Saturday, May 03, 2008

pt ah helm weds!

If there’s one thing I learned from this wedding: whenever going to a wedding of which you know NOONE apart from the groom or bride, it’s essential to bring a plus-one with you. I regret not asking Ah Haz to tag along ‘cos we could have used the time to catch up. I have company while he could score a free makan... good end of the bargain for the both of us. Another thing is always dress to kill… this is standard-lah. Fortunately for me I LURVVVE-LURVVVE-LURVVVE-with-a-capital-L to dress up!! *giggle* I took the opportunity to wear one of my kebayas. Picked out the cloth and designed this one myself. Cute non? I was, at first, a little hesitant… didn’t wanna be too KAPOW also mah: it’s rude to outshine the bride. Upon reaching the venue I was reassured to see everyone dressed to kill. Of course the fashion was very Malaysian and mine was very Indon. I don’t care. I regret not making more kebayas. Must must make more!

It was a lovely reception. So austere and supremely tasteful.

I was greeted by the lime (or is it apple) green ambience and this is definitely a different shade to weddings I’ve been before. Quite refreshing really. The green drink is kumquat-shimui… cool right? I’ve never had someone serve me kumquat-shimui as a choice of drink at a wedding dinner before. I was so thirsty I drank 5 glasses before the food came.

The lighting concept at Sime Darby Convention Centre. Supposedly this place is booked till the end of the year!

Moi attempting the demure lips-partially-parted modelesque with startled *blink blink* eyes ala Gemma Ward.

Everyone gets to bring home a nutty tart kuih.

And a box of goodies…

...filled with personalized chocolates!! Mind you the chocs are yummy-yum-yum.

Met some fun people at my table too. They’re friends of the bride.

Betul-betul royalty of the day. Doesn’t PT Ah Helm look hemsem and his bride a total babe?!

Their tempat bersanding hern nice right? I saw PT Ah Helm cry-cry abit-leh during the doa part. Darn funny!!

I told myself by hook or by crook must leave KL by 22:00… but then something would always creep up to make me stay: like the food-lah (I was really really hungry).. then there’s the video show-lah (I’m a big SUCKER for the wedding video shows. I love to see people’s baby pictures and all those memory lane garbage)… after that was dessert-leh (it looked really cute!) and by the time I went home and got everything got done, ‘twas already 23:30 that I decided to start my journey back to TI. Just as I drove out towards the highway, I realized that I had missed out on my back-to-TI ritual: dropping by my McDonald’s drive-thru and getting myself a large iced lemon tea. I started doing this from 2 trips back… just a diminutive gesture to make myself feel better while driving back there. Besides, the sour zing keeps me jolted when I feel my lids growing heavy. So I made a last minute turn to get my regular. Ayo again waste time. What is wrong with me?? Note: there’s no McDonald’s in TI. Cut me some slack OK.


Joey said...

Stunning kebaya, Shel ;) x

shelbybaby said...

joey: merci beaucoup!!

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