Sunday, May 04, 2008

ipoh mali

I had such a pleasant day today: not much blood work, not many patients to review, no unstable patients, boss rounding early, MOs rounding immediately after that and most discharges already prepared the day before which leaves not much work ‘till the end of the day. I finally had time to get a massage and a flower bath.

I HEART FLOWER BATHS. You cannot find a greater mandi bunga enthusiast as moi. OK maybe you can but I’m sure I’m 1st runner-up if not 2nd or 3rd!

But the crap de la crap thing about finishing early on a Sunday in TI is that there is literally nothing to do here to celebrate the weekend. Even the crummy gym is closed. A gym that closes on Sunday… go figure! I was too tired to travel back to KL given yesterday’s zoom-zoom-zoom. Instead I went back to the dorm and had a good dose of sleep after lamenting about wasting a good Sunday on nothing. I should learn to be more thankful. Thankful for a lovely day. That’s it. With no BUTs.

It doesn’t end here.

Drama babydolls drama!

Not really drama-lah but Ah Seng called me up in the evening and told me about his feeble attempt to go swim in a mucky pool pilipala-fastforward-unimportant-so-and-sos-later he goes…

Ah Seng:
So choose: Lumut or Ipoh?
moi: WHAT?
Ah Seng: You’re the one who said you’re so bored. So Lumut or Ipoh??
moi: Uh uh uh I dunno… Anything!!
Ah Seng: I’m 7 minutes away.
moi: WHAT?? How can you give me 7 minutes to get ready?? I take forever!! I’m putting the phone down now.

We decided on Ipoh in the end. We wanted to catch Ironman at Ipoh Parade. But the traffic was too heavy and we ended up arriving only in time to get sushi at Sushi King. It was still worth the trip because it just felt really nice to do something… SOMETHING. I’m a do something girl. I’m always doing something. If I don’t do something I’d go mad. I helped Ah Seng pick out his father’s birthday and Mother’s Day cards… well actually he picked them out, I just helped by shoving Thanks Grandma for his mum / Happy Birthday WIFE for his dad cards up his face. He was not amused. Heehee. Next thing we knew all the railings started shutting down and it was cue for us to head home. Boo. Just as we turned into the highway towards Bidor, I saw the same McDonald’s I had intended to get a vanilla ice-cream cone from on the way in.

Ah Seng: So you want your ice-cream or not??
moi: No-lah let’s go home.
Ah Seng: You sure ah?
moi: But we can’t turn in also.
Ah Seng: Can u-turn-lah abit.
moi: Ummm…
Ah Seng: So.. yes? No? Quick!
moi: OK yes! I want an ice-cream cone.

But it was impossible to turn into the road ‘cos there were those protruding bars everywhere (one-way road thing). But Ah Seng decided to be, I dunno, IRONMAN or something and did some kinda KL Drift stunt with his Suzuki Swift and went against traffic FOR AWHILE OF COURSE into the McDonald’s belokan. My heart stopped, I closed my eyes and ducked onto the floor of the car while screaming into my palms.

moi: Why did you do that?? My life is worth ALOT!!
Ah Seng: I already scanned the traffic-lah.
Ah Seng : *laughs*
moi: Don’t laugh! It’s not funny! Hi *shouting into drive-thru speaker* I’ll have an ice-cream cone please…

Ah Seng opt for an iced lemon tea after my ‘ritual’ story so this is him with a crappy haircut he got in TI. He paid KL price for a TI cut. AHAHAHA *ketawa terbahak-bahak* Somebody seriously got screwed-lah. Keke.

Now that’s drama! Ole!

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