Monday, June 16, 2008

pen pal

Every Monday is Drug Talk Day meaning pharmaceutical companies make weekly visits to our department clinic to promote their products via video shows or slide presentations. But really we only look forward to the door gifts like silly plastic pens and notepads. You will surprised to know that as old and jaded us HOs and MOs are, we get really deliriously happy when it comes to getting a free pen. Serious.

Dr Ah Nizam: Ari ini saya leave. Ada drug talk tlg ambil pen kat saya. Pastu blh tlg message no hospital kat saya.

Dr Ah Hoong: Take for me a pen ar

Dr Ah Nizam: Pi mkn drug talk. Amik pen kat aku. Aku nak blk rumah sat.

What th..?! What they think? I’m some kinda pen girl issit?? My MOs are lucky I sayang them OK so I will always to try save them a pen.


vialentino said...

hihi...drop by for visit

RahRaz said...

actually, while i was coas-sing in RSHS, ive always taken the pharma punya pen...hehe... doctors usualy leave it in the baskets in polyclinics...hehe... the other day, 1 of the ortho residents, hung a very nice pen on his neck...i wink2 and he gave it to me...very nice ok... humerus shape cream color blue pen... should collect nice2 pharma pen ok..then one day, we can product nice2 pens like that ortho pen, give it to doctors...wakakakaka! next time if i find new fancy pharma pen, i save 1 for u.. mizz u babe! xoxo..

shelbybaby said...

vialentino: hello.. will..

rahraz: humerus shaped pen? nice!! miss you too babydoll.. how's it going?

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