Thursday, May 08, 2008

the new gypsy queen

You know what time it is?

It’s time for an image change!

Giving the Italiano Bombshell image a rest. Now going for Bohemian Chic instead. Yup I’m thinking a lil’ bit of Kate Moss (like the Big Momma of hobo living) in the sun.. a lil’ bit of Jessica (Stam) on the run, a lil’ bit of Phoebe (Buffay) having fun… *giggle* Well some sort like that. Obviously I’m no Vanessa Paradis but one can always try if not dreammm, non?

This is my first-movie-date uniform. Silk Warehouse top with embroidered trimmings (CURRENTLY on 50% off… Grrr I bought mine at full price!!) + black basic cardigan (you can get it at MNG) + Gap flare slacks (not seen).

Ah Choy: new pic?
moi: har? means what?
Ah Choy: means you're looking diff...
moi: look old hor?? no really not joking. i am looking VERY VERY OLD these days its nt even funny
moi: i feel so sad
moi: aging has caught up wit me
Ah Choy: yeah, time to get wid the program
moi: not much weight loss.. just tired n old lookinglah
moi: dowan get wit prog. i want my babydoll look back!!

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