Saturday, May 31, 2008

miss iyaniyan weds!

Actually she already akad nikah early this year. Tonight’s just the ceremonial bersanding part. The wedding dinner was held in Wisma Sukan PKNS, Kelana Jaya. Claudia couldn’t find the on the invitation card… actually there was a map printed but I didn’t quite notice it ‘till the end heehee! I’m such a mental klutz. I did, however, managed to find the building under ‘Sports’ category and me being all dependent on Claudia let her guide me without using a cell of my navigational brain cell’s kill *giggle*.

Very tired-lor. Already on-call that Friday, lagi have to work half day Saturday, lagi have to drive back home, lagi have to dandan for wedding dinner. That’s really how my weekend revolves most of the time.

haha twas a wedding weekend
Ah Ry: wah... yet another wedding weekend?
Ah Ry: seem to be having alot of those lately ey... hahaha

moi: too many ppl i know seem to wanna say 'i do' :D

Glad to meet up with the girls. These are the people from medical school… you might recognize them from entries last year.

L-R: Miss MasMas is doing Medical in Melaka Hospital. Miss KosKos is doing Orthopedics in Taiping Hospital. Miss NaNa is doing Medical in Selayang Hospital. Moi… well, YOU SHOULD KNOW BY NOW I AM DOING MEDICAL IN TELUK INTAN HOSPITAL(!!) :P Miss AnaAna is doing Surgical in Selayang Hospital.

Door gift: caged chocolates. KAKAKA… such a metaphor hor? Marriage is an entrapment of sweethearts *wink*

I designed my kebaya. Ayia... it really does look green now. I swear it appeared fluorescent yellow when I first got my cloth... you don't know how many bickerings I got into just 'cos I felt everyone to be blind into thinking that shade of colour is green.

Mr and Mrs!!

This is us at the pelamin. I like the hanging balls of bouquets.

When I first stepped into the hall I looked around and went slightly surprised. Eh.. what happened to the Winter Wonderland theme? I mean she used to go on and on about how she wants to have this high-collared gown ala Snow Princess kinda thang. Tak jadi kut. Miss KosKos later went on to tell me that Miss MasMas made the same remark before me. I think now that we’re all working we can bloody say goodbye to our IDEAL weddings ‘cos man… there is only just enough time to maybe try on a dress or 2 and apply enough leave to ATTEND our own wedding!

It’s really good to see everyone again. I think we will only have time to see each other when the next one of us gets married which should be Miss MasMas. Quite sad-lah that we only meet up during weddings but given the circumstances… that’s just the way life goes.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

worse than bad

What an overwhelming week!

For starters my skin is going to Crapsville. Serious *sigh* The last I had to seriously tend to it was back in 1st year med school when I was in Jatinangor, Indon. That was a long, long time ago and it’s really ‘cos of the untreated perigi water. There must be something in the TI (more accurately the TI hospital) air that just brews acne! There are 9 pimples on my chin. MY CHIN! You have not taken into account my forehead, my chubby cheeks… grrr. Anyway I’ve run out of ideas on how to control that garden of Eden and have turn to my old friend Roaccutane by Roche. It’s an Isoretinoin soft capsule that stinks like rotten eggs and totally blows on the kidneys. It thins the surface of the skin which will make for quite traumatic visits to the facialist and wax specialist. I suppose something that is oh-so-good one way would be oh-so-bad some other. It’s just the way life works. Nothing can be just good-period, you know? I’m putting myself on a 10mg EOD (Every Other Day) regime for approximately a month. After watching patients slip into renal failures I’m pretty hot and bothered to make sure I don’t end up in the same predicament. So I’ll definitely be off the medication once I see some clear skies.

Then there’s the long working hours. Been going home at 19:00 quite abit when really clock-out time is 17:00! No OT pay, minimal respect from some hospital staff and lack of gratitude from patients just makes me wanna pull my hair out of frustration. It makes going to work at 06:30 a little more difficult each morning. It can come to a point you don’t know why you wake up to the alarm and it can give you more and more excuses to slam on the snooze button. People on average have a 9-5 job = 8 hours with an hour lunch time. House officers do an average 12 hour job with almost no lunch time but we only get paid *cough* minimally *cough* for 8 hours. Sad or not? Makes you wonder whether it’s all really worth it. The 6 years choosing books over birthdays… *shrug*

A close friend is behaving oddly and I can’t help but be disappointed in his personality change. The fickleness and discount in principles are either his existing hidden attributes that I have failed to notice till now or he has been successfully drawn to the dark side. I really never thought he could be so immature into seeking constant approval from people we mutually disrespect. This was the tipping point-lah.

I could not sleep. Just felt so disturbed.

Msg-ed Miss CillaCilla at 04:00 to convey my hardly-warm thoughts. She’s on-call so it’s OK to wanna whine so early in the morning.

People keep dying. I know it’s a Medical thing ‘cos you hardly get deaths in other departments but man… just tired to keep watching people die. And having to tell the deceased’s family that this is so much we can do. It’s draining up my happy aura. I mean how do you tell a mother her daughter is dead? How can you put it in such a manner it’s acceptable? Plus my grossly handicapped Cantonese does not help! I watched a patient’s family sob in the hospital garden. The patient transferred in from Slim River, already comatose. She had previously been resuscitated and was on the ventilation machine. Suddenly she collapsed again! And this time cannot already… Ah Mi and our MO Dr Ah Fae thought the patient’s mother had understood her daughter had passed away and figured she took the news pretty well considering her fair composure. In actual fact she must have been confused ‘cos she didn’t really understand them. It was only later when I was called over to ensure that the patient’s mother understood that she finally started bawling. I also idiot-lah… I was racking my brain to find a polite way to say ‘died’ in Cantonese. I should have used “kor chor san”… instead I used “mm hai yee tou chor”. Memang I idiot-lah. Must practice that phrase in Mandarin and Hokkien too. Later I quietly watched the patient’s 4 children cry loudly from the ward window. The youngest child was 4 years old. Ah Mi joined me at the window. We watched them together in silence for awhile before going back to our ward work.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

cute chrysanthemums

Was sitting on the La Mer counter, Isetan KLCC waiting for Mmmy to be done with her purchase… my eyes wandered about and landed on their centerpiece bouquet. SO KAWAII RITE?? Didn’t think chrysanthemums would ever be this cute and collected. The florist did a fine job. Magnificanto!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

me likes gin and jacqie

Remember one of my *bisou* worthy things?

My COOL bag courtesy of Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia tore. So I figured it's time for a new bag. Yeayy!!

Initially I thought of getting myself an Anya Hindmarch Carker. But since I'm super low on kachingkos I had to give that thought a pass.

As I was browsing through the Isetan sale I suddenly remember:

ME LIKES LIKES LIKES their bags!! They make such chic bags at really affordable prices. You would be so surprise to know they're local products. They even export to The States!! Although their price range back when I first discovered them was much cheery but it's still pretty good now.

I would love to be a gin and Jacqie AMBASODERETTE :)

Behold my new work bag: Casual Melissa...

Brilliant huh? It has 3 separate compartments of which one is zipped for security purposes. So thoughtful hor? Also the size fits A4 files just right with whatever whachamachalit stuff you wanna bring. Only RM169 now on 10% sale: available in black, white, green and yellow.

They even popped in a handy pouch. Surely this is the best feature of the bag, non?

I lost my Sony Vaio laptop pouch and have been looking for a proper replacement forever. That was 'till I laid my eyes on Marshmallow!!

I always like vinyl printed cotton. Firstly 'cos it gives a bag an extra kick and most of all it helps make the bag waterproof. Fun! They come in prints of green and pink. I bought mine in floral.

Visit their website or go personally browse @ Isetan KLCC Women's Accessories department

i'm a beautiful mess

Jason (Mraz) must have had me in mind when he wrote this song. He must have wrote this for me. He must have. He really must have.

You’ve got the best of both worlds

You’re the kind of girl who can take down a man,

And lift him back up again

You are strong but you’re needy,

Humble but you’re greedy

Based on your body language, your shouted cursive

I’ve been reading

Your style is quite selective,

though your mind is rather reckless

Well I guess it just suggests

that this is just what happiness is

Hey, what a beautiful mess this is

It’s like picking up trash in dresses

Well it kind of hurts when the kind of words you write

Kind of turn themselves into knives

And don't mind my nerve you can call it fiction

‘Cause I like being submerged in your contradictions dear

‘Cause here we are, here we are

Although you were biased I love your advice

Your comebacks they’re quick

And probably have to do with your insecurities

There’s no shame in being crazy,

Depending on how you take these

Words that paraphrasing this relationship we’re staging

And it’s a beautiful mess, yes it is

It’s like, we are picking up trash in dresses

Well it kind of hurts when the kind of words you say

Kind of turn themselves into blades

And the kind and courteous is a life I’ve heard

But it’s nice to say that we played in the dirt

Cause here, here we are, Here we are Here we are

We're still here

And what a beautiful mess this is

It’s like taking a guess when the only answer is yes

And through timeless words in priceless pictures

We’ll fly like birds not of this earth

And tides they turn and hearts disfigure

But that’s no concern when we’re wounded together

And we tore our dresses and stained our shirts

But it’s nice today, oh the wait was so worth it

Monday, May 19, 2008

a fun weekend daystripper, bon yum-yum: cupcake chic

We were waiting for Mike (our new nickname for Boss no.1) to come do rounds when suddenly Boss no.2 walked in. Wahlau! Mike hardly ever comes early so we expected to leave the ward earliest at 13:30 for KL. You cannot imagine our joy when Boss no.2 turned up instead! Then the MO did his rounds (of which all yesterday’s CM discharges were pre-prepared in the morning *wink*) and next thing we know we were literally SCURRYING for the door at clock out time: 12:00. All the staff nurses laughed their asses off. They knew that if Miss CillaCilla and I lingered for a little while longer something would creep up and delay us. It happens way to often. I knew better.


It’s so so fun to finish ward work at exactly clock out time!! And the best thing is we can start our journey KL earlier than expected. You know what this means… we get to arrive home early and do more stuff!! Like..?? Like… go on dates… *wink* Hahaha!

Just as we came to a good boy-related discussion my mind went on overdrive and totally did not focus on the road. I missed the Sungai Buloh exit and panicked!! Luckily Claudia was around to point an alternative route which was SO SO much better… ‘cos when I took the next exit towards Klang (Genting route) I ended up at the Kota Damansara exit which is a couple stone’s throw away from my house. Super right?!!

Since we missed Miss CillaCilla’s pick-up point, I dropped her at Cupcake Chic, The Curve ‘cos I promised her once before I’d show her where. I think the missed turn came to be a blessing in disguise. Miss CillaCilla has never seen The Curve in its height of poncy-poncy spirit. Since ‘twas a public holiday. I suppose the weekend flea market took an extension and many of the stalls were open today. I was very happy to present this side of my universe to Miss CillaCilla. She looked so delighted to be around LIFE. If anything, I miss this most about home. I get sad when it comes to matters like these. On days when I get off early or am not on-call it’s frustrating to not have a cute place to go to just to wander aimlessly or peruse for the sake of perusing. I cannot believe that I’m back where I wanted to leave. For years I convinced myself that once I get home life WILL BE better. I would be able to work and still do things I want to do. It’s coming into the 3rd month that I’ve started my houseman ship and I don’t even remember the last time I ever did any ME thing. I haven’t even started learning scuba diving yet. Miss ChewChew is starting classes soon which reminded me that before we promised each other we’d take this class together but she had to wait for me to relearn my swimming (I forgot how to swim-lah). Now that I’m here, everything I ever want to do or could do takes a backseat YET AGAIN *sigh* If I think it over, all I ever do now is somewhat related to the hospital… all my conversation topics are about work if not colleagues or patients or cases etc. Then there’s the don’t-go-nowhere-except- for-them-hospital syndrome. I’m sad-lor that my personality is slowly being wiped away by people of my profession. I don’t even have a hobby!

This was not intended to be such a mellow entry. Scrap all the above. Let’s talk about this new hat I bought!

I love hats!! Awaiting my urban kin to bloody get married already so I can wear a hat to their wedding *giggle*

Trying some Kiehl’s products. The one and only product I’ve ever tried was their Lavender bath foam. Never thought in a million years I’d have a use for eye creams. Have to eat my own damn words-lah. Hern expensive neh… 1 tiny tube is RM140. Woot! My eyes look like crap these days… hence the need to try something!!

Also my Jurlique Rosewater stock is drying up. Decided to try their Rosewater instead ‘cos I get more volume for money with Kiehl’s… can’t afford tiny atomizer big price items like Jurlique’s mist anymore. Must learn to economize. Will let y’all know if they work.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

miss zuzu gets engaged!

Slightly disappointed that Miss CillaCilla could not join me for Miss ZuZu's engagement. She had to replace some idiot's on-call in the last minute. Damn it. Disappointed I had to go to another engagement / wedding alone after the last time *raised brow* Too late to find a replacement plus-1-leh. Crap. This is what happens when all your friends are doctors. Everyone's either on-call or married.

I couldn't find her housing area in Kampar on Claudia (my GPS) co I had to rely on her vague instructions and luck. When I turned into a corner that she mentioned I really thought I was truly lost. I circled around when I spotted a couple of blue-n-white tents the size of ants in a distance. Tents = events = engagement!

I was right. Keke.

Darn tired. Was oncall last night.

Cute lil' hantaran cakes.

Cute mini boxes filled with flowers.

Butterfly tarts!! Kawaii-ne..

BOOM! The hantaran! Ayia just admit it already... we don't really bother about any of the engagement / wedding elements apart from the hantaran-lah. It's the talk of the town or at least the townies who attends the function.

Adorable choc cake that says it all.

The chrysanthemum thing is really a keropok!

Cheeky lil nieces wanna get in the action. We made them our lil' spies to report what's happening outside.

Goodies and the girl! What an offer!


Ayu bok.

Miss ZuZu's elder sister is the official event photographer. I think she posed even more than the model.

Everyone in the picture is a kid. E V E R Y O N E.

Miss ZuZu's ex-roommate from those days in Ireland came by and we immediately started getting acquainted by whining about our crappy houseman lifestyle. We even had the same Indon fabric on. I got mine in Batik Keris, Bandung and she got hers in Bali.

The fruit things are really nut-filled biscuits!

Most important slot of the function: the BLING moment!

Tumpang glamour on the pelamin.

The engaged :)

Miss ZuZu gets to keep these! Score!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

brand's innershine (essence of prune)

There has been alot of hoo-ha on Brand's Innershine don't you think? I see it on adverts everywhere! Being a personal fan of Brand's Essence of Chicken (I once read somewhere that King's College of London did a study and clinically found it to increase metabolism by 30%. Impressive hor?) of which I dengan disiplinnya consumer every week especially near exam periods back when I was a student and during oncalls now. I was really really curious over the taste and most of all what it can do to my innershine...

It tastes like... like... uh well prunes. A lil' obvious considering it's prune essence. It has a thicker consistency than regular prune juice... like pressed Del Monte prunes kinda thing. Not sure what one bottle can do to my well being but it's banging on mostly the dietary fibre and vitamin C business. At RM3.80... hmm could it be a little hefty just for fibre and vitamin C supplements? Nor sure neh. Perhaps I could form a better judgement if I took it everyday for a fortnight. But can't afford it-lah. For now I'll just stick to the regular chicken.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

miss yinyin will be missed

She's really gone. As in really really gone.

'Cos she msg-ed us just as she boarded.

And when she arrived Melbourne.


I went to say goodbye the night before she left. She was celebrating her new lil' nephew's half (or was it full?) moon. I was duly informed regarding the latter's birth because her sister went ahead with a vaginal delivery (previous cesarean candidate) and was in utter pain due to induced-delivery. Biasa-lah *chuckles* Anyway we managed to catch up and chitty-chatty and bid goodbye. Well Miss TanTan and Miss YinYin did. I didn't really do a good farewell bidding. Like I said many times before, I'm really crap with goodbyes. But one undeniable feeling is that Miss YinYin will be sorely missed *tear*

Monday, May 12, 2008

“my girl.. talking ‘bout my girl..”

Just remembered my Indon ex-coursemate just had a baby.


moi: Happy Mother’s Day!! Lots of Shelbulous kisses 4 d day..
Miss RachRach: Thank u so much.. but I have sad news, my daughter is hyperbilirubinemia. Bcoz ABO reaction, it takes long time 2 b normal. N now Hb + Ht is low, risk of transfusion
moi: I am so sorry 2 hear it Ays.. I will pray 4 ur baby ok. Don’t worry, take gd care of ur health.. ur child will b fine like evry othr cute child. Just take abit longr time thn usual.. keep talkg 2 baby n ask her to stay strong like her mother
Miss RachRach: I will n thx a lot. Haven’t got d time 2 email everybody bout my baby’s birth. Bcoz of her being hospitalized.

A couple of days later…

Miss RachRach: Shelby! My daughter was just dischargd fr hospital 2day. Thx 4 ur pray, n pls do tell our friends bout this!

Such a cute Mother’s Day miracle right?

Before we go into what I got my momma, let’s talk about this flower tea in Shanghai Restaurant, J W Mariott Hotel (Mmmy worship’s this Chinese dining place). After steeping the what seems like a bundle of straw in the water I was astonished to find it bloom into a ‘basket of flowers’!!

So fascinating hor?

MY MUMMY PRETTY OR NOT?? EVERYONE MUST SAY PRETTY. ‘Cos I got it from my momma I got it from my momma ma ma mm ma ma mm ma *giggle*

Look at Mmmy’s skin! She doesn’t look a day over her age. She takes really good care of herself. You should see how much evening primrose oil as well as whatever else vitamins she pumps into her system every morning at breakfast. My skin is appalling in comparison to hers. Look at how she glows! Nowadays people say I resemble her… it used to be that I look like Dddy. I so prefer the former ‘cos Mmmy is hot!

It’s Mother’s Day and all dim sum spots as well as nice Continental tea places have been booked probably weeks ago. Fortunately for us we already had plans. I teman-ed the parentals to an MD cum birthday luncheon of a family friend’s wife at Damansara Palace. Wah their family hern big neh… got siblings, children, grandchildren and in-laws not taking into account non-blood relations like us! It was such a meriah gig… I think Dddy really likes this big family kinda thing. I really like the food! Especially their roasted suckling piglet… yummy :P

Since Mmmy's birthday is the day after Mother's Day, I got her a power-packed present! *grins*

Prada Fairy Scarf!! Nice? Yup very very nice... I told her my menial pay could not afford the clutch she super much lurve so this is a mini attempt of trying suffice the overwhelming Prada Fairy desire *wink*

In the meantime I also happy-fied myself to a *cough* just-because *cough* treat. I have been loving this LINE FOREVER!! I was never a big Prada lover but this one hit homerun! I would have loved to get the bowling bag or the tote but not on this houseman salary *shrug* Still owning a piece of fantasy is good enough for me.

Too bad the wristlet pouch is so small it cuts of majority of the images :( I love it nonetheless!

OK OK I spent abit more money than that... LOOK at these hot dresses I got ('cos I couldn't decide on either and had to buy both!!) from Zara!! Just waiting for the right occasion to open ceremony :)


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