Sunday, May 18, 2008

miss zuzu gets engaged!

Slightly disappointed that Miss CillaCilla could not join me for Miss ZuZu's engagement. She had to replace some idiot's on-call in the last minute. Damn it. Disappointed I had to go to another engagement / wedding alone after the last time *raised brow* Too late to find a replacement plus-1-leh. Crap. This is what happens when all your friends are doctors. Everyone's either on-call or married.

I couldn't find her housing area in Kampar on Claudia (my GPS) co I had to rely on her vague instructions and luck. When I turned into a corner that she mentioned I really thought I was truly lost. I circled around when I spotted a couple of blue-n-white tents the size of ants in a distance. Tents = events = engagement!

I was right. Keke.

Darn tired. Was oncall last night.

Cute lil' hantaran cakes.

Cute mini boxes filled with flowers.

Butterfly tarts!! Kawaii-ne..

BOOM! The hantaran! Ayia just admit it already... we don't really bother about any of the engagement / wedding elements apart from the hantaran-lah. It's the talk of the town or at least the townies who attends the function.

Adorable choc cake that says it all.

The chrysanthemum thing is really a keropok!

Cheeky lil nieces wanna get in the action. We made them our lil' spies to report what's happening outside.

Goodies and the girl! What an offer!


Ayu bok.

Miss ZuZu's elder sister is the official event photographer. I think she posed even more than the model.

Everyone in the picture is a kid. E V E R Y O N E.

Miss ZuZu's ex-roommate from those days in Ireland came by and we immediately started getting acquainted by whining about our crappy houseman lifestyle. We even had the same Indon fabric on. I got mine in Batik Keris, Bandung and she got hers in Bali.

The fruit things are really nut-filled biscuits!

Most important slot of the function: the BLING moment!

Tumpang glamour on the pelamin.

The engaged :)

Miss ZuZu gets to keep these! Score!

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