Saturday, May 31, 2008

miss iyaniyan weds!

Actually she already akad nikah early this year. Tonight’s just the ceremonial bersanding part. The wedding dinner was held in Wisma Sukan PKNS, Kelana Jaya. Claudia couldn’t find the on the invitation card… actually there was a map printed but I didn’t quite notice it ‘till the end heehee! I’m such a mental klutz. I did, however, managed to find the building under ‘Sports’ category and me being all dependent on Claudia let her guide me without using a cell of my navigational brain cell’s kill *giggle*.

Very tired-lor. Already on-call that Friday, lagi have to work half day Saturday, lagi have to drive back home, lagi have to dandan for wedding dinner. That’s really how my weekend revolves most of the time.

haha twas a wedding weekend
Ah Ry: wah... yet another wedding weekend?
Ah Ry: seem to be having alot of those lately ey... hahaha

moi: too many ppl i know seem to wanna say 'i do' :D

Glad to meet up with the girls. These are the people from medical school… you might recognize them from entries last year.

L-R: Miss MasMas is doing Medical in Melaka Hospital. Miss KosKos is doing Orthopedics in Taiping Hospital. Miss NaNa is doing Medical in Selayang Hospital. Moi… well, YOU SHOULD KNOW BY NOW I AM DOING MEDICAL IN TELUK INTAN HOSPITAL(!!) :P Miss AnaAna is doing Surgical in Selayang Hospital.

Door gift: caged chocolates. KAKAKA… such a metaphor hor? Marriage is an entrapment of sweethearts *wink*

I designed my kebaya. Ayia... it really does look green now. I swear it appeared fluorescent yellow when I first got my cloth... you don't know how many bickerings I got into just 'cos I felt everyone to be blind into thinking that shade of colour is green.

Mr and Mrs!!

This is us at the pelamin. I like the hanging balls of bouquets.

When I first stepped into the hall I looked around and went slightly surprised. Eh.. what happened to the Winter Wonderland theme? I mean she used to go on and on about how she wants to have this high-collared gown ala Snow Princess kinda thang. Tak jadi kut. Miss KosKos later went on to tell me that Miss MasMas made the same remark before me. I think now that we’re all working we can bloody say goodbye to our IDEAL weddings ‘cos man… there is only just enough time to maybe try on a dress or 2 and apply enough leave to ATTEND our own wedding!

It’s really good to see everyone again. I think we will only have time to see each other when the next one of us gets married which should be Miss MasMas. Quite sad-lah that we only meet up during weddings but given the circumstances… that’s just the way life goes.

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