Saturday, April 26, 2008

karnataka comes to ti

There is a Hindu festival going on in TI. Miss AntiAnti says it’s a like-Thaipusam-but-not-Thaipusam festival. Basically they give prayers to the same gods as they do during Thaipusam but no walking on burning ores and piercing of bodies. But what we do have here is an approximately week long 24-7 market in the middle of town… it’s more of a street party and sales of all sorts Indian.

Oooh bangles!! But I have enough of accessories so I refrained. Discipline not??

Floral wreaths.

Look at the brilliant new way of tying the suit’s scarf! ME LIKES! SO gonna tiru..

What’s an Indian market without a stainless steel stall huh?

I feel like I’m walking the streets of Bangalore or something if it wasn’t for the tower.

Sweets!! Miss CillaCilla bought me the pink one ‘cos she knew I’d like it just ‘cos it’s pink. Hehe.

This is Ganesha. Miss CillaCilla prays to Ganesha’s mother. Sometimes when times are bad I titip prayers with Miss CillaCilla when she goes to the temple. So this is how she looks like hor.

I looked at the family figurine and went “?!!” I quietly whispered my question to Miss CillaCilla regarding the dissimilarity in facial features between Ganesha and his family. Miss CillaCilla then began to explain of how this came to be.

Miss CillaCilla scouting for kurtas!

Baskets of incense.
Here are my spoils!!

First up is my plastic bunga melur hair scrunchie for RM2. Kawaii ne!! Miss CillaCilla says Mmmy’s gonna freak out to see her little Chinese daughter turning into a lil’ Indian girl ever since she started being around her Indian friends *giggle* First it was me turning into a lil Malay girl and now this… Miss CillaCilla says I’m the reflection of ‘Warna Warna Malaysia’ in just 1 person! She’s such a laugh-lah.

Next are more cheap cloths for work kurungs. I got the fuschia-white sari cloth for RM30 (6m), yellow flower cotton cloth for RM2.50/m, navy blue cloth (as bawahan) for RM3.00/m and purple batik cotton cloth for RM3.50/m. Spent only RM50++ on 3 sets of kurung cloths. Quite a bargain huh?

This is SO Indian. Serious. I see all the Indian aunties wearing them to the wards and they so ROCK. So I got myself a pair for but the studs don’t fit my lobe holes :( which means I’ve gotta exchange the studs with something from my own collection. Miss CillaCilla helped me bargain and got me a deal of RM20 for 2!

At the same stall in the market where I took the picture of Miss CillaCilla, I found a selwaar-kami (I can’t help but call it this ‘cos it’s something Miss RaoRao and Miss VeiraVeira has taught me from long ago and really I’m a creature of habit) ME SUPER DUPER CRUPER LIKES. Anyway the stall-keeper opened the price at RM120 and stupid me started the bargain at RM80 of which he immediately agreed to. Miss CillaCilla and Miss AntiAnti believed I could have gotten RM60 *cringe* but it is a good buy anyway… ‘cos supposedly you can’t get an RM80 price for the new-fashioned threads in KL.

Now I have something really cute to wear for Indian functions. BIG FUN!!

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