Monday, May 05, 2008

story of annabelle

moi: *clerking patient’s review in the HO room*
Ah Mi: *seated opposite me on the table.. also clerking*
moi: *suddenly GASPSSSSS VERY VERY LOUDLY!!! And smacks forehead*
Ah Mi: What??
moi: It’s been 3 days since Miss CillaCilla went on leave and I totally forgot to WATER her plants!! Yearghhhh!!
Ah Mi: Hmmph! Harapkan you…
moi: I knowww… Oh man this is why all plants die in my hands!

This is Annabelle.

She has white flowers.

Miss CillaCilla bought her. I named her.

She was, in a mere sense, an impulse buy. Miss CillaCilla was feeling way too crappy that one Saturday of which I felt worse. I suppose because my issue was a whole lot heavier than hers (mine involved my career, well.. some sort like that.. lotsa drama-lah. The sorta drama that makes me cry in toilets) she didn’t bring the subject of her misery up. After returning from town the 3rd time (yes we went back and forth from our quarters to town 3 bloody times!! Saking bosannya di sini sampe kita harus gituan) we sat by the corridor and looked out at the grass patch in silence. It has been a long day but we really wanted to do something.. just that there was nothing to do. There is seriously nothing to do in TI. Which is bad especially since we are in dire need of a distraction. Miss CillaCilla finally decided she would get a plant. She had been talking about getting a plant for ages but never did. Today was going to be a day so we roamed the streets till we found a nursery. And in the nursery she picked Annabelle out. The pot beside Annabelle holds seeds of a plant. I will name it after it grows.


Joey said...

Ohmigod, you guys are in serious need of entertainment if you think growing a plant is 'distraction'!


shelbybaby said...

joey: yessssssssss!! ;D

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