Monday, June 30, 2008

bon yum-yum: waddling in waikiki

moi: eh eh wanna ask u
Ah Ry: ok.. shoot
moi: tat waikiki plc in old town is d kind ppl always fightg issit?
moi: ayia tis girlfriend ar wanna go ther today. i'm abit apprehensiv given d reputation...
Ah Ry: is it Waikiki or Waikiki Too?
Ah Ry: Waikiki Too is in Plaza TTDI
Ah Ry: Waikiki is the dodgy one... hehee
moi: waikiki dodgy old town one
Ah Ry: ahahhahaha
moi: ppl actually go ther on mondays u know
moi: how superbly odd
moi: i'm like wh...??
Ah Ry: really? is it?
Ah Ry: not that i heard of leh...
Ah Ry: hahahaa
moi: ya i know. aiyer...
moi: abit scared also. dowan ppl to beat me up
Ah Ry: hahahaa... well, i don't think they'll beat you up.. hahaha
Ah Ry: i think if you go in a group and if your friends know ppl there... it's not "so" bad... hahaha
Ah Ry: lol
moi: only me and her... so its "so" bad rite??
Ah Ry: LOL
moi: ok now i scared and I gonna tell her we change venues
Ah Ry: haha... but why she choose that place la?
moi: i dunno y she choose a plc liddat. last time d thai club also she n her friends wanna go. but since i so sai-tam i shall demand we change venue.
moi: i cant protect myself. i only yellow belt in taekowndo
Ah Ry: err... better than nothing i guess... hehe
Ah Ry: but true la.. i think yellow belt.. a bit susah la.. hahha
moi: y'think? :P
Ah Ry: LOL
moi: at least if i can kick a wooden panel to bits or split bricks okla juga
moi: ok she insists its no longer a dodgy plc. i guess i'll give it a try

And try I did...

Suddenly we were transported from the urban jungle to a tropical island... smack in the middle of town. Too bad I forgot my pareo...

Until now I cannot get over how freaking hot we *ahem... I* look. That's Miss NessNess on Miss ChongChong's left... she is the singer in the band. Miss ChongChong is her avid supporter and has followed her from Bernard's in Centrepoint 'till here. The chick can really sing. I sound like Kermit (yup the *ribbit ribbit* frog) in comparison to her!

This Ah Oy. Boy's from Jakarta-lho, used to bartend in Souled Out! We super the bicara bahasa Indonesia!

Ah Dy: I hide behind him sometimes when I am forced to down one too many. Proved unhelpful despite ;P

I really enjoyed myself at Waikiki. It's really not too bad at all. I really expected a rowdy gruff bar but it's as breezy as it's name and the band is brilliant. I later learnt from Miss BellaBella that Waikiki used to be her post-clubbing headquarters and she'd hang out there with her mates 'till the birds chirp. I was, though, immensely tipsy and was struggling with the drive home. I swore never to be this irresponsible again!
Waikiki Bar
Kelab Syabas
Lorong Sultan, Petaling Jaya

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