Wednesday, June 04, 2008

oily issue

Mmmy: heard petrol price goin up 2mro.. pump 2nite


I was on-call the night before so I didn’t know this was the h-h-hot issue on the news. My MO, Dr Ah Hoong, had been repeating the same warning siren for days. Thing is he has a history of absolutely loving to con me and watch me gullibly fall for his lies of which I do and then he’d laugh at me! Thus when he mentioned it yet again like a broken record-player I really thought he was crying wolf-lah. That was ‘till I headed home from Glutton Square (TI’s major food court) and found a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam just minutes away from the hospital quarters. This road never jams OK. N E V E R. N E V E R. I’ve been here 3 months and never once has it ever jam. Serious.

Crap! Jam!
Miss CillaCilla: Yalah. Why ah??
moi: Weird to see TI so happening. Suddenly everybody decides to go to town. Try to see got accident issit in front?
Miss CillaCilla: Can’t see.
moi: Crap… jam not even moving-lah. Why-lah?? *thinks for abit*
moi: OMG don’t tell me everyone’s going to Shell to pump petrol kah??
Miss CillaCilla: Why they want to pump today?
moi: Dunno-lah. My mother said petrol gonna naik tomorrow wor. Even Dr Ah Hoong mentioned it. He said he was gonna steal time from on-call and go fill his tank. I thought he was lying. Wah this time it’s the truth wei.

I tried to find an alternative route home but to no avail. Claudia wasn’t helpful either. She led me to a blimin’ dead end. I had to RE-line up until the police finally showed up and made way for people who weren’t pumping tanks to go home. I guess there is no point queuing up for gas when the gas you supposedly saved is spent being stationary in the car.

When I reached the houseman quarters I was surprised to see the parking lot in full attendance. Guess doctors are too busy on-call to be bothered ‘bout hefty petrol prices.


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