Tuesday, April 15, 2008

stuff i got. weeee!! *bounce bounce bounce like a bunny*

Apart from my free makan-makans, flaming and free cuppacakes…

My first gift.. well card actually: from Sophiekins… She got me a MAC Heatherette lipglass too but that didn’t come in the post. It’s super Shelbulous hor? That is so me on a Sunday when I used to have a Sunday.

My 2nd gift is the gift of investment by the parentals. Dddy told me to choose for a birthday bag (my annual gift… kinda predictable) and I’m thinking PRADA FAIRY!! I’m so in-the-lurves with that line. But then I sat for an entire day and thought properly about my finances and what I wish to do with my money. I’m earning money now. I know that’s, like, weird. And I really wanna do something with some of my money but I can’t buy heavy-weight property like a place ‘cos I can’t afford it. No need to eat meh? I will not do stocks ‘cos I’m unfamiliar with that territory and have no time to keep track with the market. I’ll buy an apartment when I start my MO-lah. In the meantime I bought a funeral box. You know, the place to store cremated ash jars etc… So I bought one. Yup the Prada Fairy ka-chingkos went into this rather than the super-soft calf leather hold-all. The return will come in 10 years which sounds, like, forever but that’s how investments work. Matured or not me? Matured-leh…!!

Ah Seng: Eh don’t play play man. Shelby’s in a different league than us already wei. She’s not JUST a doctor like us… she’s AN INVESTOR!!

My 3rd gift is the gift of scent. You know what’s the weirdest thing.. I was walking pass a L.A.M.B fragrance promotional counter 3 weeks ago and thought to myself, “Whoah HOT scent! KIV to buy it when my current fragrance finishes.” Ah Haz had asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I presented him my MAC Fafi list. I really thought the boy was gonna get me makeup but he did me one better and got me something different which I totally LURVE yet never told him!! So “kiew” right? Super love being his friend :)

Apparently it wants me to be all over it! Heehee!

My 4th gift is the gift of animated beauty.

I’m sure you know by now how much I’ve been anticipating the MAC Fafi collection. I’ve called MAC 3 times this month to ask about the launch only to be mildly disappointed that I could not be around when it arrives. But I managed to catch it before it got sold out which is really all that matters. Since Miss ChongChong hates to pick gifts for me (I’m world-renowned for being a really difficult person to get gifts for. Me sorry but me just tend to like stuff people don’t) so she agreed to get the girls (Miss TanTan and Miss ChewChew) to pay for my choice of happy things. In a sense they each bought me an item!! I really love my presents. I love it love it love it so much!! Miss ChongChong rejected the Fafi pouch ‘cos according to her something in Chee Cheong Kai would only cost RM5 or something... but that’s not Fafi. Still she huffily paid for it anyway and so I loves her *giggle*

Me loves presents! Me loves presents!
Want more! Want more!

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