Sunday, June 08, 2008

bak chang day

I don’t know what you call bak chang in English. It’s really glutinous rice wrapped in some kinda leaf with a variety of filling… I will proceed to list my favourite sort innies: BIG SOFT chestnut, black mushroom, and fatty pork bits. I hate the white beans. YUCK :P I usually fish them out.

It’s abit obvious that my family does not cook if you don’t know it already. So whenever some kinda special food festival pops up we either buy it from a famous stall or depend on a family friend to give us a portion of their homemade delicacies. It’s usually the latter that happens. Kekeke.

This is from Dddy’s friend’s wife. Mmmy’s domestic duty is to heat and serve.

moi: Eh why does the bak chang look like this??
Mmmy: I took it out from the leaves to heat them up in the microwave. Where can eat them cold-cold one??
moi: But why didn’t you retain the pyramid shape?? Where got look like bak chang now? It just looks like a blob of rice *pouts*
Mmmy: Eh if don’t break them open the insides won’t cook-lah.
moi: But not pretty-lah like that.
Mmmy: Eh don’t cause me so much work ah. Only clever to complain. Just eat! Talk so much!
moi: *eats poutily*

This is how the modern working woman serves up yummy sticky snacks. All wrapped up in Cling wrap and placed neatly on a really red serviette. Mmmy’s really big on fancy serviettes. It’s her thang!

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