Tuesday, June 24, 2008

miss tantan turns old-er

We celebrated Miss TanTan's birthday at this new cosy Thai place called My Elephant in Section 17. A little tricky to get to get there 'cos it's so off the beaten track but worth the find 'cos it's just absolutely cute!! I did not do it justice by taking just people instead of place pictures. The food is pretty good too though I did not fancy their Tom Yam Goong too much: it's just Thai sweet chilli sauce mixed with water! Other than that, presentation is lovely and the atmosphere is friendly.

L-R: Moi (in a Forever21 black pseudo-jacquard black babydoll tube dress), Miss TanTan aka BDAY GIRL, Miss BellaBella, Miss ChewChew, Miss YeeYee, Miss NgNg

Everyone super loves my Mulberry for Giles clutch in black patent. I tell people it's S+M on a purse *woopah.. whip strikes*

Miss TanTan just got back from her Spain trip and is lookin' mighty fine. She had loadsa fun stories on Spanish men and MNG factory outlets which left us all in envy. I damn wanna go to Spain-lor. Been holding back for so long..!

Post drinks at Somo, Mont Kiara I decided to tag Miss ChongChong and her mates out clubbing. I figured since I am hardly ever home I had better seize the opportunity to do something rather than let it end up as a wasted weekend. Next thing you know I got lead into Thai Club, one of the most infamous clubs in KL well-renowned for it's umm SPGs and umm sleaze factor *raised eyebrow* I have never stepped in, only walked past it. Slightly afraid I stayed close to Miss ChongChong. We took our time to take the place in and watch funky girls canoodle up tourists... definitely something you don't quite see over at Poppy/Passion.. at least that's what I feel so this is definitely something new to be experienced. You know I'm always open for (almost) anything nouveau.

Can pass for super PANAS ladyboys tak?? Sawadhi.. Mai Dai.. Tom Yam...!

Me and Singaporeans party the nite away!

Miss ChongChong said I was pretty kong-ed post Thai Club and totally ate everything in front of me when we went for supper kat mamak: my own thosai ghee, Miss ChongChong's Maggi Mee goreng, somebody's tandoori chicken etc. Keke *smiles sheepishly* malu neh..

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