Sunday, July 27, 2008

dimsum and jazz = starlet’s day out

This is Oriental Spoon. It’s a halal Chinese place that serves buffet dimsum from a certain time to another on weekends. I won’t bother listing out the details because overall I did NOT have a good time there so if you wanna go, find out yourself OK. Some of the dishes were pretty alright but they served oh-SO-slowly. It took us 2 freaking hours to sample the variation of dishes the place had to offer. And the same donkey dish kept rounding again and again and again. It’s, like, nobody would leave their tables ‘cos they’re just plain hungry-lah. Food turnover is abysmal!

I was waiting for the spinach dumpling. It was the MAIN reason why I decided to try the place out. It’s a freaking spinach-filled-in porcupine-looking bun.

You can’t go to Oriental Spoon and not give that a try right? WRONG!! It’s dreadful with a capital D! I almost emptied my breakfast on the table. It tastes like processed steamed spinach. Literally. The kind American grandmothers made their children eat for dinner. Ayo teruk. Seriously. So… crap place-lah.

I’ve never been to a Jazz festival. Betul. All my friends have and most of them quite enjoy it. I don’t even know what one does at a Jazz festival. It was raining so that was quite the bummer. All the places were out at Clear so we had to go eat in Bar Savanh Too instead. Apart from experiencing a Jazz festival for the first time, this was also an occasion to celebrate moi: starlet! Don’t laugh-lah… let me have my fun with fame. Since I told almost everyone in my sim card about the article it was most exciting to find out that there were non-notified people who did manage to pick me out from the newspaper: my neighbours, Miss TanTan’s friend who called her up on the phone to ask her if it’s really her doctor friend in the newspaper… *beams with pride* I’m just lovin’ this fame thing! KAKAKA…

Got the girls together to toast my stardom just as how Carrie and her girls did while waiting for the bus that carried her ad to go by the stop. They didn’t have champagne so I got the next best choice: white wine.

Mia Palencia was brilliant. Was too busy mingling ‘till she started strumming Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m Yours’. Don’t think there were many who knew the song but I did so Miss ChongChong took my hand and led me to the stage to show some support. I do believe we were the only ones dancing that night. Do people dance to Jazz? We do! People probably thought we were drunk but we were just chillin’ and having some fun. Life’s too short to not have fun-lah.

Miss ChongChong got me a cute lil’ tiara (‘cos she acknowledges royalty: me) and a fancy pen to sign autographs with. Loves her berry berry much.

Friends of a star, L-R: Miss TanTan, Miss BellaBella, STARLET, Miss ChongChong

Thank you, thank you everyone for the good support and for all the kind words offered over the newspaper article. Love y’all! *pageant wave*

Sunrise Jazz and Rhythm Fest 2008
Plaza Mont' Kiara2 Jalan 1/70C
Mont' Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Fri 25 - Sat 26 Jul and Fri 1 - Sat 2 Aug 2008
(8pm onwards)
Free Admission

Saturday, July 26, 2008

starlet: beforemath


So the story goes like this… it was in the middle of a cold (blasted the air-conditioning) Tuesday afternoon when I was checking my email in my room. It had been 2 weeks since I opened my inbox so I thumbed (virtually) slowly through… ‘till I came to one particular unread mail which grabbed my attention stat! It was an email from The Star, from a journalist from The Star to be exact. She was interested in asking me afew questions on the Brazillian wax article I did post-trip to Strip. Whoah. That’s when I realize that, contrary to my belief, my ‘message’ really does get out there. Whoah is exactly how I’d describe how I felt at that exact moment.

It appears that she had been trying to contact me many a time but to no avail while I, on the other hand, never got the message ‘till now. Why ah? I think it all got sent to spam ‘cos it can take a millennium for me to check my mail, and sometimes Yahoo can f*ck up. Doesn’t matter. It’s all OK now.

We arranged to meet in Centrepoint, Bandar Utama and I obviously got dolled up as it was informed prior there would be a picture taking session. I practiced my pose and had it well memorized… which proofed to be quite useless ‘cos the photographer only intended to take candid poses of me. In my experience, candid pictures of me, unless taken with a phone camera in dim lights, always end up looking appalling. I applaud red-carpet celebrities. Paris, Lindsay, Renee Zellwegger… constantly looking fine. Even with mayo on their nose. Anyhoo.. the fun part was me secretly smirking (in my heart) at curious bystanders. With the interview going on and constant click-click-clicks, I really think the hawker bystanders probably thought I’m some kinda B-list Hong Kong / Taiwanese / Korean (ahahaha that’s probably stretching it) star. KAKAKA definitely valid for personal amusement.

I couldn’t answer simple questions. I’ve always prided myself in being witty and charismatic with a truckload of sharp comebacks… I should get used to this you know. I am a budding starlet or have lead myself into thinking so ;D Well it was quite a challenge: being interviewed and all that. I paused for thoughts for long moments and stuttered. Stuttered! Just wished I practiced Q+A more than I did my pouts.

So… just as we rapped the interview up I thanked her. For so many reasons I couldn’t describe. For choosing me. ME. Me. Of all the people who blogs in Malaysia, she chose me. I felt so special. I really did. It had been a long crappy month with so much work and death and mishaps and fake happiness and undescribable loneliness and… well all that. So yeah. That wasn’t the best part though. The best part was her replying,” No, don’t thank me. You’re perfect.”

Two words. Two words that sent my aura into sunshine overdrive with rainbows and glitter. It had been a long few months. It may be surface talk or good farewell vocabulary, I don’t care. I really don’t. She said and therefore I accept. Amiably.

It was quick. 30 minutes I think. Suddenly I felt nervous. So I drove to Starbucks to buy a fruitcake and an Ice Shaken Lemon Zen. And I ate. I eat when I’m jittery. Which explains the weight dilemma.

After that I told myself to NOT tell anyone until the article gets confirmed ‘cos we’ll never know y’know and I don’t want to end up being a joke y’know. Of which that failed: I told EVERYONE… to not tell anyone. I can’t keep a secret to save my life sometimes :P And so the mental heel-tapping began. Awhile I managed to not expect it to happen or at least convinced myself so. After the second week the badgering tapered down. And soon enough with my workload and lethargy from tagging ‘till 23:00 pm everyday consecutively, I forgot! And then she msg-ed me. The article was to be published the weekend I was going to be home. Whoah.

I msg-ed everyone (local) in my sim-card. Afterward hopped like a bunny on meth behind closed doors of the Neonatal ICU Examination Room for 2 minutes while I muffled my yells into my hands.

I was going to be a star!

to be continued...

a star in the star

Things y'all need to do today (apart from reading this blog):

1. Go to the nearest newsstand

2. Purchase The Star SATURDAY July26 newspaper

3. Open Weekender (SectionTWO) of The Star

4. Find for the article on beauty: Bizarre Beauty Rituals

5. REVEL IN MY Shelbulous-ness!!

I'm a star!!

Ah Seng calls me STARLET. To each their own.

Almost famousssss... *wink*

Monday, July 21, 2008

miss dibdib is now a mrs

(late entry)

Congratulations babydolls!! Lurve you both :)


I’m currently tagging in Pediatrics. I feel like I’ve walked into a parallel universe… it’s similar to Medical yet not. What’s even more overwhelming is every ward is a whole new world. There are 3 wards: the regular Pediatric ward, Neonatal ward and the Neonate ICU. Every ward requires a different set of skills and a different mindset. I’m still grasping around the Neonatal ward. It’s the trickier ward of the lot.

I literally do not have a life for a week. I hope to qualify for on-calls soon ‘cos I really cannot take the 07:00 to 23:00 lifestyle. The only consolation I have is that we do get lunch period of which can be utilized to perform my personal chores like sending the laundry off, photocopying etc… *sigh* It’s, like, all I do is just work while being alive. I almost don’t see anybody (apart from ward colleagues) except perhaps Miss ZuZu just winks before she drifts into REM. It’s not as if we can help it… our beds are only 10cm apart! Almost hubby and wifey, non? *giggles* I’ve never had a roommate ever in my life ‘till now. Seriously. When they placed me in the quarters, I couldn’t believe I had to share my room with a stranger. It’s weird to room with a person what’s weirder is start to room at the age of 27. Fortunately Miss ZuZu is cool.. she could bear with my mess and I let her pitter-patter away with her OCDs. And since we have been sleeping ‘with’ each other almost every day, I do feel a certain loss when she goes off for a long holiday or when she is on-call. She said the same thing ‘bout herself when I’m not around. Maybe this is what a spouse feels when the other is away. Hmm.. OK now I’m weird out by what I just said *giggle*

Sunday, July 20, 2008

baking tartlette macaroons with chef sunny yaw

As you are already (or not) familiar, I very the likes macaroons. Say here and here.
Foodstreet has been sending me weekly e-newsletter on gastronomic happenings in KL. I have no idea when the heck I ever subscribed to it but I’m on the mailing list and quite liking it!

Anyway that’s how I found out that Chef Ah Sunny and his partner in pastry-crime Ah Sidney were hosting exclusive baking classes in their Opal apartment space. I could not make the macaroons class *pout* but tartlet macaroons were close enough. Ah Sidney had already called that class off due to lack of response… I had to persuade him to open the slot back up ‘cos I REALLY REALLY wanted to learn how to bake tartlet macaroons. Well he bought my earnest request and I bought me, Mmmy and Sophiekins (and her fractured arm) a place in his class each. Yeayyy!!

Now I’m no Martha Stewart or Nigella Lawson and my last successful experience with the oven is equivalent to my experience with a spanner which probably dates back to Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu. OK-lah I did kinda use the oven back in UK but not so much as for baking. Mainly for heating pasta and melting cheese… those kinda kucheerat cooking. The sort that Jamie Oliver would scowl at! *giggle*

After some formal introduction and stuff, the baking class began! Starting with a rough introduction to the materials…
of which part of it turns into the dough.

Placing the dough into the tart mould was tricky. They have a 2-thumb kneading technique that was trickier than the 2-thumb neonatal chest-compression! Serious! I had so much problem pressing the dough smoothly and evenly. And to ‘cut’ the edges out..!! Waaah damn susah. Serious. Don’t laugh. I felt like a retard. I’m a woman. Shouldn’t making perfect lil’ tart shells come naturally to me like a warm shower on a hot summer afternoon?? Apparently not…

Mmmy and Sophiekins in full focus.

I made the nice ones! OK I’m lying. I made the ugly ones-lah.

Mmmy exchanging cooking input with fellow baking classmate Miss NifNif. She’s an avid fan of Chef Ah Sunny and has attended many of his classes.

Now to make the filling..

Batter is always yummy… uncooked!

Whipping things into shape… but first of all you’ve gotta get yourself a whipper. And whippers are EX(pensive)! Baking ain’t cheap after all…

It’s important to pipe out the filling evenly and spread it around the circumference of the base. The front row was piped out by Chef Ah Sunny. The pointed ones are piped by Mmmy. Sophiekins’ says Mmmy’s piping looks like turd :D Mmmy was, like, SUPER KIASU OK. She freaking hogged the piping bag and left us only afew tart shell each to practice on.

The pointed ones are my piping. That probably grades ‘D’!

You can put any filling you wish but the recommended ones are strawberries, blueberries and chestnut. Everything available in your nearest baking shop.

Pretty hor?

Allowing our babies to burn baby burn in the disco oven inferno. You can see the macaroon part of the tartlet rising nicely.

While waiting for them to bake, we were treated to some afternoon snacks of macaroons, strawberry mousse and otak-otak pastry. They are so delicious!

I personally finished up the macaroons stock. Quite embarrassed *blush*

Class graduate!

VOILA: fruits of our labour. Mainly Chef’s labour-lah… I don’t really think I contributed much.

Ah Sidney explained that a good macaroon would ‘stand’ well meaning the ‘legs’ (rised puffy bubbly looking middle) are strong and of a good height. I thought we did really well.

L-R: Mmmy, Sophiekins, Pastry Princess moi, Chef Ah Sunny, Miss NifNif

Time to go home. We were adorned with takeaways for home sampling of chocolate banana cake and Opera cake as well as macaroons and our very own Tartlet Macaroons.

Sophiekins shows us all how to do a cheer pose with a fractured left radius + ulnar! Yeayyy!!
Ah Seng: Eh your tart things that day.. they’re good!Miss CillaCilla: I love your tarts!! I ate them all in one sitting!! Bake some more..
Interested in joining their exclusive baking classes? Look up Chef Sunny Yaw and Sidney Kan at Big Boys Oven for details on what classes are available. Maybe we'll see each other in one of his macaroons class!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I lurrve lurrve lurrve mannish tuxedo shirts. I currently have 5 and the collection grows. You can wear it with anything and look spiffy: I usually pair it with shorts and messy hair... remember bohemian chic? Chanel seals the deal. White shirt: Karl Lagerfeld for h+m. Anyone knows of any other place I can get a good tuxedo shirt, please leave a message!

I was horsing around the optical shop and found this INSANE pair of shades! Remember my people, you saw bicycle glasses here first!

Really loves my IKEA Ofelia quilt. But noone at home dares touch it. They said it's so weird and itchy. But why?? It's so warm and cute...!

bavarian beer

Gustav is reunited with an old friend: Mr Pschorr.. Could it be? Could it really be... Bavarian beer?

*nuzzle nuzzle *

"Let me at it let me at it!" The pink hippo tries but is limited by it's lard. Wishing he stuck to Britney Spear's 1000 crunches per day regime, he resorts to sniffing in the liquid or lapping whatever it's tongue can reach.

Only with Paulaner does South Park becomes a documentary... *giggles*

Sophiekins: *clinks my glass* and *taps both our glasses on the surface*
moi: *follows*
Sophiekins: PROS..!!
moi: TITUTE..!!
Sophiekins: WTF?? *starts rolling on the floor laughing her ass off*
moi: WTF??
Sophiekins: Pros means Cheers in German.
moi: Ohh... I thought you wanted to play some word game, like continue the first syllable thing..
Sophiekins: Ayooo...

Bavarian buzz..

I like German beer-lah. The cap's a little tricky though. Sophiekins discovered the beautiful wonders of German beer when she was in Munich last year for Oktoberfest. I always wondered how people could drink gargantuan glasses of beer day in day out but you really could. The texture is smoother and somewhat sweeter... it's light with a kick. Best taken icy cold.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

i am multi-tasking:

a) watching SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE oh-so-excitedly. I VOTED FOR BLACK this time. Actually I feel that Ray is pretty Shelbulous too but I only limit myself to 1 vote. It’s only fair to pick only 1. That is what you call a competition. Only 1 can be a winner. It’s harsh but that’s how it is

b) typing out an explanation / apology letter to my Boss to explain why I was late post-lunch by 15 minutes (was doing my laundry because I was tagging ‘till 23:00 everyday and just had zero time and energy to perform personal chores but of course I can’t exactly detail it that way and so it will sound like the lamest reason ever)

c) think to myself of how I intend to explain to my hospital director should the day when I would qualify for SYTYCD finals ever arrive

d) writing Pediatric notes in my lil’ black Moleskine during commercials

e) waiting for my face and hair mask to be done with seeping in. Mannn you cannot imagine my skin these days. Appalling would be the word.

I am overjoyed today. Why hor? ‘Cos I’m done with tagging. No more 23:00 punch-outs, no more having to eat crappy restaurant leftovers, no more rushing through personal chores during lunch time and no more not seeing anyone except ill babies… But the thought of getting assessed by Boss worries me. That and starting call (on-call) next week. Am I ready? G*d only knows…

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Last few nights ago I slept with my work clothes on. Too tired to change or care. In the middle of the night I felt a sharp slice at the back of my right arm. Again, was too tired to change or care. I figured it must have been a hook that caught onto my skin. The next day I totally forgot about it 'till I was slipping in and out pretty vigorously from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) scrubs... the sleeves rubbed onto my lseion and I felt a sharp pain! Since I couldn't really have a good look I had to find for a mirror and bham... I saw this ulcerated lesion with circumscribed erythema. That looks awful. And it was accompanied by some serpentine papulles... almost herpetic looking. Damn! Didn't have time to get Acyclovir cream so I just put on some Gentamycin cream to tackle any secondary infection should there be any. Also in the meantime I had Calamine lotion on. For days I racked my brains trying to find the source of infection...

Colleague: Aaah someone's been naughty ah...
moi: Unless someone's found a sexual use for the back of the arm, I don't see how this could happen.
Colleague: :D

I was asking my staff nurse to help me put on a small bandage on the lesion 'cos it hurts too much when it rubs onto my sleeve and she told me that a certain insect that lives in the oil palm estate (I LIVE JUST BESIDE AN OIL PALM ESTATE) and bites just like that: it starts out first like a stabbing sensation (SLICE SLICE I FELT SLICE) and turns into a burn mark (MY LESION LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE STUCK A CIGARETTE BUTT INTO MY ARM). That's bloody it!! Just that she doesn't know the name of the insect-lah. Aiya...

Anyways I don't know-lah, perhaps that insect carries a strain of herpes virus or whatever 'cos the Acyclovir's working. It feels less painful and seems like it's drying up. Phew..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

end of department celebratory dinner

Today was our last day at our respective departments. Tomorrow we would plunge into a new environment.. me: Pediatrics and Ah Seng: Medical. So we went out to honour our brief independence with a meal and a chat. I ought to spend more time with him anyways 'cos I might be leaving soon (to greener pastures or so it seems) *fingers and toes crossed*

Sometimes really lazy to start a new department-lah. Tired of having to relearn new skills and new clerking and new everything. I was getting so comfortable in Medical... things were beginning to situate at the tip of my fingers. Now it's like I threw the dice and got sent down the snake to 'Start'! Ah Seng concurred. Also since what await us tomorrow is the unknown, can't help but feel a tingle of fear. I'm not good with change.. it takes me forever to settle in. Also there's the new bosses to get used to. Everyone has their thing, call it personality or pet-peeves or work ethics, but nobody functions the same way as another. And for that, time is needed to discover and comprehend how another homo sapien works. I really hope I don't f*ck too many things up in the new place. I'm a 2nd poster.. there are expectations. Plus there's also alot to prove just because I'm an Indon-grad... crap.

*Twilight Zone theme*

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

departure luncheon at the ward

It's something like abit of a tradition after the department you'd buy a meal... it's like leaving your old job for a new one. Miss CillaCilla, Miss AmaAma and I hosted a luncheon at the corridor just outside our ward. I had to set everything up myself *tired*

If you need to cater something in Teluk Intan, you can go with this uncle. The food's good and it goes for around RM8.50 per person with approximately 5 dishes + drink. I don't know his name, I just call him Uncle Catering. Email me and I'll pass on the number.

I told everyone I cooked this feast. Nobody believed me. But whyyyyy???

Lurves her. She really lets you rest and is super experienced with oh-so-many things *salute salute* I can actually catch naps when she's on duty with me and she really got my back. Gonna miss you so much Staff Nurse RozRoz!

The boys quickly dug in.

L-R: Dr Seel, moi, Miss AmaAma, Ah Kant

My beloved staff nurses of ward 4A.

Finally Miss CillaCilla could steal away from Surgical and come to enjoy the food she paid for. L-R: Ah Kant, Miss CillaCilla, Miss AmaAma, Dr Seel

Miss ShinShin is now a JMO (Junior Medical Officer) bok. That means RM170 per call!! Kachingkos!

Obviously this not how I usually look like at work. It's my last day so I took time to prime myself... on regular days I look like a train wreck. I just came back from a really good holiday which explains the glow. I'm not even carrying my stethoscope, that's how relaxed I am.

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