Monday, May 12, 2008

“my girl.. talking ‘bout my girl..”

Just remembered my Indon ex-coursemate just had a baby.


moi: Happy Mother’s Day!! Lots of Shelbulous kisses 4 d day..
Miss RachRach: Thank u so much.. but I have sad news, my daughter is hyperbilirubinemia. Bcoz ABO reaction, it takes long time 2 b normal. N now Hb + Ht is low, risk of transfusion
moi: I am so sorry 2 hear it Ays.. I will pray 4 ur baby ok. Don’t worry, take gd care of ur health.. ur child will b fine like evry othr cute child. Just take abit longr time thn usual.. keep talkg 2 baby n ask her to stay strong like her mother
Miss RachRach: I will n thx a lot. Haven’t got d time 2 email everybody bout my baby’s birth. Bcoz of her being hospitalized.

A couple of days later…

Miss RachRach: Shelby! My daughter was just dischargd fr hospital 2day. Thx 4 ur pray, n pls do tell our friends bout this!

Such a cute Mother’s Day miracle right?

Before we go into what I got my momma, let’s talk about this flower tea in Shanghai Restaurant, J W Mariott Hotel (Mmmy worship’s this Chinese dining place). After steeping the what seems like a bundle of straw in the water I was astonished to find it bloom into a ‘basket of flowers’!!

So fascinating hor?

MY MUMMY PRETTY OR NOT?? EVERYONE MUST SAY PRETTY. ‘Cos I got it from my momma I got it from my momma ma ma mm ma ma mm ma *giggle*

Look at Mmmy’s skin! She doesn’t look a day over her age. She takes really good care of herself. You should see how much evening primrose oil as well as whatever else vitamins she pumps into her system every morning at breakfast. My skin is appalling in comparison to hers. Look at how she glows! Nowadays people say I resemble her… it used to be that I look like Dddy. I so prefer the former ‘cos Mmmy is hot!

It’s Mother’s Day and all dim sum spots as well as nice Continental tea places have been booked probably weeks ago. Fortunately for us we already had plans. I teman-ed the parentals to an MD cum birthday luncheon of a family friend’s wife at Damansara Palace. Wah their family hern big neh… got siblings, children, grandchildren and in-laws not taking into account non-blood relations like us! It was such a meriah gig… I think Dddy really likes this big family kinda thing. I really like the food! Especially their roasted suckling piglet… yummy :P

Since Mmmy's birthday is the day after Mother's Day, I got her a power-packed present! *grins*

Prada Fairy Scarf!! Nice? Yup very very nice... I told her my menial pay could not afford the clutch she super much lurve so this is a mini attempt of trying suffice the overwhelming Prada Fairy desire *wink*

In the meantime I also happy-fied myself to a *cough* just-because *cough* treat. I have been loving this LINE FOREVER!! I was never a big Prada lover but this one hit homerun! I would have loved to get the bowling bag or the tote but not on this houseman salary *shrug* Still owning a piece of fantasy is good enough for me.

Too bad the wristlet pouch is so small it cuts of majority of the images :( I love it nonetheless!

OK OK I spent abit more money than that... LOOK at these hot dresses I got ('cos I couldn't decide on either and had to buy both!!) from Zara!! Just waiting for the right occasion to open ceremony :)



caroline said...


i love love love the prada fairy line! xD

i so wanted the fairy bag but it cost a crazy rm8400!
*faints* O.o

& & &

both dresses from zara looks simply fabulous on u! *ENVY-NYER AKU!*

we must go out sometime soon so u can show it off to the world. ;p

- uncle tony's gorgeous daughter ;p

shelbybaby said...

caroline: i know!! prada fairy line is the bomb! that's why-lah i could only afford the wristlet. man it sucks to have crappy pay.. yes yes we must go out: sophie'll be back in dec, let's hang out then.

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