Saturday, May 24, 2008

me likes gin and jacqie

Remember one of my *bisou* worthy things?

My COOL bag courtesy of Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia tore. So I figured it's time for a new bag. Yeayy!!

Initially I thought of getting myself an Anya Hindmarch Carker. But since I'm super low on kachingkos I had to give that thought a pass.

As I was browsing through the Isetan sale I suddenly remember:

ME LIKES LIKES LIKES their bags!! They make such chic bags at really affordable prices. You would be so surprise to know they're local products. They even export to The States!! Although their price range back when I first discovered them was much cheery but it's still pretty good now.

I would love to be a gin and Jacqie AMBASODERETTE :)

Behold my new work bag: Casual Melissa...

Brilliant huh? It has 3 separate compartments of which one is zipped for security purposes. So thoughtful hor? Also the size fits A4 files just right with whatever whachamachalit stuff you wanna bring. Only RM169 now on 10% sale: available in black, white, green and yellow.

They even popped in a handy pouch. Surely this is the best feature of the bag, non?

I lost my Sony Vaio laptop pouch and have been looking for a proper replacement forever. That was 'till I laid my eyes on Marshmallow!!

I always like vinyl printed cotton. Firstly 'cos it gives a bag an extra kick and most of all it helps make the bag waterproof. Fun! They come in prints of green and pink. I bought mine in floral.

Visit their website or go personally browse @ Isetan KLCC Women's Accessories department


Anonymous said...

hey there...nice bag. even checked out the website..nice selection. will check out the outlet someday. :)

how are things with you? good i hope.

cheers, ms bellabella

shelbybaby said...

ms bellabella: nice bags hor? i love them and they're local and super affordable... for now at least. last time they used to be even cheaper!

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