Sunday, July 20, 2008

baking tartlette macaroons with chef sunny yaw

As you are already (or not) familiar, I very the likes macaroons. Say here and here.
Foodstreet has been sending me weekly e-newsletter on gastronomic happenings in KL. I have no idea when the heck I ever subscribed to it but I’m on the mailing list and quite liking it!

Anyway that’s how I found out that Chef Ah Sunny and his partner in pastry-crime Ah Sidney were hosting exclusive baking classes in their Opal apartment space. I could not make the macaroons class *pout* but tartlet macaroons were close enough. Ah Sidney had already called that class off due to lack of response… I had to persuade him to open the slot back up ‘cos I REALLY REALLY wanted to learn how to bake tartlet macaroons. Well he bought my earnest request and I bought me, Mmmy and Sophiekins (and her fractured arm) a place in his class each. Yeayyy!!

Now I’m no Martha Stewart or Nigella Lawson and my last successful experience with the oven is equivalent to my experience with a spanner which probably dates back to Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu. OK-lah I did kinda use the oven back in UK but not so much as for baking. Mainly for heating pasta and melting cheese… those kinda kucheerat cooking. The sort that Jamie Oliver would scowl at! *giggle*

After some formal introduction and stuff, the baking class began! Starting with a rough introduction to the materials…
of which part of it turns into the dough.

Placing the dough into the tart mould was tricky. They have a 2-thumb kneading technique that was trickier than the 2-thumb neonatal chest-compression! Serious! I had so much problem pressing the dough smoothly and evenly. And to ‘cut’ the edges out..!! Waaah damn susah. Serious. Don’t laugh. I felt like a retard. I’m a woman. Shouldn’t making perfect lil’ tart shells come naturally to me like a warm shower on a hot summer afternoon?? Apparently not…

Mmmy and Sophiekins in full focus.

I made the nice ones! OK I’m lying. I made the ugly ones-lah.

Mmmy exchanging cooking input with fellow baking classmate Miss NifNif. She’s an avid fan of Chef Ah Sunny and has attended many of his classes.

Now to make the filling..

Batter is always yummy… uncooked!

Whipping things into shape… but first of all you’ve gotta get yourself a whipper. And whippers are EX(pensive)! Baking ain’t cheap after all…

It’s important to pipe out the filling evenly and spread it around the circumference of the base. The front row was piped out by Chef Ah Sunny. The pointed ones are piped by Mmmy. Sophiekins’ says Mmmy’s piping looks like turd :D Mmmy was, like, SUPER KIASU OK. She freaking hogged the piping bag and left us only afew tart shell each to practice on.

The pointed ones are my piping. That probably grades ‘D’!

You can put any filling you wish but the recommended ones are strawberries, blueberries and chestnut. Everything available in your nearest baking shop.

Pretty hor?

Allowing our babies to burn baby burn in the disco oven inferno. You can see the macaroon part of the tartlet rising nicely.

While waiting for them to bake, we were treated to some afternoon snacks of macaroons, strawberry mousse and otak-otak pastry. They are so delicious!

I personally finished up the macaroons stock. Quite embarrassed *blush*

Class graduate!

VOILA: fruits of our labour. Mainly Chef’s labour-lah… I don’t really think I contributed much.

Ah Sidney explained that a good macaroon would ‘stand’ well meaning the ‘legs’ (rised puffy bubbly looking middle) are strong and of a good height. I thought we did really well.

L-R: Mmmy, Sophiekins, Pastry Princess moi, Chef Ah Sunny, Miss NifNif

Time to go home. We were adorned with takeaways for home sampling of chocolate banana cake and Opera cake as well as macaroons and our very own Tartlet Macaroons.

Sophiekins shows us all how to do a cheer pose with a fractured left radius + ulnar! Yeayyy!!
Ah Seng: Eh your tart things that day.. they’re good!Miss CillaCilla: I love your tarts!! I ate them all in one sitting!! Bake some more..
Interested in joining their exclusive baking classes? Look up Chef Sunny Yaw and Sidney Kan at Big Boys Oven for details on what classes are available. Maybe we'll see each other in one of his macaroons class!

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