Wednesday, July 09, 2008

departure luncheon at the ward

It's something like abit of a tradition after the department you'd buy a meal... it's like leaving your old job for a new one. Miss CillaCilla, Miss AmaAma and I hosted a luncheon at the corridor just outside our ward. I had to set everything up myself *tired*

If you need to cater something in Teluk Intan, you can go with this uncle. The food's good and it goes for around RM8.50 per person with approximately 5 dishes + drink. I don't know his name, I just call him Uncle Catering. Email me and I'll pass on the number.

I told everyone I cooked this feast. Nobody believed me. But whyyyyy???

Lurves her. She really lets you rest and is super experienced with oh-so-many things *salute salute* I can actually catch naps when she's on duty with me and she really got my back. Gonna miss you so much Staff Nurse RozRoz!

The boys quickly dug in.

L-R: Dr Seel, moi, Miss AmaAma, Ah Kant

My beloved staff nurses of ward 4A.

Finally Miss CillaCilla could steal away from Surgical and come to enjoy the food she paid for. L-R: Ah Kant, Miss CillaCilla, Miss AmaAma, Dr Seel

Miss ShinShin is now a JMO (Junior Medical Officer) bok. That means RM170 per call!! Kachingkos!

Obviously this not how I usually look like at work. It's my last day so I took time to prime myself... on regular days I look like a train wreck. I just came back from a really good holiday which explains the glow. I'm not even carrying my stethoscope, that's how relaxed I am.

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