Sunday, July 06, 2008

doctors gone wild: pilot episode

Ah Dra and I always try to pakat on leave about the same time so we can go partayyy-ing. Also it’s a reason to get the induction kaki together for a mini reunion. Everyone else is mostly based in KL so it’s not that difficult to get hold of them… besides they don’t even need to apply for leave-lah. They can leave the club and go straight to work.. if they’re sober enough that is.

Mon pimp daddy and moi!

So the plan was to meet at Sunshine, Heritage Row at 22:00. Ah Haz, my partner in crime, came to pick me up. As a typical doctor, we’d always set our time early so when he arrived 15 minutes early I had to kasi chance-lah. Everyone kinda got delayed so Ah Haz took me for a cruise round the city… showing me sights of Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL: my dream work place) and his dorm which is smack in the middle of the city!! There was quite a lot of catching up to be done but after awhile we were just too fed up to talk about work. So we roamed around the city whilst listening to old school hip-hop (Ah Haz’s mix-tape) until he decided to show me an off-beaten path sight… Lorong Haji Taib! You could probably call it KL’s Red Light District though here it mainly focuses on lady-boys rather than regular prostitutes. Some of them have better bodies than me!! *embarrassed* That was new. I’ve never been here before.
Finally we got the call and headed to Heritage Row.

Ah Dra:
What happened to you-lah??
moi: What?
Ah Dra: What have you been eating-lah??
moi: (Oh nooo did I put on that much weight??) I don’t know…
Ah Dra: Why so thin-lah?? TI no food issit??
moi: *phew* Really?? You think I’m thinner?? Yeayyy!! *kiss*

Well, if food is the way to a man’s heart then weight-compliments are the way to a woman’s *wink*

Abit happy-lor since Miss SyaSya also mentioned my weight-loss. Must be more khan-lek now!! 10 more kg GO GO GO!!

L-R: Miss DilDil, Superstar moi, Miss SyaSya, Ah Dra

L-R: Miss SyaSya, Ah Dra, Ah Vin

Wah I look a little transvestite-y here… it’s OK, my pimp daddy still lovvalovva-s me.

Doctors are pretty big drinkers. It is said, statistically, we run between the top 3 most hectic jobs of which of them is the air-traffic controller. Thus the ultimate need for an outlet. Plus we’re big time party asses. People find it rather surprising that doctors do know how to have a good time.

You should see faces of bottle-girls and door-bitches when they find out we’re doctors, it happens everytime… priceless!! *giggles* I guess sometimes I dress pretty overwhelmingly too… but clubbing what… it’s all about self-expression, non? Once Miss YinYin’s boss REFUSED to believe I was a doctor. Can’t blame him, daisy dukes and knee high-leather boots can somewhat compromise the customary image.

Ah Yog gets some lurrvin!

I wonder if she managed to sell Ah Yog some shots in the end..?

Old friends reunite. Ah Dli and I used to be President and Vice of I-Want-To-Transfer-Back-To-KL society. Well we’re still stuck in our respective villages, he in Kuala Terengganu.

Ah Har really thought I was a cardiologist. I kept trying to convince him I wasn’t but he wasn’t gonna have any of it. I can’t believe he’d believe Ah Dra’s words over mine…!

We’re so excited to be clubbing. It’s like bringing a child to Disneyland!

Check out Ah Vin’s zombie eyes!! Super awesome right?? I wanna learn it!

Ah Dra: Ah Har, need a PR (per rectum)?
Ah Har: However you want it baby!! You can use 2..

Ah Tian wants to get into the pimpin’ action. Aren’t the 2 ladies lovely? They’re sisters and one of them told us she wants to be a doctor…
Ah Har + moi:
OMGGG Noooooo…!! Big mistake big mistake…

Ah Haz and I rockin’ it out, Soulja Boy style, on the dance floor… OK maybe not him, just me.

Post Sunshine afew of us hopped over to Waikiki Too, TTDI Plaza for post-clubbing drinks. Wahlau these people really can party ‘till the break of dawn literally. Actually after that wanna go mamak one, but Ah Dra felt it’s rather inappropriate for me to be tagging the boys so long. I’ve always been the little female thorn in their masculine rose bush. So I got sent home whilst the boys went on to do other boys-business.

That night all worries ‘bout my work, the ward, the hospital, my demented romance.. just evaporated into thin air. I felt so free! It was so liberating to just experience fun and not think of anything else. I really enjoyed myself. Plus I really was discipline enough to hold my drink much to everyone’s dismay. Eh we all don’t want the Scarlet incident to repeat itself right? So in conclusion: happy-lor.

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