Monday, June 30, 2008

bon yum-yum: waddling in waikiki

moi: eh eh wanna ask u
Ah Ry: ok.. shoot
moi: tat waikiki plc in old town is d kind ppl always fightg issit?
moi: ayia tis girlfriend ar wanna go ther today. i'm abit apprehensiv given d reputation...
Ah Ry: is it Waikiki or Waikiki Too?
Ah Ry: Waikiki Too is in Plaza TTDI
Ah Ry: Waikiki is the dodgy one... hehee
moi: waikiki dodgy old town one
Ah Ry: ahahhahaha
moi: ppl actually go ther on mondays u know
moi: how superbly odd
moi: i'm like wh...??
Ah Ry: really? is it?
Ah Ry: not that i heard of leh...
Ah Ry: hahahaa
moi: ya i know. aiyer...
moi: abit scared also. dowan ppl to beat me up
Ah Ry: hahahaa... well, i don't think they'll beat you up.. hahaha
Ah Ry: i think if you go in a group and if your friends know ppl there... it's not "so" bad... hahaha
Ah Ry: lol
moi: only me and her... so its "so" bad rite??
Ah Ry: LOL
moi: ok now i scared and I gonna tell her we change venues
Ah Ry: haha... but why she choose that place la?
moi: i dunno y she choose a plc liddat. last time d thai club also she n her friends wanna go. but since i so sai-tam i shall demand we change venue.
moi: i cant protect myself. i only yellow belt in taekowndo
Ah Ry: err... better than nothing i guess... hehe
Ah Ry: but true la.. i think yellow belt.. a bit susah la.. hahha
moi: y'think? :P
Ah Ry: LOL
moi: at least if i can kick a wooden panel to bits or split bricks okla juga
moi: ok she insists its no longer a dodgy plc. i guess i'll give it a try

And try I did...

Suddenly we were transported from the urban jungle to a tropical island... smack in the middle of town. Too bad I forgot my pareo...

Until now I cannot get over how freaking hot we *ahem... I* look. That's Miss NessNess on Miss ChongChong's left... she is the singer in the band. Miss ChongChong is her avid supporter and has followed her from Bernard's in Centrepoint 'till here. The chick can really sing. I sound like Kermit (yup the *ribbit ribbit* frog) in comparison to her!

This Ah Oy. Boy's from Jakarta-lho, used to bartend in Souled Out! We super the bicara bahasa Indonesia!

Ah Dy: I hide behind him sometimes when I am forced to down one too many. Proved unhelpful despite ;P

I really enjoyed myself at Waikiki. It's really not too bad at all. I really expected a rowdy gruff bar but it's as breezy as it's name and the band is brilliant. I later learnt from Miss BellaBella that Waikiki used to be her post-clubbing headquarters and she'd hang out there with her mates 'till the birds chirp. I was, though, immensely tipsy and was struggling with the drive home. I swore never to be this irresponsible again!
Waikiki Bar
Kelab Syabas
Lorong Sultan, Petaling Jaya

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

dr ah hoong turns 1!

My favourite MO turns older today!

Miss CillaCilla and I bought him a cake so we could celebrate for abit post-morning rounds and pre-clinic duties. I think it's a pretty validated preconceived notion that doctors are very mundane people. Mainly it's the lack of time and opportunity / energy to notice the little things. I do believe Miss CillaCilla and I always try to inject as much frivolity into our lives as we can or as much life permits just to prove the notion wrong. We don't always succeed. This is one of them feeble attempts.

Makes a wish.. though I'm not exactly sure what a 1-year old could ever wish for. Snazzier baby food maybe?
My MOs kesayangan: Dr Ah Nizam + Dr Ah Hoong
Dr Ah Nizam: Bagus camera.. buat macam kurus je I nampak..
moi: Eh Dr memang kurus ape..!
Dr Ah Nizam: Keke..
moi: *rolls eyes*

*imaginative group hug*

L-R: moi (lookin' spiffy in my kurung, non?), Dr Ah Nizam, Dr Ah Hoong, Ah Dud, Miss CillaCilla

Well I do hope Dr Ah Hoong appreciated our sunshine efforts :) 'cos he super deserves it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

miss tantan turns old-er

We celebrated Miss TanTan's birthday at this new cosy Thai place called My Elephant in Section 17. A little tricky to get to get there 'cos it's so off the beaten track but worth the find 'cos it's just absolutely cute!! I did not do it justice by taking just people instead of place pictures. The food is pretty good too though I did not fancy their Tom Yam Goong too much: it's just Thai sweet chilli sauce mixed with water! Other than that, presentation is lovely and the atmosphere is friendly.

L-R: Moi (in a Forever21 black pseudo-jacquard black babydoll tube dress), Miss TanTan aka BDAY GIRL, Miss BellaBella, Miss ChewChew, Miss YeeYee, Miss NgNg

Everyone super loves my Mulberry for Giles clutch in black patent. I tell people it's S+M on a purse *woopah.. whip strikes*

Miss TanTan just got back from her Spain trip and is lookin' mighty fine. She had loadsa fun stories on Spanish men and MNG factory outlets which left us all in envy. I damn wanna go to Spain-lor. Been holding back for so long..!

Post drinks at Somo, Mont Kiara I decided to tag Miss ChongChong and her mates out clubbing. I figured since I am hardly ever home I had better seize the opportunity to do something rather than let it end up as a wasted weekend. Next thing you know I got lead into Thai Club, one of the most infamous clubs in KL well-renowned for it's umm SPGs and umm sleaze factor *raised eyebrow* I have never stepped in, only walked past it. Slightly afraid I stayed close to Miss ChongChong. We took our time to take the place in and watch funky girls canoodle up tourists... definitely something you don't quite see over at Poppy/Passion.. at least that's what I feel so this is definitely something new to be experienced. You know I'm always open for (almost) anything nouveau.

Can pass for super PANAS ladyboys tak?? Sawadhi.. Mai Dai.. Tom Yam...!

Me and Singaporeans party the nite away!

Miss ChongChong said I was pretty kong-ed post Thai Club and totally ate everything in front of me when we went for supper kat mamak: my own thosai ghee, Miss ChongChong's Maggi Mee goreng, somebody's tandoori chicken etc. Keke *smiles sheepishly* malu neh..

storks on my field

They appear almost every morning when there's a slight chill in the air approximately around 8-10 in the morning. Such a serene sight hor? Once in awhile when things get rough, I'd steal away from the ward... walk towards my dorm and stop by the field to watch them frolick around the field. Somehow storks soothes me. And you know what? Right opposite the field is the maternity ward where babies get delivered daily... isn't it ironic, don't you think?

Monday, June 16, 2008

pen pal

Every Monday is Drug Talk Day meaning pharmaceutical companies make weekly visits to our department clinic to promote their products via video shows or slide presentations. But really we only look forward to the door gifts like silly plastic pens and notepads. You will surprised to know that as old and jaded us HOs and MOs are, we get really deliriously happy when it comes to getting a free pen. Serious.

Dr Ah Nizam: Ari ini saya leave. Ada drug talk tlg ambil pen kat saya. Pastu blh tlg message no hospital kat saya.

Dr Ah Hoong: Take for me a pen ar

Dr Ah Nizam: Pi mkn drug talk. Amik pen kat aku. Aku nak blk rumah sat.

What th..?! What they think? I’m some kinda pen girl issit?? My MOs are lucky I sayang them OK so I will always to try save them a pen.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

a tip to increase your ‘laku’ value: wear a sari

This is my first time wearing a sari. Wore a gahgra and a selwaar-kami before but never a sari. Man it’s tedious stuff this sari business. Ah Uv really wanted me and Miss CillaCilla to wear a sari. After the heavy hints and endless persuasion I decided to just jump into the Bollywood wagon and go Indian.

Miss CillaCilla and I went to the only Indian apparel store in TI: Gayathri. My budget was nothing over RM100. I was supposed to be really prudent over cash this month but lo and behold every time someone says he / she’s gonna be careful ‘bout something, the contrary occurs. Say like a catwalk model would go “MAN I really hope I don’t fall down them treacherous stairs” and next thing you know KABOOM she trips and jatuh terpelosok or a boy goes “I pray it doesn’t rain so I can play football today” and next thing he knows it’s pouring cats and dogs!! Anywayyy it’s abit obvious I would look for a pink sari. I didn’t even need to choose… I just went: PINK!! The shopkeeper was really helpful, she showed me stuff I could afford and afew that I couldn’t of which I sheepishly pushed away. When my eyes smack-boomed on this cloth I could feel a tingle go down my spine. Just like when I bought my Goyard mini-shopper or my Zara-on-sale treasure finds. The colour brought out my eyes!! KAKAKA no it didn’t. Nothing ever brings out black eyes-lah… it just really pops and obviously POPPING is of my intention. Miss CillaCilla said the shopkeeper assistants agreed in unison that I should get the cheaper cloth (popping pink) instead of the pricier (2-toned peach-maroon). I have to give them some credit for putting forth customer’s welfare rather than profit. I got a discount and got my cloth for approximately RM70. Is that an OK price??

Had some trouble finding a tailor and opted for the one recommended by the cloth shop. I learnt about sari making and the beauty of ‘windows’. ‘Window’ is actually the design (backless or not) of your sari blouse’s posterior. Basically the front is always basic ‘cos it gets covered up by the sari cloth anyways but it’s the back that people look forward to see. The little peek of enigmatic sensuality or so it seems to me after fervent explanation by Miss CillaCilla. So cool right?? We chose a really cute design to start off my sari wearing experience. It was supposed to be sexy-Angelina-Jolie galore. Got Miss CillaCilla herself excited!! Since I spoke no words of Tamil apart from “muchoo muchoo”, it was Miss CillaCilla and the tailor who yapped back and forth. Later on Miss CillaCilla said the tailor and his assistant made happy comments regarding the good colour and how it very suited my skin tone. I also learnt that as much neon Bollywood uses, it doesn’t really apply to real life. I always thought Indians are the only people who could pull off saffron yellow, mint green or fuchsia pink ‘cos colour is so the part of their culture. But really they wear more neutral and mundane classic tones instead. Only fair people can pull off bright stuff wor. That or very very kampung tangkachis who don’t know any better. Well I hope I’m not the latter.

I collected the sari blouse a day before the event ‘cos it’s tailoring and I know much ‘bout tailoring: nothing is perfect the first time around. Unless your seamstress is some kinda President Customize. I was thoroughly disappointed to find the blouse to be SO DECENT. Not even a hint of Jessica Alba also! Ayo and the cutting was bad bad bad. So we had to return it to him to get things sorted out.

(conversation… in Tamil)
Miss CillaCilla: Uncle, she said that the design is so conservative. How come not sexy one??
Tailor: You all want sexy kah?? You should have said.
Miss CillaCilla: But since we showed the design to you we figured you would automatically know that we wanted it sexy. Weren’t you going to follow the picture?
Tailor: Yar… thing is people in TI don’t wear so buka-buka one. So I just made it according to the usual local demand.
Miss CillaCilla: People here don’t wear sexy at all??
Tailor: No-lah. If I know you all wanted it to be so open I would have made it SUPER open for you until like air-cond!!
moi: Makes me sound like a slut liddat!
Miss CillaCilla: :D

I had insisted, since the week before, that Ah UV gave me the specific address of his engagement venue in Batu Gajah but nooo… he insisted I follow the boys. So fine, sans Claudia, follow I did. Man the journey was treacherous!! Firstly Ah Kum (our mutual colleague) does NOT fill his tank up before journeys so we had to wait forever for the fella to pump petrol-lah, wipe windows and he even had the cheek to CHANGE BLOODY OIL while I patiently waited for him to get done. WTF? Then macha really steps on it and I wonder if he even remembers that I don’t know the way and was indeed tagging after him. Didn’t the guy realize I was NOT racing him? At some point it became pretty evident to me my foot was constantly pushing on the pedal… lo and behold I was going at BLIMMIN’ 160 km / hr!! And I was still lagging behind!! Member must be going at 180 km / hr or something. OMG I have never driven that fast in my life! I can contend for Miami Vice or KL Drift now-lah. Serious. Not only that member has some kinda crazy ideation that cutting at curbs is FUN. Straight road.. no oncoming traffic.. no cut. BIG bend at the road.. heavy oncoming traffic.. CUTTT!! Initially I figured since it was difficult for me to follow suit he would at least have the tendency to go slow post-cut so that I could catch up. BUT no… Mike happily speeds off into the horizon. Can you believe this guy?? So I had to start cutting at curbs too-lah. Should have worn a diaper underneath the layers of cloth ‘cos I was so terrified I almost peed into my seat! Dah-lah tu, my dear friend Ah Kum, upon cutting at the curb, does not allow me space to insert my automobile back into our road leaving me free and open to drive heads on into the oncoming traffic. Many a time I had to coax my heart to be still. If I had a history of unstable angina or hyperlipidemia +
hypertension I could have developed an acute myocardial infarction or stroke there and then. I am not gonna elaborate more on his crappy driving ethics except that we got lost A LOT. I think if I trailed a rhinoceros also lagi safer and
faster OK.

By the time we got there my right knee was thrashed. I am anticipating horrendous nocturnal and mobility agony when I get older.

We all settled in nicely into a table and I allowed everyone at work to admire my sari. Miss CillaCilla’s momma had advised her earlier that day to guard me well ‘cos men seem to be slightly outlandish when it comes to Fair-Young-Things in sari *guffaws*

L-R: Ah The, Miss NasaNasa, Ah Kum, Ah Lau

Miss CillaCilla and moi. We h-h-hot hor??

The pelamin. So grand even if just for an engagement right??

Ever since my window thang now all I do is look at everybody else’s window to compare. Just like the first time I got my eyebrows plucked.

Ah Uv and his brother.

Traditional whachamacalits.

Fiance in full deck.

Awww… I thought this pose was seriously hilarious!! Ah Uv kept warning me amidst his smiley shots to stop taking his corny poses and I kept snapping away in glee.

Ah The dragged us all onto the stage. We really tak tau malu wei. Everyone else on stage was relatives and here we are of absolute no blood relation prancing around the stage taking pictures. Ayia as you can see me amateur sari-wearer-lah. Miss CillaCilla had pinned the cloth to my blouse so that I don’t terpijak and terburai everything everywhere. I kept forgetting to hold my sari in place which resulted in me looking like I’m wearing a curtain! Why-lah I didn’t hold my sari properly?!!

The colleagues, L-R: Miss CillaCilla, Miss NasaNasa, PRINCESS, Ah Lau, Ah Uv, Ah Kum, Ah The

After makan-makan we all went home. Ah Uv’s fiancĂ©e was really sweet but I totally forgot to take her picture-lor.

Perhaps the extra-curricular activity was a good opportunity for all of us to let our hair down (me literally) and just be non-doctors for a night. Next day there was a lot to be said from the males. My saham seriously naik-lah ever since the sari bonanza. Ah Uv said I had 3 enquiries / proposals and 1 of them from his father-in-law :D Also everyone’s nicer to me now and Ah The told Miss CillaCilla to pass on the message that if he wasn’t already committed, the pursuit would begin!

Yeayyy I am officially LAKU!! It’s about time.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

bak chang day

I don’t know what you call bak chang in English. It’s really glutinous rice wrapped in some kinda leaf with a variety of filling… I will proceed to list my favourite sort innies: BIG SOFT chestnut, black mushroom, and fatty pork bits. I hate the white beans. YUCK :P I usually fish them out.

It’s abit obvious that my family does not cook if you don’t know it already. So whenever some kinda special food festival pops up we either buy it from a famous stall or depend on a family friend to give us a portion of their homemade delicacies. It’s usually the latter that happens. Kekeke.

This is from Dddy’s friend’s wife. Mmmy’s domestic duty is to heat and serve.

moi: Eh why does the bak chang look like this??
Mmmy: I took it out from the leaves to heat them up in the microwave. Where can eat them cold-cold one??
moi: But why didn’t you retain the pyramid shape?? Where got look like bak chang now? It just looks like a blob of rice *pouts*
Mmmy: Eh if don’t break them open the insides won’t cook-lah.
moi: But not pretty-lah like that.
Mmmy: Eh don’t cause me so much work ah. Only clever to complain. Just eat! Talk so much!
moi: *eats poutily*

This is how the modern working woman serves up yummy sticky snacks. All wrapped up in Cling wrap and placed neatly on a really red serviette. Mmmy’s really big on fancy serviettes. It’s her thang!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

oily issue

Mmmy: heard petrol price goin up 2mro.. pump 2nite


I was on-call the night before so I didn’t know this was the h-h-hot issue on the news. My MO, Dr Ah Hoong, had been repeating the same warning siren for days. Thing is he has a history of absolutely loving to con me and watch me gullibly fall for his lies of which I do and then he’d laugh at me! Thus when he mentioned it yet again like a broken record-player I really thought he was crying wolf-lah. That was ‘till I headed home from Glutton Square (TI’s major food court) and found a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam just minutes away from the hospital quarters. This road never jams OK. N E V E R. N E V E R. I’ve been here 3 months and never once has it ever jam. Serious.

Crap! Jam!
Miss CillaCilla: Yalah. Why ah??
moi: Weird to see TI so happening. Suddenly everybody decides to go to town. Try to see got accident issit in front?
Miss CillaCilla: Can’t see.
moi: Crap… jam not even moving-lah. Why-lah?? *thinks for abit*
moi: OMG don’t tell me everyone’s going to Shell to pump petrol kah??
Miss CillaCilla: Why they want to pump today?
moi: Dunno-lah. My mother said petrol gonna naik tomorrow wor. Even Dr Ah Hoong mentioned it. He said he was gonna steal time from on-call and go fill his tank. I thought he was lying. Wah this time it’s the truth wei.

I tried to find an alternative route home but to no avail. Claudia wasn’t helpful either. She led me to a blimin’ dead end. I had to RE-line up until the police finally showed up and made way for people who weren’t pumping tanks to go home. I guess there is no point queuing up for gas when the gas you supposedly saved is spent being stationary in the car.

When I reached the houseman quarters I was surprised to see the parking lot in full attendance. Guess doctors are too busy on-call to be bothered ‘bout hefty petrol prices.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

the price of friendship

Ah Choy:
You’re not gonna bring ur hols earlier to meet me? Wat d F*ck?
moi: Eh u nt extendg ur hols 2 meet me?? What d f*ck..
Ah Choy: Wtf? Me overseas hols ma, for one month some more, how long u want it to be? So shark how? Damn tiu la u, come back for boys but not me.

See this is why I hate my job sometimes and this is why it can get tiring to maintain rapport with people. As a houseman you only get 10 days leave (of which medical leaves ARE INCLUDED) per department. Mind you we work (FOR FREE) on weekends. Which means we literally only get 2 – 3 days off per month. Can you imagine working every single bloody day and only getting one weekend off per month?? Can you?? On a crappy pay lagi!! Can you?? This is one reality I find extremely hard to accept. My weekend days tripper travels are starting to take a toll on me. I am beginning to feel really really tired. I now limit non-leave kinda trips to weddings ‘cos well I love weddings. I love the entire idea of submitting yourself to a ‘the one’. I like to look at the outfits people wear and the door gifts we get to take home. Besides I think I would want people to make it to my wedding hence I ought to go to theirs first. Hard to explain ‘bout the rigid work commitments… I’m not like the rest of them, I can’t take emergency medical leave ‘cos, well, I’m in medicine and my people know medicine.

Ah Ry:
damn... it's monday tomorrow!
Ah Ry: crap!

moi: y d sour face? ur favourite dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Ah Ry: oh yea! my favourite day indeed... i just loveeeeee mondays.. haha
Ah Ry: the day i have to wake up early for morning meetings... lol
moi: tats d spirit!!
Ah Ry: lol
moi: man i 'love' mondays too
Ah Ry: haha...
moi: i wish i cud write myself a darn mc
moi: dont feel like working tomorrow
Ah Ry: haha... well, but you can write one for me...
Ah Ry: lol
Ah Ry: :P

moi: yah lucky u n unlucky me
Ah Ry: hahaahah

So Ah Choy is back (and has been for quite awhile) for abit of a break. We are due to meet up but I just can’t find a suitable mutual time when we can. I want my gifts. I’m a m-m-material girl and presents make me deliriously happy!! 2 trips liao and I still didn’t get to wear my shark’s tooth necklace and claim my belated this-and-that presents. The best part is I get to choose, and you know how much I luuurve choosing gifts FOR MYSELF *giggle* Totally gets me on a glucose high. Yup yup Ah Choy’s me sugar daddy!! Fun right?!! Now to find a time when we can meet.

Ah Choy:
Eh, u wan human’s tooth s well? I got lei!
moi: Wat human’s tooth?? As in maldvs aborigine kah??
Ah Choy: Something like tat. Wan? I put it in necklace. But not sharp wo.
moi: OMG!! Tat is super freaky.. Dowanlah!!
Ah Choy: Sure boh. Can pass wisdom to you wan wo. Ppl say la. Then u got plenty of wisdom ma. Dowan meh?
moi: Eh eh issit?? Really kah?? I really trust u 1 u know. Nak lah if cn pass wisdom. Cn make tat 1 in2 another necklace kah.. I still abit freakd by it. Cos maybe I wanna wear shark tooth alone sumtims..
Ah Choy: Hehe. Actually I just pulled my wisdom tooth. Second one. So I kept both, u wan, I put it in necklace lo. Hehe.
moi: Eeyerrrrr.. I am so grossed out!! Summore u wanna con me in2 thinkg ur rotten tooth cn bring me wisdom. Yuck yuck yuck :P

I can’t come home this Saturday ‘cos I’m on-call. He, on the other hand, will not be around Sunday ‘cos he’s going to Taman Negara. I can’t come home next weekend ‘cos I have an engagement to attend in Batu Gajah and I’m on-call Sunday. The weekend after that he’s gone back to Maldives-ler pulak. At the very most I could do is make a really quick dash after work ON A WEEKDAY, have tea with him for what.. 2 hours(??) and then do a 04:00 drive back. Just thinking about it makes me feel like drowning in fatigue *sigh* Apa boleh buat? He accuse me of being a bad friend if I don’t go see him. Summore I really really want my presents. That’s the price we housemen have to pay to maintain relationships-lah. Harder than calculus man.

No wonder doctors have no other friends apart from other doctors. Do you actually see people in ER / Scrubs / Grey’s Anatomy socializing with non-hospital related masyarakat?? The answer is NO. At most, if ever, would be patients / patients’ family / the girl working in the hospital library or something. I don’t think I’ve made any new NON-MEDICALLY RELATED acquaintances ever since I started work and I doubt that’s gonna change anytime soon. It’s pathetic and I don’t know how to turn things around for the better. When all your friends are doctors you can’t go out drinking ‘cos it would be somebody’s turn to be on-call tomorrow. Heck you can’t even find a mutual time to go out in a group ‘cos someone is some department would be on-call. And most of the time (I was gonna say ALL of the time but that would perhaps be a tad bit exaggerating) we’re tired… which is why I don’t ask my colleagues out ‘cos I don’t want them to feel obliged to eat with me if they’re tired. I don’t know but I’m constantly tired. Which really leaves no time and energy for things like hobbies: absolutely nonexistent in my dictionary for now and activities: acti.. huh??

I can understand why doctors are so frustrated. I just don’t understand why the Ministry of Health doesn’t. I mean if they are all into promoting mental health, why not start with the people who work for them? I don’t see anybody around me looking forward to work or just being plain happy to go on-call. How to memupuk commitment and passion like that? Even Miss CillaCilla who used to be bursting with positive energy has somewhat wilted along the way. We just do what we have to, to get through the day.

“It’s a sad, sad situation. And it’s getting more and more absurd.”

In the end I’m just angry. I’m angry to be posted to a place I DID NOT want to go. Why ask us to choose for a place when we’re not gonna be given it?? Why give KL postings to people who DON’T even WANT to go to KL?? And I’m angry because of how much I have to submit just to keep relationships alive. I’m not surprise when my MO tells me he has lost all contacts with friends outside the hospital. It just takes too much work and we’re just too tired.

i need a big man

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