Thursday, July 10, 2008

end of department celebratory dinner

Today was our last day at our respective departments. Tomorrow we would plunge into a new environment.. me: Pediatrics and Ah Seng: Medical. So we went out to honour our brief independence with a meal and a chat. I ought to spend more time with him anyways 'cos I might be leaving soon (to greener pastures or so it seems) *fingers and toes crossed*

Sometimes really lazy to start a new department-lah. Tired of having to relearn new skills and new clerking and new everything. I was getting so comfortable in Medical... things were beginning to situate at the tip of my fingers. Now it's like I threw the dice and got sent down the snake to 'Start'! Ah Seng concurred. Also since what await us tomorrow is the unknown, can't help but feel a tingle of fear. I'm not good with change.. it takes me forever to settle in. Also there's the new bosses to get used to. Everyone has their thing, call it personality or pet-peeves or work ethics, but nobody functions the same way as another. And for that, time is needed to discover and comprehend how another homo sapien works. I really hope I don't f*ck too many things up in the new place. I'm a 2nd poster.. there are expectations. Plus there's also alot to prove just because I'm an Indon-grad... crap.

*Twilight Zone theme*

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