Wednesday, June 25, 2008

dr ah hoong turns 1!

My favourite MO turns older today!

Miss CillaCilla and I bought him a cake so we could celebrate for abit post-morning rounds and pre-clinic duties. I think it's a pretty validated preconceived notion that doctors are very mundane people. Mainly it's the lack of time and opportunity / energy to notice the little things. I do believe Miss CillaCilla and I always try to inject as much frivolity into our lives as we can or as much life permits just to prove the notion wrong. We don't always succeed. This is one of them feeble attempts.

Makes a wish.. though I'm not exactly sure what a 1-year old could ever wish for. Snazzier baby food maybe?
My MOs kesayangan: Dr Ah Nizam + Dr Ah Hoong
Dr Ah Nizam: Bagus camera.. buat macam kurus je I nampak..
moi: Eh Dr memang kurus ape..!
Dr Ah Nizam: Keke..
moi: *rolls eyes*

*imaginative group hug*

L-R: moi (lookin' spiffy in my kurung, non?), Dr Ah Nizam, Dr Ah Hoong, Ah Dud, Miss CillaCilla

Well I do hope Dr Ah Hoong appreciated our sunshine efforts :) 'cos he super deserves it.

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