Monday, May 19, 2008

a fun weekend daystripper, bon yum-yum: cupcake chic

We were waiting for Mike (our new nickname for Boss no.1) to come do rounds when suddenly Boss no.2 walked in. Wahlau! Mike hardly ever comes early so we expected to leave the ward earliest at 13:30 for KL. You cannot imagine our joy when Boss no.2 turned up instead! Then the MO did his rounds (of which all yesterday’s CM discharges were pre-prepared in the morning *wink*) and next thing we know we were literally SCURRYING for the door at clock out time: 12:00. All the staff nurses laughed their asses off. They knew that if Miss CillaCilla and I lingered for a little while longer something would creep up and delay us. It happens way to often. I knew better.


It’s so so fun to finish ward work at exactly clock out time!! And the best thing is we can start our journey KL earlier than expected. You know what this means… we get to arrive home early and do more stuff!! Like..?? Like… go on dates… *wink* Hahaha!

Just as we came to a good boy-related discussion my mind went on overdrive and totally did not focus on the road. I missed the Sungai Buloh exit and panicked!! Luckily Claudia was around to point an alternative route which was SO SO much better… ‘cos when I took the next exit towards Klang (Genting route) I ended up at the Kota Damansara exit which is a couple stone’s throw away from my house. Super right?!!

Since we missed Miss CillaCilla’s pick-up point, I dropped her at Cupcake Chic, The Curve ‘cos I promised her once before I’d show her where. I think the missed turn came to be a blessing in disguise. Miss CillaCilla has never seen The Curve in its height of poncy-poncy spirit. Since ‘twas a public holiday. I suppose the weekend flea market took an extension and many of the stalls were open today. I was very happy to present this side of my universe to Miss CillaCilla. She looked so delighted to be around LIFE. If anything, I miss this most about home. I get sad when it comes to matters like these. On days when I get off early or am not on-call it’s frustrating to not have a cute place to go to just to wander aimlessly or peruse for the sake of perusing. I cannot believe that I’m back where I wanted to leave. For years I convinced myself that once I get home life WILL BE better. I would be able to work and still do things I want to do. It’s coming into the 3rd month that I’ve started my houseman ship and I don’t even remember the last time I ever did any ME thing. I haven’t even started learning scuba diving yet. Miss ChewChew is starting classes soon which reminded me that before we promised each other we’d take this class together but she had to wait for me to relearn my swimming (I forgot how to swim-lah). Now that I’m here, everything I ever want to do or could do takes a backseat YET AGAIN *sigh* If I think it over, all I ever do now is somewhat related to the hospital… all my conversation topics are about work if not colleagues or patients or cases etc. Then there’s the don’t-go-nowhere-except- for-them-hospital syndrome. I’m sad-lor that my personality is slowly being wiped away by people of my profession. I don’t even have a hobby!

This was not intended to be such a mellow entry. Scrap all the above. Let’s talk about this new hat I bought!

I love hats!! Awaiting my urban kin to bloody get married already so I can wear a hat to their wedding *giggle*

Trying some Kiehl’s products. The one and only product I’ve ever tried was their Lavender bath foam. Never thought in a million years I’d have a use for eye creams. Have to eat my own damn words-lah. Hern expensive neh… 1 tiny tube is RM140. Woot! My eyes look like crap these days… hence the need to try something!!

Also my Jurlique Rosewater stock is drying up. Decided to try their Rosewater instead ‘cos I get more volume for money with Kiehl’s… can’t afford tiny atomizer big price items like Jurlique’s mist anymore. Must learn to economize. Will let y’all know if they work.


Anonymous said...

hey, u should use the kiehl's body very smell and dry fast..too bad is a bit expensive...but u should try next time if ur lotion running good!!

shelbybaby said...

anon: oh yah? will definitely keep that in mind-leh.. thank you for the good tip!

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