Friday, May 09, 2008

miss bellabella turns wiser.. heh! bon yum-yum: cava + 7ate9

So, like, we all did not make any solid plans regarding dinner and drinks. I didn’t want to go to Delicious @ Marc’s ‘cos we already went there for my birthday. I wanted to try something new-lah… excuse me if that comes off a little princess. So I suggested we go to Relish @ Barbus, Bangsar. Miss ChongChong refused to believe there was a restaurant there but Miss TanTan confirmed its existence as she attended the launch (salsa friend’s place) a couple of month ago. Well I was seriously mistaken-lah, really reflects how in-sync I am with the city which is really NOT AT ALL :P

It’s Miss BellaBella’s pre-b’day so it’s gotta be some place cute. Even if not that cute it’s gotta be some place with decent food.

We had to find an alternative place to eat… on a Friday night… at Bangsar. Miss TanTan suggested we find a place to eat in Jalan Bangkung but Miss ChongChong was confident it would be, as I would lightly put it, like catching a guppy with 2 fingers… almost impossible!!

Our first stop was Opus. We sans reservations were immediately showed to the door. Wah have our dining culture arrived? Are we now able to snootily rival New York / London fine eateries? I mean isn’t it SO Sex and the City NOT to get a table just ‘cos we didn’t book 3 years ahead or f*cked the maiter’d? :P

Thank goodness Cava had ONE table for our party-of-4. Glee!! We settled in quickly. After a short flutter of chatter later, we decided to order. I’m always the first to order ‘cos I’m a snap decision maker and also I’m always the most hungry *wink* keke. I called for paella. Me really really likes paella! Ole! The best paella is served at a cosy Spanish place called La Tasca in Liverpool beside Holiday Inn hotel behind the central bus station. They make a killer Sangria too. But then again I haven’t tasted THAT many paellas to make a really sound judgement *giggle* So scrape that comment-lah. Cava’s was OK-lah… abit dry. According to Miss BellaBella and Miss TanTan saffron’s, like, really expensive!! Hence the age-old battle for Asia.. well India really.. wor. Eh issit? I thought saffron was kunyit! It’s not? OMG. I must find out about this…!

After dinner I brought my cupcakes from Cupcake Chic out for Miss BellaBella. I thought she was gonna think I’m lame or something but no-lah she was most certainly up for it… placing them on her many-a-time USED napkin and lighting her own candles *chuckles* The cupcakes were a wee bit damaged ‘cos I dropped them. HARD. The classic klutz that I am *shrug*

She seems pretty pleased with them nonetheless. That’s all that matters.

What I have failed to record on movie was that at this particular moment, Miss BellaBella loudly whispered, “NO SINGING NO SINGING.” So I dengan patuhnya did not vocalize the song but mimed it instead. The VERY VERY COOL PART was that the Cava staff simultaneously played the birthday anthem to my mouthing which caught me by surprise as well. Miss BellaBella thought we cued it all but it’s really Cava’s own initiative. GREAT BIG BISOUs FOR CAVA.

We then awaited Miss YinYin to come over ‘cos it’s also quarter her party mah. She’s going away to Melbourne in 2 days with her loverboy Ah Mon to retain her PR. She’ll be there at least 2 years which will also leave an equal worth of BIG BLACK HOLE in my appointment book *wails* Miss YinYin has always been the event organizer… setting up parties and luncheons and clubbing outings. I met wayyy too many cool people via her. Who’s GONNA TAKE ME OUT CLUBBING NOW?? So I’m sad-lor. Really really sad-lor. *sigh* Really goes to show that good things don’t last forever.

Really feel like our choices of beverage reflects on our personalities-leh. Guess which is moi?

We were supposed to go to Poppy after that but Miss YinYin fell and hurt her back this morning so no getting’ na-na-na-na-na-na-na jiggy with her.

So there we were at 7ate9 yabbering away about, again, Australian PR and E-Filling ehehe I’m starting to see a conversation pattern here. I was rather subdued that night mainly because I was really really tired. I suppose aging has caught up with me. I can’t work and drive from TI and party ‘till the morning altogether. Nowadays I’ve got to pause for abit in between. And the bags under my eyes look like they can engorge my eyeballs leaving just the lids to fill up space. Don’t you get me started on my wrinkles!

We are now in a new phase in life… slowly crawling, some climbing out of the wretched plateau that is driving our restless spirits crazy. I can’t attest as much because, really, I just started working. Everyone else have been doing whatever they’re doing now for years and they’re all unsure if they want this to go on forever. It just seems like a life too cruel to be going through everyday the exact way day in day out. Everyone’s looking for a change. I am, too, in a certain department of my life *wink* and I will be as relentless as Miss BellaBella and Miss YinYin in the pursuit of that something better. Everyone’s getting into gear… some have even sailed off into the unknown… I am sticking in the start key myself. We all have different destinations but the labor’s the same.

Wish me luck!!

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