Tuesday, May 13, 2008

miss yinyin will be missed

She's really gone. As in really really gone.

'Cos she msg-ed us just as she boarded.

And when she arrived Melbourne.


I went to say goodbye the night before she left. She was celebrating her new lil' nephew's half (or was it full?) moon. I was duly informed regarding the latter's birth because her sister went ahead with a vaginal delivery (previous cesarean candidate) and was in utter pain due to induced-delivery. Biasa-lah *chuckles* Anyway we managed to catch up and chitty-chatty and bid goodbye. Well Miss TanTan and Miss YinYin did. I didn't really do a good farewell bidding. Like I said many times before, I'm really crap with goodbyes. But one undeniable feeling is that Miss YinYin will be sorely missed *tear*

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