feel I had enough time to capture the umm… feeling ‘cos really next thing you know it’s weeeeeeeee to the bottom and up again. They allow you umm.. 4 rounds? Or something like that. Quite a quickie in comparison to the other ferris rides I’ve gone on.

I missed the apex on the first turn so when we again arrived the top, I, at the speed of lightning, whipped out my baby bottle of Chilean white wine. Was rather embarrassed to take swigs of alcohol in front of strangers:

finishg d wine now. we shud hv finish in d gondola so no nd bring home
Ah Ry: oh yea...
Ah Ry: we could easily finished it.. hehe

moi: actually i just malu in front of d tourists...
Ah Ry: hahaha... actually.. no need to malu wat..
Ah Ry: not like they know us or we'll see them again.. hahaha
Ah Ry: hhehee... easy for me to say... hahaha
moi: like i so alcoholic i cant even sit still n not hv a drink liddat
Ah Ry: hahaha...

Actually the angmohs were really cool-lah. I mean abit obvious considering the girl’s boyfriend is a diver / chef. Diving cook… now that’s a profession you don’t come across everyday. He makes good roasted beef if I didn’t remember wrongly. I feel I sound so McGeeky in comparison to that: doctor.. bleh :P Even Ah Ry’s job sounds more glamorous!

I feel so breezy. Super enjoyed the Eye outing. To more happy-fying adventures *clink*

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