Saturday, July 19, 2008

bavarian beer

Gustav is reunited with an old friend: Mr Pschorr.. Could it be? Could it really be... Bavarian beer?

*nuzzle nuzzle *

"Let me at it let me at it!" The pink hippo tries but is limited by it's lard. Wishing he stuck to Britney Spear's 1000 crunches per day regime, he resorts to sniffing in the liquid or lapping whatever it's tongue can reach.

Only with Paulaner does South Park becomes a documentary... *giggles*

Sophiekins: *clinks my glass* and *taps both our glasses on the surface*
moi: *follows*
Sophiekins: PROS..!!
moi: TITUTE..!!
Sophiekins: WTF?? *starts rolling on the floor laughing her ass off*
moi: WTF??
Sophiekins: Pros means Cheers in German.
moi: Ohh... I thought you wanted to play some word game, like continue the first syllable thing..
Sophiekins: Ayooo...

Bavarian buzz..

I like German beer-lah. The cap's a little tricky though. Sophiekins discovered the beautiful wonders of German beer when she was in Munich last year for Oktoberfest. I always wondered how people could drink gargantuan glasses of beer day in day out but you really could. The texture is smoother and somewhat sweeter... it's light with a kick. Best taken icy cold.

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